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Songza curating multi-million dollar bid from Google

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Google Voice app for BlackBerry to be shut down as of next week

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Get local weather and more using Weather with Google for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Google moving in on the 7-Inch tablet space with the Nexus 7

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Google to discontinue support for Google Sync for BlackBerry app

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How to allow attendees in Google Calendar on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

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Google deprecating native GMail app for BlackBerry as of November 22

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If Amazon is going to buy a mobile platform, do you think it should be webOS or BlackBerry?

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RIM, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung Mobile, and more to implement Isis NFC

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Google set to supercharge the Android ecosystem after acquiring Motorola Mobility

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Caught Black Handed! Google Chairman Eric Schmidt photographed while taking a photo with his BlackBerry (again!)


10 Reasons why Google will buy BlackBerry

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Google improves Mobile Search for BlackBerry 6.0 smartphones

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Site News: Google +1 Button added on CrackBerry!

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Google Apps Connector v3.0 - Now supporting BES Express

Google open to the idea of building BlackBerry 10 apps, if the user base grows

By Bla1ze on 30 May 2013 10:02 pm EDT

One of the questions that seemingly always comes up when folks are contemplating picking up a BlackBerry 10 device is whether or not Google services are supported. Gmail is a given but folks want Google Maps, Google Now, Google+, Google Music and the various other Google offerings that are available.

As of now, Google only really builds apps for Android and iOS but that's not to say they won't build for other platforms such as BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone at some point in the future. Speaking at D11, Sundar Pichai, Google's SVP of Android, Chrome, and Apps, spoke briefly to Walt Mossberg about what it would take to get Google onboard:

We want to reach as many people as possible. For platforms that don’t have that many users at scale, we have great HTML5 apps. If they get more users, we will make apps.

It's certainly not the answer most BlackBerry consumers want to hear but no doubt about it; it's a safe answer for Google. If people go out and buy BlackBerry 10 devices, then the increased demand for the apps will be there. The real question I suppose, is how many BlackBerry 10 or even Windows Phone users for that matter, will it take? What's the magical number for Google to stop and say OK, it's time. 

Watch the full D11 interview


Jeandry Brito

Yall ready for June? One day left!! And the month of 10.2 Begins!! #Excited !! #TeamBlackBerry

Posted via CB10 on Z10


Still waiting for 10.1 on my Verizon Z10


Well, I see you're excited! It makes me curious what's up. Certainly 10.1 is bug fixes and Q10 compatibility, but 10.2 would be a decent upgrade judging by the leaked feature list. We're curious what BBRY has up it's sleeve :)


Really? 10.2 is available in July?? I thought it wasn't until the fall? Would be awesome. I'm looking forward to Wifi Direct (with DLNA support),and also would love to see apps take advantage. Would be cool for devices to detect each other, and maybe allow your phone (when at home) to be like a home phone, where the incoming call rings on anyone's blackberry at home (different ring tone of course), and be answerable on anyone's phone, and joinable by the other phones too. Or acting like a handsfree extension when in conference calls with colleagues on the road.


Come on Google play ball with us.

Posted via CB10


If Google was at all interested, they would have continued improving the legacy BlackBerry apps instead of discontinuing them. There were 80 million users and that apparently wasn't enough.



Posted via CB10 on my sexy Z10


But legacy BlackBerry was in a nose dive. If BB10 gets some traction, then it

Posted via CB10


(hut post by mistake...)

...traction then they may change their minds.

Also many of those 80 million bb devices were too low powered hardware-wise to easily run a lot of the new apps.

Posted via CB10


Ouch... you get +1000 for that. Totally true and come to think off it one wonders how did the interviewer not replied with that.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry lost their mojo the last two years and were on a downward spiral losing huge market share. That's why. It doesn't matter if there were 80 million users. Many of those were corporate customers that didn't have the ability to install Google apps anyway. As BB10 gets more consumer business, it will tweak Google's interest.


Of course

Posted via CB10


Who cares, just work to improve BB maps and we won't need the google version... I'm sick of google to be honest. I've even started to use bing to do my searches. I don't care if they use google's search engine or not, just so I don't have to see that name, lol. :-D


I agree with slagman

BlackBerry Z10- I use it for a phone and a computer :)


It's the computer part people don't get with BB10. For remedial tasks this phone is all you need. Waiting for a docking station BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


I think you mean *menial tasks* . . . ?

