Google Maps Offers Voice Recognition on BlackBerry

By Devin Kent on 3 Jul 2008 12:40 pm EDT

Google MapsThe team over at Google have updated their Google Maps app with voice recognition for Pearl users in the US. To use, just center the map on your location, then hold down the left side convenience key and speak a name or location.

Google cautions that the service is still experimental and accuracy will improve over time, but they're using the same software that powers GOOG-411, so they've got a solid base to work on. Hopefully this feature will quickly make its way onto other BlackBerry device models.

Has anyone with a BlackBerry Pearl tried it out? Let us know in the comments!

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Google Maps Offers Voice Recognition on BlackBerry


I just downloded this and it works great. It will search on the actual name of stores or the generic version such as cleaners.

Ok...yeah voice rec is cool...but what about turn by turn voice prompts for google maps?!? I HAD to use google maps while driving in heavy traffic to find a place I never been to...on streets I never been down...and I was rolling alone, so no one to tell me I had to risk driving around and looking down at my cuve to figure out where I needed to turn and what not...

Give us what we really want Google!!

PS- Grand Central is dope, wish there was better numbers free for the 13642 zip code in NY...but awesome service other than that!!

I can't get the voice part to work. I had changed my convenience keys so the voice one is on the right. It just keep on searching my phone book hmmm. Neat idea though. I was thinking I could do without a GPS receiver.

Tried resetting the convenience key, but no go. No response at all in GMM to hitting the key.

Currently using

i just downloaded the google map app yesterday on my verizon pearl. it really rocks. while i dont have gps, it still finds me based on the cell tower i am closest to. you can even get driving directions this way. they arent turn-by-turn, but still f-in' cool.

i didnt even realize that it had the voice tech bit to it until i just read your post, but it works really well.

It looks like that it doesn't work for the Blackberry 8100 either. On the google website site it said 8110,8120,8130.

Downloaded to my Verizon pearl...the voice part didn't work for me. I tried resetting the side keys but still nada.

I have a 8130 from verizon and have loaded it twice and the voice recognition doesn't work. getting the voice coming on "say a command". Anyone get this to work on a 8130?

I was having troubles as well with my Verizon 8130. This is what I did to make it work:
1. My current google maps 2.2 (you need 2.2.1)
2. Uninstalled my 2.2
3. Installed update 2.2.1
3. The left key must be set to the default (voice Dialing - go to Options / Screen/Keyboard to change convenience key)

This worked for me. Good Luck!

I have a 8130 from verizon and have loaded it twice and the voice recognition doesn't work. getting the voice coming on "say a command". It then ask do you want to call, and list some names from my address book. Anyone get this to work on a 8130?

I have Verizon... not sure what to set the left side convenience key to. I am thinking maybe the GPS needs to activated? Do you need to have VZ navigator? Any Thoughts?

At first I had the same problem as other people; the voice would come on "say a command", 'till I clicked on Google maps first, then pressed the left key and presto... Works GREAT!!Hope this helps.

Verizon 8130, loaded 4-5 times so far, still does not work, changed media access for Google Maps to "allow" I am on a BES, is anyone using a Verizon 8130 on a BES getting voice search to work?

I have tried over and over and I can't set my left convenience key to voice dialing. No matter what I set it to, it pulls up my address book. Frustrating.