Google Mobile Sync Updated to 0.5.9 - Adds Contact Sync!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2008 11:39 am EST


I'm a huge fan of Google Sync (as I'm sure many others are), but I was also seeking a way to sync my contacts from Gmail to my Curve since I don't use Outlook.  All the options I could find were either paid applications or just fell short in one way or another.  Well my prayers have been answered as Google quitely (and I mean quietly) slipped out a new version of Google Sync .  The updated version now allows users to sync contacts between Gmail and their device.  A simple checkbox in the options menu and you're good to go.  The application will sync the major contact fields (first name, last name, email, phone number etc.) and you're set.  

Google Sync  Google Sync 

To download the updated version, visit from your device.

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Google Mobile Sync Updated to 0.5.9 - Adds Contact Sync!


Man I was waiting on this to come out!

Anyone know if it will render the contacts correctly? Or if it will only sync the ones I want? Not the ones that I sent an email to one time.

Unfortunately at the moment it looks to be all or nothing. There is simply a checkbox to sync contacts - no options to exclude etc.

Anyone else having this problem with Google mobile sync?

You have a multiple day all day event (example an all day event between november 23 to november 25) in your Google Calendar. When you sync it, there is only an all day event synced for the first day. the fact that it is an all day event spanning between november 23 to 25 (inclusive) is not reflected.

See here for more details and others that are experiencing it. Is it a Bold only issue?

It worked fine for mine, but I went to my Google Apps account I've been using for sync and before upgrading Google Sync I've deleted all the contacts from gmail to start clean.

Then it synced fine, 158 contacts now on both sides, done some modifying on Google side, we'll see how it updates.

Only downhill, I've had to sync *4* (four!) times before it succesfully synced (meaning no errors in Google Sync app on BB), although all contacts looked fine on Gmail iface even after 1st sync. Go figure.

Yeah you're not crazy... It has just wiped out my phone numbers on BB, on Gmail side though they're preserved. I've backed up contacts from Gmail to CSV file and now waiting to see what will morning bring (here is 2am :)).

So does this actually sync BOTH contacts.. or its it overwriting the current contacts on the BB with the Google ones? Or will it actually add the BB contacts to Google and vice-versa?

Completely changes the format of the numbers, so if ur a freak like me who likes his numbers to be in a certain format.... google sync won't do it...

Actually its ok... but you MUST delete all the contacts in ur gmail account beforehand, if not it screws up the format of your phone #s.
for e.g
i had +1 (416) xxx-xxxx format and it changed to 416xxxxxxx and instead of a mobile it was at "pager"...

Make sure you DELETE EVERY CONTACT ON YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT BEFORE DOING THIS, because it will ruin your contact and a good thing to do is to go to backup&restore/advanced and backup the addressbooks files just in case something funny happens

can i also suggest Kigoo which syncs gcal and contacts with outlook instantly. it is beta, and is free. now that is pretty much a complete and FREE OTA sync solution!

Normally I have a lot of respect for the Google people, but this is bad enough to qualify as malware.

It takes forever to sync and fails 80% of the time.

It randomly deletes information from the blackberry. Some contacts had all their info deleted, some just parts. Some entries are deleted entirely.

It duplicates entries if you are dumb enough to run this twice.

If any instructions exist for using this program, add the following as the first step "Back up your blackberry!!!". And, add as the last two instructions "Restore address book from backup" and "Delete sync program from handheld"

My thoughts exactly only no back up to my rescue because being a Google product thought it would have been thoroughly tested and released without problems =[

There is a major falw withg the synch process - the field mapping is all wrong. I synch my Bold to Outlook as a back up and was looking forward top be able top synch to my Gmail as well (I noramlly take an extract and upload from time to time to keep contacts synched across all 3).

What happened was once I had synched with Gmail and then re-sycnched with Outlook I had duplicate entries and data entries mapped into the wrong fields (eg zip/postcode in citr field, country in zip/postcode feel).

Worked fine for me ... and on the first shot too. All 193 contacts are intact on both ends and work fine.

At first it did not work but now it works fine for me. Make sure you make a back-up before updating the GoogleSync app.

Dare I say its about time!
NOW I just have to figure out WHY I cant import a CSV from Yahoo to Google contacts....I keep getting, literally, "OOOPS" lol

My contact list synced correctly, but there are no fields for birthdays, etc. The fields seem very limited. They don't even have a PIN option for Blackberry