Google Maps updated to v4.4 - Adds Places features for improved local search

By Adam Zeis on 2 Aug 2010 08:46 am EDT

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Google Maps has been updated to version 4.4 and now includes Google's Places feature. Places allows you to quickly search and locate ATMs, restaurants, hotels, attractions, gas stations and more. You can find all you need to know about a location with the items Places page so you have all of the information right in one spot. Some other background fixes as well in this version to keep things running smooth. Hit the link below from your device to download.

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Google Maps updated to v4.4 - Adds Places features for improved local search


Google really doesn't want to let go of the built-in Nav they give to Google Maps on Android.

I know they hate on the iPhone, but what did Blackberry users ever do to them?

I doubt google will release their navigator part of google maps,,,, to put on other phones OS .They want to keep it just on theirs as part of an exclusive part of them owning the android OS .For now anyhow .

Realistically, it makes sense to have a great feature (at least in my eyes) available only for it's OS. Just hoping...

I'm still waiting for this thing to perform as well as other platforms.

I don't necessarily need turn-by-turn, but on Android devices the map loads INSTANTANEOUSLY.

Blackberry is just lag, lag, lag.

Really? I have zero initializing problems on my Storm 9530. It actually loads pretty quickly, finds my location quickly, and is reliable beyond expectations. Admittedly, if the Google Maps is running in the background for a long time while attempting to perform other high-demand multitasking, memory gets sucked up pretty quickly. But it's never been something that has stopped me from getting where I need to go.

With Poynt and Google Maps I can find anything quickly

Mine loads just fine, never had any problems. Works perfectly fine, even compared to the Android phones I've used. Sure the Google Maps for Android has some nice additional features, like the navitation, but I personally like the BB UI better.
Turn by turn would be nice, of course, but if I know I'm going somewhere, and I need turn by turn, then I bring my Garmin. If I find that I need directions and I don't have it, then the way Google Maps currently gives it to me is perfectly fine, I can read the directions, switch to the map and see when I'm getting close to needing to turn.

Just to head off 1,000 comments... follow the link in the article to get the update. All I got from was version 4.2 again.

Just use the link from Adam's blog post. Google doesn't always update the versions on the mobile website like they should. Google Mail app for blackberry shows v2.0.6 when you first select it, then when you actually prepare to download and install, it is v2.0.7! This app has had the version inconsistancy for months now but no one has bothered to correct it. The link above works great and I have been running v4.4 since last night and so far I like it. I just wish they would add google voice integration so you could sms your friends from google maps using your google voice app on your phone. I am too cheap to pay for a texting plan but now that I have the voice app, I text all day and you would really think that their apps would be a little more tightly integrated.

...went right to download, today is Monday and you won't find 4.4 through normal google channel, where this link came from, scary!!!

I couldn't see my friends in latitude. Uninstall and re-install ver. 4.2. Everything back to normal again.

Also, Latitude has been updated (at least since 4.2). By default, it only shows "fresh" updates, which appear to be in the last few hours, which is a nice addition. Now it ignores my friends that haven't updated their location in days, as those are no longer relevant.

They updated it. So now when you first go to it, it will only show you your "fresh" friends. So if none of your friends are fresh, maybe you sould get some new friends, jk. but if they arnt fresh it doesnt shwo them. You can hit menu and show "stale" friends. and it will show everyone.

Im not joking those are the words google uses on the new lattitude.

downloaded last night but have yet to see the new feature. Could it be because I'm located in Jamaica?

As mentioned in the above comments, you will not find 4.4 by going to You have to follow the link in the post written.

Note to Adam - I think you should state in the post that going to will still give you the 4.2 version.

Didn't work right on my Storm1. Couldn't hide keyboard and difficult time setting permissions. When back to 4.2

ID10T error?

Exit the app and go to Options, Applications. Select Google Maps, click the menu button, and Disable Compatibility.

That should allow correct control of the keyboard on Storm.

I downloaded one of the 1st version 4s only to revert to the final version (I believe) of version 3, because they took away the ability to rename favorites.

They call it something else now (forget the name) and the new way does have the advantage of synching "favorites" with your Google maps account so you have them saved there (safe from phone deletion etc), but in my usage I find that when I add a favorite I REALLY desire to be able to rename it on the device itself right then, as opposed to adding it on the device, logging in at home, renaming it there (by which time I've probably forgotten what's what), then having to re-sync the phone. For instance, when my wife & I went on a trip, we saved our hotel's location as a favorite and called it "hotel." (We had to sense it via "My Location" vs using the address because the database had it way wrong, it was some 10 miles off!) So when we left the hotel for a place of interest, and later when we needed to get back to the hotel, it was a cinch.

They need to bring this aspect back without messing up the improvements they made to "cloud storage" of "favorites."

i'll quote directly from facebook as not to take credit:

(go to) from your BB and it'll redirect you to the mobile site. you'll see it right at the top of the page. click the link and you're all set. end quote

this worked for me!

thanks, greg

ATTENTION 9530 and 9550 users. Make certain your browser emulation is set to Black Berry and NOT Internet Explorer OR Firefox when you download the above file using the above link.

Secondly, once installed, make certain you disable compatibility mode.

Compatibility mode is only used for the Storm/Storm 2. When it's turned on, the application will mimic and emulate a non-touch screen BlackBerry phone and place a permanent keyboard on the screen. It will also emulate trackball behavior when you flick the screen. Resolution is also reduced and cropped on the display. 9550/9530 users will want to avoid this mode since Google Maps supports Storm/Storm 2 directly (AS LONG AS THE FOLLOW MY ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS).

Compatibility mode can be disabled and enabled by going into:

options->applications-> Highlight "Google Maps" Hit the BlackBerry key and select "Disable Compatibility Mode"

You can enabled it again by repeating the above steps.

Hope it works on my Storm! The last two versions of Google Maps did not have any support for BlackBerry touchscreen devices! I love Google Maps, but my patience with Google is wearing thin...

Thank you to Bunklung for the tip on Storm devices. I did not see that before posting. It works!!! I can love Google Maps again!

Once i seen people saying their is still 4.2.0 version... i didn't even bother... wake me up when OS 6.0 drops on the bold 9700

I clicked on the site in the article and my computer didn't recognize the file. Can anyone give me the link?

I was able to download the upgrade by going to, finding the article and then clicking on the link. Wish the article was more specific about that info.

I use to be able to find places just by searching their names using Google type in Vincente it gives me Super Car.....I type in Extra gives me Crochet House....Its not much use to me now as it use to be....For some odd reasons I feel Google Maps gets worst every release for us and better for Android....which is....expectable....

These little updates posted here at CB are very much appreciated by,,, me! The first thing I noticed was on the previous version I couldn't sign in, in Gmaps but now I can. I had been using voice commands before this and it still works well and I like it.

I installed 4.4 from 4.2. The thing that annoyed me was the constant little dialog window showing your "location within 3m" box/window while navigating.. this didn't seem to go away unless i scrolled to a different point on the map. this little dialog window just gets in the way of the map.

So i deleted 4.4 and reinstalled 4.2 and voila! no more little constant dialog box saying my location is within x meters...

It looks like they rolled the scale into the main app from labs. That feature was missing for *way* too long.