(Insert sarcastic joke about using bb10 for remedial tasks . . . ;-)


Agreed. They are trying to appeal to the masses with Android, and it drove me to BlackBerry.

Z10 via T-Mobile (


Honestly, not missing any Google apps, just Amazon MP3 & HULU!

Posted via CB10

Leroy Padilla

Absolutely agree. BlackBerry Maps is just fine for me. And other Google apps are just another for of an app already avail for BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


I miss street view and satellite overlay myself. Also, BlackBerry Maps is missing a lot of businesses etc...

It's a good core maps app, but I still miss Google maps.

Posted via CB10


I have sideloaded streetview and it works great!


Totally agree with Slagman! I never have a Gmail account.

Posted via CB10 on my adorable Z10

Theo Groenevelt

Who needs Google Maps when you've got a nuvi 3580 on brd. Yea, I know, its another device, just like my Nikon camera is. But no 1 device will ever be (at least in my lifetime), the All In One Magical unit that does equal or better than dedicated equipment...aint happening.

My Q10 is my mobile e-mail-BBM/whatsapp comm device, an mp3/4/wmv player, a game centre when in the doctors office, a mobile newspaper, a mobile banking centre and lastly, it will even transmit and receive telephone calls! Good enough for me...

...just need Shazam and i'd be set.. google can take a flyin leap.


W/my Q10 - CB10


Good points

Posted via CB10 on my sexy Z10


You guys can stop being delusional anytime now. Ide take gmaps in a heart beat, have you ever used it on an android phone? Much more robust. Its honestly people like you preventing devs from making apps. You want bb to be acknowledged as a contender but don't want apps on it for this reason or that.

Companies are in the business of making money not appealing to your pride.


Since BlackBerry users skew higher income-wise, it's foolish for companies to ignore BB10.

Posted via CB10



I'm not being "delusional," I never claimed BB don't need any 3rd party apps, nor did I claim BB's apps are all fine. I am saying instead of depending on 3rd party apps, BB needs to focus on making their own core apps competitive with the rest. You are delusional if you don't acknowledge this to be the correct mindset instead of keeping BB maps second rate while you cross your fingers and wish Google will release their map app on BB10...


Thing you are trying to describe is called NIH syndrome("Not Invented Here"). And it's not a strategy, it's one of the most common grave mistakes a big software developer can make (devs call it an anti-pattern). Sometimes you shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel and just stick with something already on the market, because developing something from ground up costs A LOT of money and resources. Money you could easily use for something really innovative and resources you need to fix bugs. I think they should use the TomTom maps they got for the 9900 on bb10.
It's stuff like Bing from Microsoft, Apple's maps or Sony's memory stick that haunts companies for years. There is a thin border between innovation and just reinventing something that is already there.


Except the issue is nobody is sure if the apps will ever be made for the platform. And for something like the map app, it's something that they NEED. So knowing this, do you think it's a better idea to hope and pray they bring it to the platform, or try to provide that app yourself? I guess it's a difference in philosophies. Some people would rather depend on others to help them, while I prefer to try to help myself. It's like the difference between calling the cops and hoping they get there in time to save you from an attacker or defending yourself... I prefer the latter...


I just don't trust google with privacy anymore


I have been always a Google Guy, but these days I am using Bing and Outlook mail.


Agree. I use BlackBerry Maps all the time. Hopefully BlackBerry keep improve their core apps and we don't have to wait for Google.

Post via CB Z10


Although I agree with trying to limit my Google intake and use, I still for the life of me can get use to using Bing as a search engine. As for mapping app, I use Waze 98% of the time. It's awesome, you can let fellow Waze user know where police are, accidents etc. It's an android port but it works great. If BlackBerry could improve their map app to include the same features as Waze, I'd be fully committed to using it more.

Posted via CB10


Actually, I do want to use Google Maps (it's sideloaded but finicky) because it is more accurate and provides real-time updates. BB Maps simply can't compete with the thousands of people that work on Google Maps. Apple tried and failed.

Great example: I was driving on the freeway and literally passed a huge accident, fireball and all as it happened! It shut down the highway both ways. Two hours later, on the way back, BB Maps routed me through the blocked highway. Google Maps not only intelligently re-routed me not only around the blockage, but also onto an exit before the traffic jam. The radio told me all traffic was routed off at the next exit but there was obviously tons of traffic.


