Google Mobile App for BlackBerry... Get It!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Sep 2008 05:13 pm EDT

 Google Mobile App for BlackBerry

We just got an email from Google's Communications team checking to make sure we saw their latest post on the Google Mobile Blog, announcing today's launch of the Google Mobile App for BlackBerry.

To download the free app, visit on your BlackBerry's Browser. Once installed, you'll have much faster access to Google services, including Maps, Gmail, News and more.

Google Mobile App for BlackBerry Highlights:

  • Fast Google search - enter queries without waiting for a browser to load
  • Search history - easily access and amend your previous queries
  • Google Suggest - complete queries with less typing
  • Easy access to Google products for your phone - click once to download and install our applications for BlackBerry, and get immediate access to our web-based services
  • Google Apps support - get direct links to your Google Apps Calendar and Documents/Spreadsheets (select Menu, Options, Use Google Apps Domain: yes, and then enter your domain name)
  • Update alerts - learn about new versions of downloadable Google mobile applications and upgrade with just one click (Google Mobile App replaces Google Updater for BackBerry)

Give it a go and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Reader comments

Google Mobile App for BlackBerry... Get It!


Anyone else having problems with downloading Gmail on the new app? I keep getting a "Couldnt downlaod" message

It might be that you already have gmail loaded as another app. I did, and I downloaded it 3 times, and then it worked. The gmail is now on this new app.

So far so good..

but wondering about applications such as calendar and doc.... on the blackberry it shows that we can set up an domain under the "option" tab. What domain is this???

someone please install this on a BB simulator and sniff what data is being sent back to the mothership.
I like google for their tools as much as the next person but since they are a telco, they have access to far more data when I use their tools on my phone than I care for. Them knowing that Mr.Torben searched for a drugstore while in the local pub, connected to a cell tower with such-and-such coordinates, just creeps me out.
Watch Steve Rambam's presentation from the last HOPE conference if you were not aware of what is being done by the data hogs like google.

Is there anyway you can add this app to the Bold. I tried but I don't get any install options.

No way! Does it sync to the native Blackberry calendar app? And does it include any subscribed to calendars, or only calendars you create?

I have emailed Google 100 times that I think one thing their gmail app is missing is the ability to be able to add groups. For example I have a group with all the mods email in it, named it "CrackBerry" and when I start to type C it shows me all the emails with C and when I type CR it wont show my group.

My other "wish" is that I would be able to attach a file to a email. I would use the Gmail app more. Other then those 2 little "issues" the app is AMAZING!!

To having this app over having my gmail pushed to my BB through BIS? And for the calendar? I already sync my gmail calendar with BB VERY easily, what's the advantage to this app?

Personally I love Google products, but their mobile sector is something I never really understood on blackberry devices...they work great their is NO doubt about that..but I don't understand the point on a BlackBerry.

Gmail- Gets pushed to my BB anyways...

Search-Uh..4.5 OS and up all have google search built in may be this is just a tad faster but not worth the full download get the standalone.

Reader- One word..viigo FTW!!

Maps- Ok, you got me there...but I don't need a whole product "suite" my standalone is fine.

News- Viigo again FTW!

PS: Google, since we know you visit the site..let's get to work on Mobile Chrome for BlackBerry please, I know it won't be an Android exclusive but let us know you all are least working on a version for BlackBerry.

I agree with you... I find this happens a lot with Google's products, at least for me. If I had a berry way back when I used Gmail, that'd make this app a lot more useful. The only thing I'd use this for is the search and mayyybe the maps, but since I have BES, 4.5, and Google maps standalone, I may just end up deleting this app after a day.

It is not working on two bold that I tried now. It comes with a message "please be patient while Gmail loads for the first time...." a progress bar and it doesn't move. I waited for almost 30 minutes.

I have previously installed the older Gmail and Maps apps. Now that I've installed this app, can I uninstall the others and reclaim that space?

It's just a launcher..uninstalling the other apps will just make the icons go grey in the launcher, meaning you do not have them installed.

not too sweet if you updated your curve to 4.5 - doesn't recognize the OS as compatible......then again.....with 4.5
and google maps re-installed during my 4.5 don't really need anything that google offers here.

I do agree with Bla1ze...

Google should get working on a Blogger App instead, their mobile posting utility sucks

The UI is clean and looks very nice. But I guess for it to be really useful you would want to be using several of the apps and this can then be the front end to using them. I only use google maps and search google when using the browser so I don't see using this. I did install it to see what it was. So if you use several of the apps then you will probably want this one for ease of access to them.

Can someone explain to me what Section 11 of the TOS Really means?

They have the right to make content that I write or post through their Servers or Service available to other companies and for promotional puproses? Huh?!?!?

