Google Mobile App Now Allows You To Search Email and Contacts

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2010 01:48 pm EST
Google Mobile App 

Fresh on the Google Mobile Blog this morning, the team announced that the updated version of the Google Mobile App now allows users to search both email and contacts in addition to the web. Just enter your search terms in the box as usual, and the app will show you contacts as well as emails for results. You can enter a contact name or message content, and easily locate and reply to or forward off emails. The app also lets you call, SMS or email contacts with just a few clicks. Start typing a persons name, and the app will show applicable results. Not a fan of the search features? You have the option to disable them so fear not. If you use the Google Mobile App this is a great alternative to the "bulky" built in message search, but I'm not sure if its enough to entice new users to fire up the app for the first time.

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Google Mobile App Now Allows You To Search Email and Contacts


Because google wants to spy on my emails and contacts on my device instead of the same exact info sitting on their servers! LOL

I was just thinking that. Now i would have to open an app just to get back to my contacts or address book. How about if this was integrated into the OS like the droid. That would be great.

Still getting the plain vanilla google search screen.

Still cannot download the app for the Storm 2 (unless I cheat).

Seems easier to use SearchIt instead of the mobile search.

All BlackBerry devices have a built-in Search application the does contact search. It also searches through messages (SMS and E-mails) and other BlackBerry applications. It looks like the BlackBerry Search application still does more that this (except for automatically searching the web.

You can even do backwards contact lookup with the BlackBerry Search application.

How do I DL this?? everytime I go to the link it just brings up the google homepage on my phone..... any ideas??

Thanks for your help

I hate using the built-in search. It's just so cumbersome with too many options that make no difference at all when you are trying to find something. I will be installing this as soon as possible.

The only way to download on a storm is to change browser identification to firefox and then go to and it will let you download. But I don't think it downloads the right version because I can't click any of the icons on the top. You can still use the search though

I was going to give it a shot, but my Tour keeps getting an error at installation that I'm not connected to the internet. But I am.

every time I go to it just takes me to a webpage. There is nothing for me to download to my phone.....

Screw the blackberry storm nothing ever works! Even the apps are sub-par! Even the apps that should be a given I have to use different methods of getting it to work on my phone. I'm not just talking about google apps either.

You're sooo wrong.... When's the last time Google upgraded something we already have and left out BlackBerry?? Ummm, never. Just type in a contact and it shows up...

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On installation the permissions said google app is trying to record media? What does that mean? Google is trying to record my media? I did not accept that permission and the mobile app doesnt work.

I can't believe this isn't available on the storm2? I mean WTF? Ha, I'm just kidding, can't wait til they expand it..

I had to go to my browser and click the blackberry button, options, browser configuration, change "browser Identification" to Internet explorer (mine was on Blackberry), click the back button and save. back once more and the goto to download.

Ps. What browser is best for Storm 1

Google needs to get this running on the Storm 2! I had this app when I had a Pearl 8130 and it was great! Not having it available for the Storm 2 is a disappointment.... :-(

I'd really like to know after I downloaded this, why "My Location" was changed to San Francisco 94102?? I'm near there but it's not even close. WTF!?!?!?

Location doesn't work! It displays a city 90 miles south of my location. Google Maps knows where I am, but it's not sharing with Google app.

Other than that it functions amazingly! This is my new favorite app! It's so fast and so far word recognition has been 100%.

One more complaint:" When you look up a local business it shows number and address. When you click on the address and select "navigate to" or "show map" it opens the Blackberry Map program! I HATE that program, and hide it on every Blackberry I own. Why doesn't the Google app link addresses to Google Maps?!

WHY! I have been wanting this app since it came out on iphone/android... and now they just toy with the storm users by releasing it for all blackberry except storms...

i install it on my 8700 with 4.5OS.
i can search plaintext and search via vioce,but i cann't open the menu to change the options,couldn't choose other app links as news,reader,more.

could someone help me?Thanks!

Well, upgraded and it's been a nightmare since. The BB freezes every 10-15 seconds, for about 2-3 seconds. Have tried re-installing and so forth. Also now have problems with google voice, not sure of why the upgrade affected this program too. Have issues with certificates not being trusted and permissions being affected. Wish I could download the older version again.