That's what BB traffic does on the legacy devices. Great app. Hope it's eventually brought to BB10 map app.


Yes, agreed. I hope BB Traffic is integrated into Maps soon.


BlackBerry Traffic for my Bold 9930 was amazing. I also hope it comes to BB10.

Posted via CB10


I hear ya, but for the most parts BlackBerry maps is lighter and fast. It's like the KISS concept. Google Maps has a lot of weight to carry around so to speak.

Posted via CB10

Jeandry Brito

Agreed. Just keep upgrading our own apps so we won't have to wait for Google or any other.

Posted via CB10 on Z10


I SO agree! The whole "look at us! We use primary colors and white space because humans are imbeciles" thing is getting tiresome.

Posted via CB10


I agree as well. I switched to Bing already a couple of years ago and am satisfied. I also use Bing Maps.


Used bing maps on my PlayBook. Always thought it did a great job.

Posted via CB10


+1. BlackBerry maps does navigation pretty well. Rarely use gmaps now. I also started to use bing search. I like it because the interface on image searches is much more smoother.

I also stopped using Google plus.

Posted via CB10


Also to add, chrome is overrated.

Posted via CB10


BB maps is probably fine for directions/navigation, but Google Maps offers much more functionality than that which is why I need it. I use the 'My places' feature heavily while on holiday to mark where we are staying, what to see, etc. and nothing touches it that I know of.

I never use my gmail account and I'm not a fan of Google + but Google Maps is an absolute necessity for me.

Christopher Medrano

Agreed. The only thing I will probably miss is Google maps when I am overseas, but BlackBerry could fix that by allowing map package downloads for offline use of BlackBerry maps (not that Google maps let's you do this). At this point I don't know how well it works in other countries because I haven't vacationed since buying a z10, but that is a good enough excuse to test it.

Posted via CB10


Bing it is for me also.

Posted via CB10


Yes, I strongly agree! +1000. I hate being locked into Google Calendar. Why didn't BBRY offer an alternative?

Crispin in Waterloo

I switched to Bing when I found out Google was suppressing search results they found did not match their political inclinations. Interference-free is an unfiltered site so that or Bing as a mainstream site is better.

Daafrican BrownBerry

10 Googlion users!

Posted via CB10


Considering Android activates, what, 500,000 devices a day? I'd say a lot lot more than Blackberry can muster.


BlackBerry 10 is an emerging platform, and its still in its infancy. Although sale for BlackBerry 10 smartphones have been exceptional and better than expected, it's not too big in numbers. Google's not dumb. They don't expect blackberry to sell 500,000 units a day. What they are trying to say is, if blackberry can go from a small platform to a medium sized platform, then they'll go ahead and make native apps for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


You know "what Google are trying to say"? They didn't say that at all, so don't put words in their mouths.

Zeerak Imran

from the comment they made, it doesn't take much to deduce it.


When they say HTML5, I assume they mean webapps: is it possible to "package" the app as a WebWorks app without the browser container?

Posted via CB10 on my Q10


Google CEO probably uses a Q10, so I'm pretty sure eventually, they'll make the apps.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.


That would be awesome if Schmidt insists on them making apps for BlackBerry :)

I doubt it, but would be cool.

Posted via CB10


He's probably got the Q10 in 24 carat gold! His wife probably has the Q with diamonds :)


Google is not saying anything we haven't already heard from leading developers who are absent from the platform.


Pretty much, ya. Chicken - Egg.


It would be awesome if Google got on board with BlackBerry they can make some amazing apps and put BlackBerry over that hill BlackBerry wants to get over. + that can force people to look at BlackBerry as the new BlackBerry not old BlackBerry which people think of when they hear bb..

Posted via CB10


Being a driving force for putting your competitor's platform back into the conversation doesn't sound like a sound business strategy, as much as I, too, would love to see these apps show up.


I wonder if they even regard BlackBerry as a "competitor"


I have no reason to think Google execs are simple minded, so yeah, I'm assuming they regard BlackBerry as a competitor

Posted via CB10


They are likely neither simple or close minded. Apple is their competitor. BlackBerry and Microsoft are merely players.


