Get Google Plus on your BlackBerry with App For Google+

App for Google+
By Adam Zeis on 23 Feb 2012 10:49 am EST

Google+ has been around for a while now, but unfortunately there hasn't been an easy way to access it from your BlackBerry. Well today, Smarter Apps has released the first free beta version of an app that allows Google+ users to access their accounts right on their BlackBerry. The free app is called App For Google+ and is now live in BlackBerry App World.

Features of the Google+ app for BlackBerry include:

  • View your stream, post to your stream, checkin, upload photos to your stream
  • View your photos and photos from people in your circles
  • Add, edit, delete people and circles
  • View and edit your own Google+ profile
  • Support for all BlackBerry OS 5 and above devices except the BlackBerry PlayBook

Some features of the Google+ app for BlackBerry that are not yet supported include Instant Upload (although it seems to be working ok in our tests) and Google+ Messenger. Keep in mind as well that the app is currently in beta form. If you give it a spin be sure to let us know in the comments how it's working for you.

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Reader comments

Get Google Plus on your BlackBerry with App For Google+


is pretty nice so far! and has push notifications - no led but a pop up box!
look forward to the updates / official version soon


nice application, it's a shame google didn't showed bb users the attention that we deserve.

Way to go Smarter Apps, you have +1 from me ;)

What's the difference between Google+, Twitter and Facebook?

And why is it listed under Adult category? I think I want to join just because it's for adults. LOL

I am confused now.

It was probably listed under the Adult category because at one time G+ had a requirement that you be 18+ to use their service. They've since changed it to 13+.

I would probably be around if G+ for BlackBerry is made XD. Unfortunately Google is busy ignoring us :(

I'll try this but for your Playbook, Google+ Launcher in Appworld works very well. Trial and if you decide to buy it's only $0.99.

I don't get it - why would I pay for the Launcher if I can have a bookmark on my homescreen doing the same thing?

Seriously? All it does is launch the desktop website, which you can do yourself from the browser. And you think it's worth $0.99 to save the trouble of adding a bookmark to your browser?

Finally someone came up with a BB app for G+.. +1 for that

I know that its not a official google version , but wish the future builds may incorporate improvements like
1. LED notification
2. G+ as a Menu item
3. Integration with Social Feeds


4. Selection of image size before uploading picture from BB
5. Possibility of turning off the app without logging out.

But this is good start! Go on ;-)

Very nice app. Good to see a G+ app! One thing, it seems like it always run in the background. Other than that, its pretty cool. Can't wait to see messenger available

Hey decypher44,

The app can be closed, simply hit Menu and select "Logout" and the app will close completely.

The reason Google+ stays open is to receive notifications. When it is open in the background it is just waiting for notifications, so it will not have an impact on performance. (I leave it on my BlackBerry permanently and it has had no impact on performance when in the background).

Is it not possible to have it "closed" (as in not showing in the app switcher) but still open to post notifications (like the Facebook or Twitter apps?).

I haven't installed the app yet so if this is already how it behaves then sorry.

Hey guys - so the difference between "closed" and "open" is a bit of a grey area. Facebook and Twitter certainly appear closed on your BlackBerry but they are still running, just hiding their icon from the App Switcher. We could do the same, but would rather not hide this from the user.

Many apps are actually open even if they are not visible, such as: BlackBerry Protect, BlackBerry Music Store, Screen Muncher, BlackBerry App World, Facebook, Twitter (and many others).

These apps remain open because they are doing small things in the background, most likely waiting for Notifications. They only use a small bit of memory when in this state, because they aren't actively processing or displaying graphics.

With our Google+ app you can completely close it by selecting "Logout", and simply log back in. However we think that you won't find a performance decrease with Google+ logged in.

Cool to see apps being made for BB finally. I don't use G+ very much but might start now that it's on my phone.

I remember signing up for G+ a few months ago and seeing if there's an App for it. Good to see it finally come out. Unfortunately, not enough action on there for me.

Just saw a BB Bold advert in the UK during the England v Pakistan Twenty Twenty match. Good to see them adverts!

Be Bold, fellas.

Did you know that Smarter Apps is a developer based out of Hong Kong (China)? No way I am purchasing this or any of their other apps.

I actually ran this with firewall on - a good practice whenever you have a third party app that gathers credentials - and can confirm that the ONLY web sites it connects to are official google sites and google's content delivery network.

Just run it in paranoid mode - it will prompt you for everything, and you can be sure that it's safe that way.

Can anyone comment on the security of an app like this? Does it transmit your login credentials over a secure SSL link directly to Google's own auth APIs? Or is it transmitted in plain text part-way or all the way?

That's good to know, but how did you find this out, are you the developer? That document states that it is recommended (more secure) to convert the app to use OAuth 2.0.

Hey xtremesniper,

Yes I work at Smarter Apps (the developer of this app) - we chose to not use OAuth 2.0 because of the poor user experience this would create on a BlackBerry smartphone.

OAuth would require popping out to the browser window to authenticate, which is more prone to bugs across the different models and OS versions of the range of BlackBerry's that we want to be able to support.


Will, thanks for taking your time and commenting, and thank you for your work on this app!

My advice is: continue to NOT use OAuth and pop out to the browser, because BES users might have Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter blocked with browser proxy rules. This killed my using UberTwitter when they started using OAuth.

A couple minor complaints:
* When I click + or @ in a post, I don't see an opportunity to link other Google Plus users.
* Also, the text entry doesn't behave like a normal BlackBerry text editor: double-click doesn't give me a period automatically, the first letter and next letter aren't automatically capitalized, etc.
* I responded to a comment on one of my posts, and it never sent the reply to plus.

GPS check-in works on my Torch, which immediately makes it better than the web version of Google Plus. It also looks better and uses space better than the browser. I already recommend this to my friends and look forward to the bug fixes. I'm a big Plus user and happy to see this app coming.

No interest in giving google anything more than mail and search. And since they don't want to support Blackberry themselves I don't see any reason to use their knockoff of Facebook.

I actually really like this app even when I don't use G+ that much is nice to see an app for G+ finally hit BBAppWorld and the customer service I've been reading on the comments its really refreshing and nice!! Good job smarter apps!!!

It seems a good app ! I take it that the photos that I can see (which I have on picasa) are still only available for me to see? The are all disable using this app and I can not see an option that shows which are public and which are private. They seem to be all private in Picasa !

'App for Google+' doesn't even return a result in App World on PLaybook? Am I missing something? Is it gone?

I've downloaded a couple times and each time I try to log on, it says I'm not connected to the network, but I am...? Help. I really want it.

I know this is old but I just picked up a used 9930 switching from both android and ios. I really wanted this app but as jjsararas pointed out it doesn't show on a search in the appworld app but it was my 4th return on a google search in the browser which then linked to the appropriate download in appworld. It seems to work great if you like G+