Google Reader iPhone WebApp Works for BlackBerry Smartphones ... Sort Of

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jan 2010 01:02 pm EST
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Its no secret that I'm a huge Google Reader fan, and one of my most wanted apps is Google Reader for BlackBerry. There are many RSS alternatives, but I'm all for an official Google app that syncs feeds and does things only Google can do. Ronen at BerryReview keyed me in to the Google Reader WebApp that is designed to work for Android and iPhones, and it seems to work fairly well on BlackBerry (on my 9700 at least). Not all of the features are alive and well, but it does get the job done. It doesn't seem to sync read/unread feeds, and when trying to view "all feeds" the site hung up and I didn't get a response. They key is bookmarking the site in your browser and making sure JavaScript is enabled. Obviously not the greatest solution, but it is a step up from the super-slim mobile version of Google Reader. Drop a comment and let us know if the WebApp is working for you. If anyone at Google is reading this - no I'm still not satisfied, please get it together and release an official Reader app for BlackBerry.



To slow so I will continue to use the wap version and/or Viigo. I just wish Viigo had 2 way sync w/Google Reader that would be awesome!


doesn't work too well on the 9630 on the native browser


The paid version of Arr!SS is about as close as you can get to a Google RSS app. It syncs read/unread as well as favorites. It's got a few bugs but better than anything else built for RIM's OS.


Works well on my BB 900o using Opera Mini beta 5

Also I'm currently using viigo to read all the newsfeeds that I have on Google Reader


Works. Could be better, but it also can be worse.


I had been doing this only BB for a while and it worked okay, if not a bit buggy on my Tour. Trying it now, it actually seems to be doing better. I'm now running OS 5, did it improve javascript any?


One of many reasons (ie: browser, google maps) I will be switching to an Android or Verizon iPhone when my contract is up. RIM really needs to kick it up a notch to improve the user experience.


YOU GOT THAT RIGHt. i can't wait to make the switch to Android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm using opera mini on my 8330m on sprint ad it works just fine.
Haven't tried it with the stupid slow native borwser and don't plan on it either. Lol


I tried this with the latest Opera Mini 5 beta 2 on my 9630 Tour, and it looks and works exactly like it does on iPhone/Android. Much smoother than the mobile GReader site.


There is also "Unread" by "DeadBerry" which syncs read/unread marks with Google Reader.

Ya Boi D

Using it through OM5 also & works!


I want this badly! VERY BADLY! I love google reader as well and would be overjoyed for this to make its way to the BB with proper syncs etc.


Works very well for me on the Bold 9700. When I checked "Mark as Read" it synced instantly for me. This was using the native browser. Using Opera 5 Beta 2 didn't look as good, ran a lot slower, and didn't sync.

Thanks for the tip! Add me to the list who still want a BB app though.


I just loaded it up on the 9630 and it works well... it works better in page mode than column mode. Rockin'.


I just loaded it up on the 9630 and it works well... it works better in page mode than column mode. Rockin'.


It"s very slow. I'll stick with the mobile version on the blackberry browser for now. Please google, release a reader app.


The Google Mobile App has a reader (along with Maps, Picasa, etc.) that works just fine. Why would you want/need a stand-alone app for this?


Not true- when you click on the Reader icon in Google Mobile App, it redirects you into the browser to the Google Reader Mobile website (which is the point of articles like this, that their Reader Mobile website is not an elegant solution).


I will continue to use the Google Mobile App and FreeRange. I just wish FreeRange had 2 way sync w/Google Reader that would be awesome!


"unread" by "deadberry" does 2-way sync with Google Reader. Great app! and fast!


Too bad.....I'm sure a ton of people would jump on this if there was a version for the Tour.


Sometime this week there will be a version for non-Storm Blackberries.


If google only optimized all their apps for blackberry handsets, i'd be a happy man.


It has some quirks but quite a lot better than the mobile reader, thanks for the Heads Up :)

I agree having Google Reader as an App would be Superb, imagine an app that would let you know that You have new tickers on your reading list and maybee even allowing you to see the headlines in the today preview ;)

I know... I´m dreaming, but hey that´s still allowed.


I'm on an 8900 and was able to get to the page, but no feeds are loading (and it looks like all activity has ceased, in terms of loading the page). I am signed in, have subscriptions with new items, etc. Oh well! RIM or Google or someone definitely needs to release a Reader app. The sooner the better!