You see many are still stuck on Google = Android. Google is not a direct competitor to Blackberry, because Google is primarily a services company, which would be something they would offer on BBOS if they see it as viable. They do not own Android, but they develop it, and invest a substantial amount it, but they do not see it as the only way to offer their services, again their main business. They see iOS as viable because of its customer base, and as such offer their products on it. Should BB pick up steam, rest assured that they would do the same.


Keep in mind that Google is only in the Android business because it drives more users to their services. They won't help blackberry succeed, but if it gets critical mass on its own, then it will make sense to Google to get the Blackberry users into the Google services as well.

Google's main business model is to get as many people using their various services, so that they can collect more information, and then use that to make money (majorly in the form of advertisements). If that's on BB or Android or whatever, it doesn't really matter to them...


This. Sooo much this. What Goog is saying here is "If it grows on it's own then we'll hop on board, but we're not going to be the ones to help it grow at the expense of our own marketshare"


Tbh I'm already using the html5 version of Google voice and it's working fine for me. There are already container based apps on app world like gps for Google and Google voice. If they won't play ball we'll work around. We're nerds, it's what we do.

Posted Via CB10 from Z10.


Why do I have a funny feeling this is WEBOS all over again

Posted via CB10

Leroy Padilla

Not even close to WebOS that thing stunk like no other.

Posted via CB10


Sure. Kick it when it's fallen. Forget about all the terrible moves HP did all by themselves and finally decided "meh, can it".


No, I never had a Palm/HP device, but I respect Palm for all it has done along with RIM to build what we know today as smartphones.


WebOS was a decent idea but the performance was like watching earthworms crawl. Not to knock the OS but HP should have spent time optimizing it. HP did give it a try but it couldn't sell without a major overhaul.


If it was webOS, the company would have already been sold off and scrapped for parts by now.


Regarding that, is WebOS Nation dead? No new posts..


You realize you just sent a lot of people over there to check it out, right? Lol


They could do with some outsider page views I guess :P
I'm just concerned because it seems they will probably soon be an independent site away from the Mobile Nations sites


Didn't realize that til now. Good eye!


Better than some CEO that never seen a BB10 phone.


Hell yeah to that

Posted via CB10


I will DL Google Chrome if they made it for bb

Posted via CB10


honestly i would just use the built in BlackBerry browser, its the most amazing mobile browser ive seen so far, however i would choose chrome over everything else on my pc

Posted via CB10


+10! BB Browser kicks Chrome's butt!


You do realize they are very closely related since both are WebKit?


Visit See for yourself.

But it is more than just raw html performance. It is fast and renders smoothly. There are very few things to complain about the BlackBerry 10 browser.

Mr Gill

I wouldn't, the BB10 browser is the fastest browser I have ever used on any phone, including chrome on the S4.


That's crap to me. Have they also thought of the fact that their apps being on there will attract more users. Don't be excited. That's a one sided perspective which doesn't make any sense to me


All of my desktop and mobile devices are "Google Free" zones, and I intend to keep that policy with my Q10.

@buckwylder: Eric Schmidt has been very open about his love for his BlackBerry 9000 series phone. He can't part with the physical keyboard. And yet Google has abandoned th BB7 platform. So, that's no consolation.

@kevinnugent: As for the 1.5 million device activations/day claim, it's typical marketing generalization. Remember, a device is more then a phone or tablet. It's an e-reader, a cheap PDA, a TV settop box, etc... Overall activations are important to Google because, as an advertising company, they want more eyes. How many of those activations are phones? Replacements for broken items? Upgrades? It's a little conspicuous.


You sir, deserve a +1

posted via CB10


Yes, except Eric Schmidt doesn't run Google any more, and he tossed his 9000 years ago like the rest of us. I read he uses 3 different phones now - none of them Blackberry.

I said 500k a day - I don't know where your 1.5m a day comes from but I think you kinda made my point. The numbers for Apple and Android are H U G E. Blackberry won't get those sort of numbers, ever.

Gerald Mccrae

Fuck Google I would've stayed with Android if I wanted Google. Why do we have to have Google?

Posted via CB10


Why do we have to have Skype? (a Microsoft product)


We have it for now, but when BBM (i.e. Video Chat) goes cross-platform it's going to be trouble for Skype. I believe that's why Windows isn't picking it up.

Posted via my White Z10


I went to download Skype. After I had to surrender everything I own I stopped the download. BBM going cross platform is huge.

