Google Mobile App Adds Search By Voice And Location!

By Bla1ze on 26 Mar 2009 09:19 am EDT
Google Mobile App Adds Search By Voice And Location!

Google's mobile applications keep getting better and better, and with getting better I have to say I'm glad they are keeping up with support for all platforms rather then just dumping all their efforts into Android. But unfortunately for BlackBerry Storm users, Google says you're not supported at this time.

Google's mobile app has been updated with some nice new functionality. The latest additions are that of voice activated searching (think of usage in line with vlingo) and also has introduced location based searches as well. I'll borrow Google's example to give you an idea of how it works:

Suppose you're vacationing in London, and you have a craving for fish and chips. With the My Location feature enabled, you can just enter "fish n chips" into Google Mobile App, and it will return the fish and chips restaurants closest to you.

I tested the new features out and they work great. The voice recognition system for searches is pretty spot on, although that will vary for users. Location searches for non-GPS enabled devices also works great as it uses triangulation so you really can't go wrong there... even if it's not 100% precise on your location, you're still hitting the area around you which is what matters. I'll be keeping this one around!

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Google Mobile App Adds Search By Voice And Location!


This is frickin sweet. Voice recognition has always been just on the outside of useful (in my opinion), but this is outstanding. the accuracy is amazing.

Although it doesn't have voice recognition I would highly recommend Poynt for the Storm. Great functionality for finding movies or even fish and chips if that's what you are looking for. Integrates with google maps as well!

OTA Download for free here:

I just used it a few times and it worked well for me in my small town, Huntington, WV. I could see me using this on my BB[8830 v4.5.0.127] a lot if the searches work for other things besides location based items. I think it will: I searched "THE OFFICE" and it took me to the NBC website which I did expect. Looking forward to using this program!

As I said, I am pretty impressed. However, last night my 8900 locked up on me when I pressed the talk button. I did not make much of it, just pulled the battery and forgot about it.

Just now, it did it again. Same circumstances. Same result. Program does not respond, won't close, and can't switch away from it. Just for the hell of it, while it was in this state, I called my number. The incoming call screen came on and I pressed ignore. Over the landline, I heard it go to my voicemail. But the call screen refused to go away. Once again, battery pull.

Hope this does not become a habit. I likes my google.

Seems like when I browse Crackberry lately, all I see is STORM supported software. Pandora & iHeartRadio don't support the 8820...... Those two come to mind.....That sucks for me.......

WOW, this is cool. I've tried several searches and they've all worked. Try saying your name and city and see what happens.

I'm blown away.

Edit: not sure why I can't link urls here...

Anyway, go to Storm 3rd Party Apps sub-forum and find the topic "Google Mobile App updated... still no Storm support". You can find the download link to install Google Mobile App for Storm.

yeah, they still haven't provided the other Storm apps yet, but they are working on new products for older Blackberries?

I had that on the BB awhile ago in one of the earlier releases. It worked fine then. I rarely if ever used it other than when I tested it twice.

with all settings and permissions set correctly, voice does not work. App. asks for a reset and still does not work. Problem being reported on multiple blogs. Anyone have any luck with curve 8330. The rest of the app does work

Any know how to get the voice recognition to work on a Verizon Curve 8330? Get the same "Try restarting Google Mobile App" message as reported above.

I'm having the same problem as reported by some people. I've downloaded it twice and everytime I hit the call button it asks to restart the app and try again.

I ran this on my unlocked (AT&T) 8900 running beta OS .199. The Google App worked GREAT!

Within a few minutes, I stopped receiving emails, and started getting Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException and other errors related to the messaging system. I ended up having to delete the Google App and reload my OS.

I downloaded for the Storm using the noted link, but immediately get a message saying "unable to record voice". Anyone else?

No joy on the 8350i as regards the location feature. Silly tho, when jumping into google maps from the app bar, it finds me in a few seconds. There was a similar problem with google maps when this phone first came out--finally corrected in the last version. I hope the folks at google remember what they had to do to fix that problem. The voice search feature works great though...provided you've given a zip code to tell the program where you are. There are so many different programs that do this very thing, I'm not sure we needed another, but who's to say which one does it best? Certainly not me! Anyway, pretty cool that you can speak the words you want to find, especially when your hands are full.

How do we get RIM and Google to colaborate on more projects? This is great for everyone except for Storm owners. Any idea on a timeline for the Storm?

I downloaded this app and tried it but it keeps saying "unable to record voice"
not sure why this is happening, went to options and allowed everything.

any suggestions?

Tried it out yesterday. The app seems to work well. I had some minor issues with voice recognition (maybe it's my SE Texas accent) but overall, it worked very well. Definitely worth downloading.

It works on my storm to some degree. I followed @skimla's post and It all loaded and worked. I just allowed all permissions. It is a little shaky on the voice search feature but if you speak clearly it will work. I also noticed that if it cannot find anything or doesn't understand you it says "Google mobile app could not connect" Also anything to do with touching the screen to make selections does not work as well either. I've used it holding the send button and speaking to it. I am very much looking forward to this app working fully. How dangerous it is too do a Google search while driving these days especially when oncoming traffic is Googling as well.
I would love to see RIM and Google collaborate on more.

Good luck!

Here is what I did. I downloaded the new blackberry search powered by google which was released today then did a hard reset then tried my google voice again and it worked!!! Thank me later bitches.

Google Maps has had these features for a long time. I don't understand the big deal of adding these same features to the google mobile app. Am I missing something?

For my first test of the voice search I just said "hey" for some reason. Not really a good test word but I guess it thought I said "gay". It then showed search results.
I am reminded of the "King of Queens" episode when Patten Oswald's Tivo started recording ice dnacing and chick flicks because it was "intuitive".

8330 users are having problems with this app. brings up error message when trying voice search. google is aware of the problem with certain devices