Sorry, but since the Chrome TOS issue, I have actually been reading these .. still sounds to me like they want to own my data ...

No thanks.

My BB browser couldn't locate this website, why? I got an error back saying it could not retrieve the URL. That is really odd.

You can't upsize the font like the old Gmail app could. It's hard to read smurf sized writing on a Curve.
You STILL can't download attachments to your phone (WHY?!).
You still can't use the Delete button to delete emails (WHY?!).
The gmail notifier for new mail is gone from the new app button. You have to go into the app to see it (Or unhide the gmail app that was reinstalled, which seems redundant).
And where is the Picasa app for photos? Picasa3 is awesome and it would be nice to integrate it.

Otherwise, I dig it. Incredibly convenient to have it all available in one place.

After attempting for more that an hour, I can't locate the google application. I've tried on the blackberry and my computer. I get as far as typing in my number and they send me a text message; I get the link and the "app" isn't there all other applcations are. I tried from my blackberry and the webpage wont let me click on the "sent me text message with the link". I've cleared my catch, and no difference. I do have some applications from google already installed like "maps, search" would that be the problem?????

I keep getting a HTTP Error 503 Service unavailable, The server is currently unable to handle your request due to a overloading or maintenance of the server.. Any ideAs?

what on earth have i really installed here?

Its just a shortcut/bookmark service to Google's online mobile space. Why did have i to download 380KB just for that?

Maps was already installed and is really the only TRUE on device app Google has. Everything else is just links that opens up a browser.

very very poor

Absolutely no gain here with this app that a series of bookmarks won't do.

I thot this would be a merging of the various standalone apps on the BB into an integrated space. instead I come to realize it's _mostly_ a website launcher. And since the BB browser sucks, my user experience is poorer than when I had dedicated applets retrieving my info.

The REAL problem? I can't seem to FIND the old applets to reinstall them! All the google webpage for Mobile have been neatly recoded to hide the old apps.

I am having trouble downloading Google app. When I go to it doesn't give me a download option. I have to download items individually. I cleared my cache.

I just tried to download this and I get a message saying it doesnt work for my 8100 why is this and what can I do

but since Google search is already on Opera, Gmail pushed to BB, and already have stand alone map --- I don't have much use for this application. Good try though Google.

DL'ed the app last night and used it several times today, it works great, a lot better than Opera Mini which keeps loading sites in the wrong languages! Still have not used all the features but its great so far...

Can anyone get their Gmail to work from this application without a data package?

I got it to work on my phone with the data plan, but no such luck on the one without the data plan.

HELP! I have downloaded the Google apps to my Blackberry curve, but I have no idea what my domain name is. I'm new to this...can someone help me??

What - no bookmarks?

I'll stick to the BB browser where Google is a bookmark. I'll also stick to Google Sync for Thunderbird's calendar app and the BB calendar, which works seamlessly. I already have Google maps, don't use gmail, etc.

As far as I can tell this adds NOTHING I don't already have, and I have to give up useful features to use the browser.

Thumbs DOWN. Uninstall coming UP.

I can't download the app on the storm in fact the icon doesn't even show up on the web page as a choice. It does however on the 8700G. Help

I have a BB storm as well and I too am not seeing the Google Mobile App. The only thing I see is gmail, maps, etc I've installed/removed these apps but no Mobile App. I've even cleared my cache, changed my browser back to the BB browser, sent myself the link and nothing!! What am i doing wrong, anyone? Please help...

I have a BB storm and I am not seeing the Google Mobile App. The only thing I see on is gmail, maps, etc I've installed/removed these apps without a problem but no Mobile App. I've even cleared my cache, changed my browser back to the BB browser, sent myself the link and nothing!! What am i doing wrong, anyone? Please help...

I just got my invite and can not get mobile app to load, I have tried on my computer to send a link to my phone and on my phone. YES I have made sure that I have the browser set correctly. it goes straight to HTTP error 504 gateway timed out while waiting for a response. How it does that as soon as I hit send i don't know. then it say's contact service provider yada yada yada.

Any ideas?

They run you around in a loop now. Not sure what is going on. I had this on my Tour, which I gave to my son (headed to Haiti with USMC) and I am trying to put it on my Storm 2. But it does not seem to exist anymore.

Either someone building the pages for Google screwed up, or they have stopped allowing downloads. Really sucks. I need the voice search feature.

If you change your browser configuration from Blackberry to Firefox, the link for the Google app appears. I downloaded it to my Storm and it works fine. Disable compatibility mode so landscape mode works.

I downloaded this on my Storm and when I disable compatibility mode I can't get to any icon other than the gmail icon...