Posted via CB10


Yeah, I had to give my Z10, my birth certificate, my financial info, and pretty much a blood sample over to Microsoft for the priviledge of using Skype - I too said "Meh!"

I want BBRY to send my some BBM stickers for my car! Go BBM!


Why do we need Android apps?


Sideloads are android apps...


The only app I care about from Google is Google +. I'm good with BlackBerry maps and the rest of their apps usually suck rather use 3rd party apps

Posted via CB10


F Google, if they build apps we're going to give full permission to all of our information to utilize the app. We might as well have Androids.

Posted via CB10


I use magellan compass have it on my z10 and playbook and it's awesome navigation.

Posted via CB10


I second that!

Posted via CB10


I third it! Best map app ever


come on BlackgoogleBerry...


No way. The main reason I carry a BlackBerry is for security. Until they violate this security, I am a user for life. People are getting screwed over daily with life altering security breaches on their PC, and mobile devices.

Posted via CB10


Funny, never had that happen to me ever.


Doesn't happen to everyone, but when it does, it can bite hard. Question? How do you know someone isn't using your device camera right now monitoring you. How about the pc virus that uses your own cam to take your photo, then place it in an FBI screen accusing you of whatever, and offering you to pay your way out of trouble because you are first time offender. What about identity theft that is running rampid and credit card violations. Follow the news and watch how many people have their profiles, text messages, emails etc turned against them. It may not have happened to you, but too many devices are too loose in security.

Posted via CB10


Maybe BlackBerry should have their search engine.

Posted via CB10


Many other 'major' app dev's, not only Google, are on the wall looking in where BB is less than two digit % sales of the market.
When BB OS10 devices have more than 20% of the market then they will open up to new apps for the BB.


Within a year I expect we will see Google applications on BlackBerry10. You cannot blame Google for taking a wait and see approach before making apps. A few thousand users is not users is not worth the expense, I have little doubt BB will pass the necessary users sooner rather than latter. .


Do it Google!

As much as I hate being spied upon, Google Now is pretty cool. Google Maps also speaks for itself.


Until bbm goes cross platform, I need hangout!

Posted via CB10


The number of users is probably a google

Posted via CB10


that would be 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 users.

Lendy Lopez

I'm pretty sure that once BBM kills whatsapp and imessage and even Google hangouts they would start making those apps without BlackBerry ask them :)

Posted via CB10

Chetan Takyar

Do you seriously think a legacy messaging tool will "kill" or even hurt the whats app or iMessage users? Ha! you are all brainwashed little BB slaves.


And you are an unrealistic moron.


LOL!! In your dreams, whatsapp and imessage have hundreds of millions of users, BBM can only dream of competing with them, let alone absurd logic of killing them.


That is true, but BBM is a better messaging system. Once it is available to all, those users will definitely try it and get hooked

Posted via CB10


+1. (And don't forget Skype) I am thinking the same thing.

Posted via my White Z10


That's great news! :) can't wait for Google +

Posted via CB10


Just glad to hear that, unlike Netflix, he didn't say they don't support BlackBerry because:

"BlackBerry users are not the kinds of users that consume map data on their phones since BlackBerry didn't have a maps app in 2006 when I stopped using BlackBerry and switched to the iPhone".

Netflix needs to learn about avoiding totally unnecessary bad press.

Posted via CB10


I think BlackBerry should throw some money at Google and have them make apps. If people know apps are available they will flock to BlackBerry too... classic case of chicken and egg... it can go either way... seriously... How much does it take to make an app?

Posted via CB10


And why would Google help BlackBerry rebuild itself? BlackBerry is better off to create a platform that will warrant Google to come calling to get more business.

Chetan Takyar

Personally thats the only thing holdin me back from owning a Z10 I like BB10 alot actually.


BlackBerry should just focus on updating and bringing quality apps so there is no need to download any Google apps. Options are nice, but build something solid...and options don't matter.

Posted via CB10


I agree. BlackBerry should produce their own killer apps.

Posted via CB10


I have to be honest, Google is losing its appeal daily and this really doesn't move me. Spotify, Skype (when att finally sends out 10.1) and maybe Instagram are more compelling.

If BB10 is ever updated to handle multiple API calls, so I can actually effectively manage my clients' social media accounts, Google and Android can jump in a lake.

