Google Reader App Unread Now Available for All 5.0 Devices

By Adam Zeis on 8 Feb 2010 12:16 pm EST

Still no Google Reader app for our beloved BlackBerry devices, but one solution has popped up that appears to be a good hold-over until an official Google Reader app shows up (or if it shows up). Unread was previously only available for the Storm, but has just been released for all devices running OS 5.0. The app is plain and simple, allowing you to view all of your Google Reader feeds, and it even updates read/unread status in real-time. There are a few options for tweaking Unread to your liking, allowing you to get it working to fit your needs. It automatically refreshes feeds in the background, supports full HTML and fully integrates with your Google Reader account. If you're looking for an app to get your Google Reader subscriptions on the go, Unread may be the one for you. Check it out for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

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Google Reader App Unread Now Available for All 5.0 Devices


Viigo has far more features and supports Google Reader, even if not to the extent this app can support, but Viigo is free so no thanks.

the last time I used viigo, it still didn't support two-way sync with read/unread status. Does it have two-way sync now?

Edit: I meant two-way sync with google reader

Viigo only imports your feeds from Google Reader one time, it does not sync the read/unread, starred, shared and liked flags.

does anyone know if this is true? The last time I used the mobile app, I think the reader "plugin" was really just a link to the mobile site. If it is a native app, how well does it work?

I love this app! I have been looking for a Google Reader application that syncs read/unread articles for a long time! If you are a serious Google Reader user, this app is a must have! $5 is cheap!!!

I like this app a lot. It's got the most Google Reader integration of all the apps on the BB. But its downfall is that it has no offline viewing access, so everytime you want to see a feed it reloads it, and if there is no network or WiFi access it just doesnt load. I won't purchase it until it supports offline reading.

I support developers and appreciate what they do but there are two types of apps that i wont ever pay more than a dollar for:
1)apps that are essentially native versions of free web apps (like Unread).
2)apps that simply automate existing blackberry functions.

That being said, i'm glad that somebody has created a usable google reader app but i'm holding off for one from google since they create some of the best apps the internet has to offer.

I've been waiting for them to release a native reader app for bb ever since they released their native gmail app... it's been multiple years now. I'm starting to think it's not going to happen - but I hope I'm wrong.

I'm testing the trial now and this is by far the best app for syncing with google reader. It works seamlessly with reader and let's you like, star and share items. As others stated downside is no offline access but this isn't a big issue for me. It's not really worth $5 though.

If your time spent re-reading stuff on Google Reader isn't worth $5, then you must not really use Google Reader. The developer is putting a lot of effort into this app and deserves to be paid.

No offline makes no sense... That's a pretty basic function that is going to turn a lot of buyers off.

Not saying nobody will use it, I'm saying they effectively cut their potential customers probably at least in half...

Won't verify credentials? I've quadruple checked them and they're correct -I keep getting login failed though, frustating.

The "advanced" mobile version of Google Reader works just fine(especially on 5.0). No reason to pay for this.

i enter my FULL and my password and it will not verify my credentials on any of the data type settings..spent the $5 on this, would at least like to be able to use it..anyone have any ideas?

Doesn't even allow you to send articles. I've paid for tons of apps and themes but this is very premature and with Google's own product available (for iPhone which apparently works with quirks for BB) shortly, and FreeRange avail at no cost in the mean time, why pay for this.