Google Revamps GrandCentral, Introducing Google Voice!

By Bla1ze on 13 Mar 2009 11:15 am EDT

Wow, talk about a come back. Shortly after Google acquired GrandCentral back in July of 2007 many users had high hopes for what Google had plans to do with it. But from then until now, it really hasn't been much. They previously cut off new sign-ups, stopped giving updates as to what was going on and many had thought Google was just letting GrandCentral die off. Yesterday Google made it apparent that, that indeed is NOT the case. Google has been busy updating the all-in-one wonder services for phones, phone numbers, emails, voicemail and contacts to make it even better than ever. This of course comes as a pleasant surprise to anyone that can use the services and hopefully they will be allowing others to go ahead and sign up once again as well.

The changes have been detailed through the features page and of course GrandCentral is no longer the name anymore... from here on out it shall be known as Google Voice, incorporating Call Screening, Phone Routing, SMS, Voicemail, Personalized Greetings and much, much more. Can anyone see some G series Android phones that may be, I dunno, incorporating these awesome features? I'm hoping Google Voice expands beyond web-based services and actually reaches out to our mobile devices, because the featureset is just hella awesome! At this time it's only open to existing Grand Central users, but hopefully in the near future Google Voice will be open to all that want to use it.

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Google Revamps GrandCentral, Introducing Google Voice!


My GrandCentral account says it is not ready to be upgraded yet. It says to check back shortly, but it's been a couple of days now.

Do you actually use yours? I used mine when I first got it. I had forgotten my login name and password, so I couldn't access it for a year. But now I've been using it again for about a month or two.

I heard about this via twitter (@alexstandiford) yesterday. This is big news, and I hope to see it open to the public soon. I am very excited!

Unfortunately it doesn't work. I "upgraded" to google voice and now nothing's going through. Seems there are come kinks (read: total failure) to work out.

Agree with HarleyFan; I will give this a look when it comes to the Storm. I can't get the vids to work over at Google.

I went to You Tube and found several videos there. I can see where this would useful for me for sure.

Awesome! I'm already enjoying Google Sync for all my contacts, calendars, and emails. Just another great google product :)

I've been using Google Voice and find it has a problem with my voice in particular. Most of my friends don't have this problem. Is it possible that my voice has a certain quality that the voice recognition software has trouble with? Does anyone else have the same issue?


Eh, Youmail was a huge disappointment to me. Google will tweak it a little better for everyone, and it's nice to have all my data under one account (Contacts, Email, Calendar, Voice) rather than over 4 different sites.

Great news for BB users. I can now initiate calls right from the BB browser, rather than relying on a desktop browser with Flash.

Unfortunately, I tried to initial calls from 416 (a Canadian area code) to either Canadian or US area codes, it starts charging me $0.01/min. So it's no longer free as before. Any luck other Canadian users?