Posted via CB10


Start building the apps Mr. Google ...... users are pouring in !!!!!!!


My question is why do they need a number to make an app are they really trying to say that they don't want to build an app because of low amounts of users, really? Like come on these guys need to realize that if they build an app for all the os around they would actually help with phone sales ppl won't have to say I'm going to get an iPhone so I could get instagram or Netflix or even Google apps, these guys need of the big picture and help the sales so ppl have variety

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Can't Google simply port their own apps to BB10? lol


Am good with.BlackBerry. Stay away from Google Chrome, they follow you everywhere you navigate on the Internet. On my desktop, I completely choose other browsers over Google Chrome. Google is becoming another Netflix. It will be good if they come on board for those of BlackBerry users who love Google.


Plllleaaasseeee!!!! we NEED Google Maps on Blackberry 10 is just too obvious!

Come on Google get on board! PLEASE!


Just like the catch 22 we have been dealing with on bb10. Apps make a good phone great but app devs want a great phone before they think about making apps.


They also want a great response from the public before making a move.


Just give us jelly bean support and that's it, if they see that we are using porting apps, they will make a native one.

Posted via CB10


That's definitely good to hear. Now, let's get to work and start building a strong BlackBerry user base. At least it's good to hear that Google's willing to consider building actual apps for BlackBerry 10 even though the condition is that BlackBerry 10 must have a large enough user base before any considerations happen. Sounds pretty fair to me.


So that's like a no.


I disagree. Do you think Google built iOS versions of its apps for no reason? They did that only because they know that iOS is their closest competitor right now in terms of market share and they want to try and use those apps to lure people to try the Android platform but at least iOS has Google apps on board unlike BlackBerry.


Who uses Google+ lol, it's a total scam to farm user data

Posted via CB10


I wonder it Blackberry navigator will make it to BB10? It works pretty good for me and I also use Blackberry Maps. Maybe these two apps will get merged.
Google music: I tried the service but stopped using it after a few days.
I really wanted Blackberry to stick with BBM music. With BBM going cross platform and the addition of BBM channels I think it would have been a hit as the BBM user base increased. Maybe go for a Pandora / slacker / songza business model vs. how BBM music was done previously.


BlackBerry Maps and Where's my Bus are the perfect substitutes for Google Maps. Both are native and work pretty fast & flawlessly.

Other than that, Google's answer is the perfect answer. BlackBerry 10 is in its booming phase right now so the inevitable will happen.

Posted via


Wow, this is so big of the great and powerful Google.

Posted via CB10

Aditya Bhimrajka

Though not needed, but if it is there it is always better.

Shadberry Bold

Developers should apps to bb10 market early while they have a chance to be seen irrespective of consumer volume and footprint.

It is easy to get lost in the shuffle when you are competing in a marketplace of 500k apps versus 70k

Posted via CB10


Don't care for Google Music (I got everything I need on my phone or my computer, which I can access from anywhere), no need for Google Maps (BlackBerry Maps is doing just fine for me), and I don't talk to anybody over Google+ (that's what whatsapp and Skype are for). So yeah, whatever Google. I don't want you on my phone anyway. You're way too Big Brother for me.

Posted via CB10

Stephen Green

I really am not impressed with Google and would not want to see BlackBerry so polluted with Google programs.

From my Z10 via CB10


To Hell with goooogle. Biggest spy agency in the world.

Posted via CB10

David Chu

What they really mean is:

Enjoy the webapp suckers, if there's enough of you suckers exist I will have to cater your market.

Posted via CB10


All good news but just like Skype and what's app, I'm sure Google apps will be an android port and not native... I'm happy with bbry maps and bing so far..

Sent by Bbry Z10


Ha, that probably means they'll only make Google apps for BlackBerry when BlackBerry has more marketshare than Google..


When BlackBerry userbase stop shrinking and actually growing imo.

Posted via CB10


Keyword is IF...
As a business, market holds a big say.. if the use base is big google have no choice but to come to bb10 platform..
But as for now that is still an IF, a big IF, in my opinion...

Posted via CB10


Not going to happen any time soon so as far as I am concerned it is something I will not be expecting.The google HTML5 apps are fine but they are not all good. gmail and calendar yes. I only use the gmail app to find old emails and it is fine for that. However google docs (drive) web version needs a complete overhaul and google now does not exist as a web app. I have a companion Android (Nexus 7) for any missing apps I may need. 90% of the time I am on my blackberry for the blackberry experience. I am perfectly happy with an alternate solution for the other 10%. I really don't think a single mobile device can be all things to all people anymore.

