Google Mobile App Updated To 3.4.16 Improvements For BlackBerry Tour Users!

By Bla1ze on 4 Sep 2009 06:27 am EDT
Google Mobile App Updated To 3.4.16
It's a small version bump going from 3.4.14 to 3.4.16 with no change log from Google but everyone is used to that by now. Forum users are now reporting that the voice lookup function does indeed now work on the BlackBerry Tour. So if you are a Tour owner this may interest you the most, all other users not exactly sure what else (if anything) has changed but if you are an avid user might wanna grab the download just to be up to date. Visit on your BlackBerry's web browser to grab it!

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Google Mobile App Updated To 3.4.16 Improvements For BlackBerry Tour Users!


It might be because its way to early for me to be conscious right now, but I can't find a download link for the search app. I'm using my storm, FWIW, and clicking the 'Search' link on just brings me to the web-based Google search page.

Google Maps has ALWAYS worked for me on my Tour from day one. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Looks like "Storm support coming soon" (as posted by Google as far back as December 2008) was just another lie/empty promise. Why can't Google's programmers figure out how to write a touchscreen version?

I'm on a Curve 8330 and while I love Google products, I'm not a Google App power user on my BB. Is it worth the upgrade at this point or should I wait for a later version?



I converted to gmail and now I find myself using everything google- from sync, documents, maps, search , voice... you go Google! Luv your appli.

I've never found a whole lot of use for this app. It basically looks like one stop shopping for Google and some of the other apps. So, more memory to lose, when I already can get to these features in other ways.

And I have a Storm, so I'll pass.

Over the last several OS leaks and updates, the Google Mobile app hasn't worked on Storms. Now, with OS it seems to work. At least it allows you to install it. But after I disable compatibility mode and launch the app all I see is the search bar and one icon for Google Maps. I don't see any icons for Gmail, Google News, Google RSS Reader, etc. Does anyone know why that is?

Has google updated this app to support the Storm. As of last week they hadn't and the Tour is newer than the Storm.

thanks for this update, I'd never hear about it if not for Crackberry!

the Google Mobile app has always worked fine on my Tour but still excited about this update.

downloaded, installed and works great on on Bold!! I even used it to install Google Maps. It does but I had to reset the permissions for Maps to work correctly. I still only see the Maps icon in this App.
Hopefully the next release will fully support OS 5.

Went to the download page, and was greeted with "Replace version 3.4.9 with 3.4.16?" Any others? (Running Bold with latest ATT release.)

So, the Tour has version 3.4.16 and the Storm has 3.0.2 (at least that's what I get when I go to

Is this because touch vs. non-touch screen?

I think what people are referring to as far as the GPS not working is the Sprint Tour and how Google maps only uses triangulation and doesn't make use of GPS...which is REALLY ANNOYING!

C'mon Sprint, RIM, GOOGLE, whoever is responsible for this major shortcoming...PLEASE fix this for the Sprint Tour users.

I have an 8900 on T-Mo, and I haven't been able to use this app since they added the voice feature. After using it a few times, it locks up, and never works again. I have to uninstall it. Every time they release a new version, I try it again, and same thing. I don't know if I'm going to bother with this one. Maybe I will, what the heck.

Finally some newer software for the Tour that's great!! Whens the new O.S System coming out??? And why add WiFi after we purchased the Tour ??? Will it be possible for R.I.M to do a software WiFi upgrade on the Tour!! That would be incredible indeed!

I have Storm os the app downloaded fine. Works when I disable compatibility mode. And the voice search works great too.