Marvin Tang

Eric Schmidt Google Chairman is using a Blackberry so it's not wise for Google not to write apps for it :)


I love Google Now. It beats the hell out of Siri or Sayit. BlackBerry Maps will never be able to compete with Google Maps. I still use my Nexus 7 for these apps and I'd be very happy indeed if they came to BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10


Google can take stick their apps.

I've switched over all my email to an alternate provider. They have way to much power and control

Posted via CB10

Poirots Progeny

The Jellybean update may render anything Google has to say moot - true dual processor threading and enhanced emulation and compatibility... G Navigator is already stable just a little slow. Using both and better compatibility - BlackBerry users should have the choice, BlackBerry users shouldn't have the choice foised on us by a corporation that's just waiting to see if we're worthy to be pimped out!!!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10


Google Maps is already working on BB10. They just need to put the android versions on the Blackberry World.
I already use Maps, Google Authenticator, gTalk on my Dev alpha C.


Wont be using your services you ditched us.BB users are used to not using google services. Outside of maps and browser search google apps offer us nothing.We have had alternatives for years.Quite frankly I have no need to be opening two inboxes just for gmail.When the hub gives me multiple different email account views its brilliant.I have no need for google or other services.BB has many out of the box apps and cloud intergration inbuilt in the OS.Downloading google apps is just waste of time and memory I don't need a double of apps that will not be intergrated to the level of stock apps.I enjoy BB not waiting on google's hand outs.I don't get data mined a snooped on.I ony need you for searching.his just seems a ploy to get on the BB10 platform due to BB's direction these guys want to get on board BB10 for the automation space its gonna cost you alot alot so get ready to pay billions.


Before the Asian Tigers were the Asian Tigers, they were just poor countries wishing they had what the US, Britain, Germany, France, Italy et al had in terms of strong economies. They realized that the only way they could ever compete was to do it for themselves because the West sure as hell wasn't going to do it for them. The rest, as they say, is history.


When is enough, enough. 4 million ? 10? That's what a lot of companies are saying yet part of the reason a lot of people are hesitant to switch to bb10 is the lack of popular apps.

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Grow it. BlackBerry nation!

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Have any of you people getting all excited about Google, ever seen the permissions you MUST allow in order to utilize a simple app? You have to give them almost everything! Even for paid apps.

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I have been trying to use less Google's services for some times now..dont like the fact they support sopa/pipa/whatever new names they come up with.
I still use Facebook though, but not as much as I used to be lol.

Any Internet services that support sopa/pipa/acta etc sucks, just saying :p

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The problem is the main user base don't buy BB10 because they wait till the Big Apps are available for bb10. But the App Developers don't develop apps for BB10 because they wait that the consumer buy the BB10.

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I can live without Google apps

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it's better than sayin NO. like netflix


All we need is someone to make an apk to bar converting app and we are all set.


It's not only numbers, it is the cool factor. BlackBerry must get their mojo back. It's happening slowly and perceptions are changing, even at Google. As they see numbers at the quarterly report in June, they may start something.


Great idea and start with Google Maps please, then Gmail. :)

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I've got Google maps and navigation ported.. they work great! Even if only that's just the beginning, imagine what they could do with the bb10!

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Wow. Great business sense Google. You can go Home Now.


I don't understand what the fuss is with Google... We still live in a world where there are so many ways to accomplish your tasks without a Google application... And if you need it anyway, you can use the html based applications like Google maps. The way the BlackBerry 10 html 5 browser handles them is on par with their iOS/Android Google apps. And if you consider those apps not on the S3/4 or HTC One then it's save to say that the BlackBerry 10 browser handles them even better than the dedicated apps. It only lacks some deep customization features and you have to be online... but hey! Who is offline nowadays? And if you do wonder off to some place without coverage.... be prepared for the journey then!


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I would like Google maps to come gk

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Opps ....accidentally hit post on previous comment before finishing. I would like it of Google maps would available for bb10. Even though BlackBerry maps does the's lacking in a lot of features like people have already mentioned. Hands down there isn't another mobile map application that's as intuitive and user friendly.

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Catch 22. They won't build apps because there is no user base, certain potential users won't buy the phone due to a lack of google apps


Google has the resources to support every platform.

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Don't see why they wouldn't.. but why?

Few months we'll have 4.2.2. That said will anyone really care to write / rewrite BB10 apps?


For the people that miss Google Maps, the full Android version with Streetview and navigation works perfect on my Z10. Just sideload it. Send me PM if you can't find the .BAR file


Ya, I do not miss the google maps at all .... Sideloaded navigation & it is good enough for me...


I think we need 25 million BB10 users and we can't be ignored anymore!


If Google doesn't start supporting BlackBerry soon I'm going to take my Google apps account for my business elsewhere. Not that they would lose any sleep over it but I like BlackBerry better. I wish BlackBerry would come up with a service like that for small businesses.

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Now why would i want anything Google on my phone prying and data collecting? I use their search engine, that's enough.

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It must be getting late, I almost thought this article said that people want Google+.

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Keep dreaming, if they descontinue the service with 80 million BB clients (32% market share) Will not be now when Droids and iOS have 90% and Windows Phone already pass BB users.


Rights and wrongs of Google aside, they want a larger user base for BB10? Blackberry can increase it in an instant. Again two words - 'play' and 'book'.


Google+...I would enjoy some apps, for the most part BlackBerry has what I need.

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It's ironic that Google, whose mantra* is "you dont need an app for that", pushing *browsers* as the OS for the new age, is teasing BB with native apps. Google's applications are rich and robust when accessed by a browser, BY DESIGN.

What BlackBerry should do is bake Google Drive access into the OS, as they did with DropBox.

*Their mantra is "as many of our ads, everywhere", but you get the point.


Shouldn't we make a poll to see how big the BlackBerry 10 user base is? !


What kind of dumb a~~ article is this. CB team. Are you just looking for pageviews.

They will support any O/S that has some mass to it.


one of these days .... as hilarious & ludricris as it seems saying so today ... Google will play this sort of game and it'll fall behind so fast and hard as the competition will quickly evolve and offer solutions they've continued to ignore, all the while when the user base grows for any platform and decides to ignore google services.

Ludicris thinking:
Google Services control pretty much the vast consumer space and make billions in revenue each quarter selling content to corporations and even its competitors.

Hilarious thinking:
Yahoo is the next major player for email
Yahoo is making big & important social company purchases that are highly relevant today/tomorrow.
Google's Google+ is being forced to merge with all other of its services because well it didn't really take off as much as it hopes. (it's the new Google Wave)
Twitter the largest social communications network - exists on every platform.
BlackBerry is making a HUGE play to kill Google+, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc and just might win starting this summer and finish off by end of 2013.
Google could loose in the internet search and content business.
- after all AltaVista once ruled, then it was Yahoo, all it takes is a more modern, intelligent, and personal & socially aware search engine.

Most importantly ... Google is open ... and if users begin to decide to leave all their service offerings, Google makes leaving very EASY to do using open standards used by all competitors. It's a Good thing for now ... but if all they have left is search and if another company comes along and does not wish to sell (and are privately held) then they'll not be able to rule in the search business and rake in revenues/profits to handle their other projects.

Google Glass seems to rely heavily on networking and social app/services that they don't control nor have the best share of.

yes laugh at me ... but changes on the internet happen VERY VERY quickly a King's rain ...

Kriilin Namek

How many BB10 users does Google need?....OVER 9000!!! /meme off

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Sounds good and it does make sense from Google's standpoint.

Hopefully BlackBerry continues to grow :)


Looks like BB won't be getting google then.


Over the years my pocket book has grown. Doesn't this account for anything?


 This sundar is honest but doesn't know a thing of experience to answer walt's questions directly--just another coder with limited scope of the landscape. The questions asked are fit to be answered by a someone higher in rank. This guy is just another clueless shrink at google dancing around Mr Mossberg's questions. 

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That is decent news. I miss my google maps and stand alone Gmail that I had on my Bold.


Google should not wait, the more apps the greater amount of blackberrys will be used. Please Google help BlackBerry world and people like me who love our blackberrys

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Not really concerned about the maps, I want Chrome, youtube, google+, google drive and google search apps.


I just want Google+ that is all!


They'll build apps if BB10 users don't mind giving up their PRIVACY and hand it over to the NSA.