Google Maps for BlackBerry v4.5.1 released

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2010 01:09 am EDT
Google Maps

Google Maps is one of my favorite, free BlackBerry applications and I'm guessing a lot of you all out there use it as well. Google, notorious for not offering any change logs has now updated Google Maps to version 4.5.1. Current users can grab the download from Google Maps mobile link and get upgraded today. If you spot any changes within the app be sure to let us know in the comments. The only thing I noticed in a brief check was that it seemed to lock onto location faster but, that could just have been my area as well.

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Google Maps for BlackBerry v4.5.1 released


I'd be interested to hear from users of this update if the moving icon (blue triangle) constantly shows your position accuracy.. I think the last update the location icon continually showed your location reference, as in "location within 3m" or something like that. I know the earlier version 4.2.1 I think, does not show your location accuracy, but the 4.3 version did?

Rockdog97, what are you asking? Are you asking if it's more accurate, or if it tracks you more accurately? Or the wording change?

I just updated, and yeah I think the wording did change. It now reads "Accurate to within x meters," although I'm not sure.

What I think he means (and I complained to google about this too) is that the text in question is always on the screen blocking your view of your location while driving and so forth. In the previous version, it would show your accuracy but then go away giving you an unobstructed view of the map.

I'll give this a go but have 4.2.0 backed up at home if I need to go back

There is still no navigation which is disappointing. Google offers navigation for Android phones but not for BlackBerries, when will they enable that for us?? I really want google navigation on my BB.

Navigation is an easy way to help promote their own OS. Besides, how much do you really need it? Get a dash mount and keep Google Maps open, do you really need someone saying "Turn left in 200 feet" in order to get somewhere?

You're right but sometimes you need to know which road to turn on next instead of scrolling in Google Maps and getting the directions. Plus it tells you speed, direction, time to distance etc. So it's not just about someone telling me to turn left or right :)

This works on WiFi without a data plan on the Curve 8520!! Previous versions needed a data plan for the app to run. I'm happy.

EDIT: it seems to be working well for a minute or so then it stalls and a prompt comes up saying it requires a data connection even though it was able to search for things in the minutes it was working.

I have the i(HEART)radio app and when it is streaming audio I will get a pop-up that says "must access data network connection - Okay? (Y/N)" (or something similar) If I do nothing it continues to stream audio over the wifi with no problems. You are saying the program stops working without the data network?
I have a data plan so I am never 100% sure if data is moving over wifi or the RIM/Verizon network.

I have a prompt that says something along the lines of "this application requires a data connection, and some blackberry devices require reconfiguration, etc." The only option it gives me is EXIT. Unlike radio, I can't ignore it because the prompt takes up the whole screen so I'm forced to quit. I don't have a data plan. Wifi only

hi guys,

a lot of bb user would like to know exactly if this new google maps will work with wifi without data connection???


Says 'What's new in Maps?'
Filter search results by distance or ratings
Place Pages show prices, cross streets and full opening hours.

Biggest change for me is that it works on WiFi without a cellular connection

It has touch screen controls, doesn't have pinch zooming, but it works better with the torch. No need to open the keyboard.

It would've been nice if they fixed the icon on the Torch devices; it's small & blurry w/ no transition (open/close effect) when highlighted, and no longer matched the stock BB Precision icons.

I've been using 4.5.1 on Android for a while now and it removed the last updated time in the bubble dialogs. You have to go into Latitude to find out how old the location update is. That should be an option to view or not.

Maps is definitely better for location lock on the BB.

why doesn't google maps support multi touch on the blackberry 9800? to zoom in and out? the native blackberry maps application supports it.

It's a start for touch screen devices... The Storms don't support multi touch. Much better than opening the keyboard and using I & O for zooming.

According to the opening screen after launching it for the first time:

- Filter search results by distance or ratings

- Place Pages show prices, cross streets, and full opening hours.

The one thing I really want to see them fix is a weird little bug between Latitude and navigation. Sometimes, when I'm navigating and clicking between the various direction steps using the 4 and 6 keys, it will [seemingly] randomly flip to Latitude mode and start cycling through my friends when I click 4 and 6 instead of cycling through direction points. It can be pretty frustrating.

If you use this app a lot, reset it from time to time. Go to help --> Reset.

You will have to log in to use latitude every time you do this, but it's worth it for clearing up a few MBs of memory.

I'd really like multi-touch support from OS 6 on my torch. Also, when I search for a local business and hit "call", I'd like it to detect if I have a gvoice account and the app installed. An option to always call using gvoice or prompt (call using google voice, call using mobile).

I'm always torn between which to use. Every time there's an upgrade available I seem to switch over.

Do others have a strong opinion either way?

fast tracking, map rotation (heads up) and ease of inputing an address are key features for all right?

Does this version support storm 2? why I cannot hide the keyboard. even no that option in main menu.

Close Google Maps (don't just minimize...must be closed)
Go to Options-->Applications.
Highlight Google Maps.
Click the BB menu button.
Select Disable Compatibility Mode.

Go back to the homescreen and reopen Google Maps. Should work now.

I turned off compatability mode...but I cannot seem to use the touch screen to scroll around the map (I was able to with 4.4). Any thoughts...sorry to ask a newb question...

Hi, g_sho, you can try my way. go to Option->Advanced Options->Browser->Default browser configuration ->select your carrier's browser. and save. and download the maps with this browser.

Thanks arist01. Before I got your reply, I already fix it. my way is that downloading the new google maps with your storm 2's blackberry browser (if you couldn't find it, choose your carrier's browser, mine is Bell mobile browser). if you don't like your carrier's browser, just change it back( my favorite is Internet browser)after downloaded the maps. I checked the Compatibility Mode, it's been disabled. So I think my way is actually same as yours. Thanks you again!

My default browser is set to Blackberry browser...I don't have an option for a carrier specifc version in my drop down box.

I was also unable to navigate with the touchscreen on this new version. The zoom in/out buttons were gone, as was the blue dot button that centers the map on my loc.

I went to and 4.4 came up as the available download. I'm reverting back for now.

It won't let you take it outside without connection....

This update has been out intentionally, not to allow you to store and use the maps in the cache.....

This is the worse nightmare ever. HOW DO I GO BACK TO 4.4.1????????

Hi guys.

I need urgently a link to download back the previous version for the BB bold 9700 for the reasons I explained above.......

Can anybody help?



How do I get the previous version of Google maps - the update only shows on the top half of my screen and has limited functions. I have tried deleting and reinstalling. This is a major fail. I want the old version back.

Hi folks
Can anyone help me? I downloaded google maps 5.1 in my BB storm 9530 but half screen is map and half is keyboard. Does anyone know how to use google maps in whole screen?
Thank You

I drive a truck and this by far is one of the most useful apps. I can get an address to pick up/deliver too. But doesn't mean thats how I get into a place with a 53' trailer. I can look in on an address and zoom in on the street and see where the truck entrances are or docks are. Which saves me time and keeps me out of a bad situation by making a wrong turn. Ive been using Google maps on my phone for about 4 years now. And couldn't live without it.

It's a piece of buggy the update 2 days ago and decided to test it today while on a drive in an area without spectacular coverage.App crashed every time i wasnt connected to my carriers network or i received a call,with that 'this application requires a data connection..' message, which then requires you to exit and shut it down.For some reason the blue location icon would also randomly disappear and only re-appear after a restart.

The update was design with purpose to block you out of storing their Google Maps in cache.

It is the biggest crap of the century.


I went to download, and I'm not seeing the 4.5, I'm only seeing 4.4. Was 4.5 so bad that Google pulled it down?

To reiterate bryan144's observation, looks like they rolled back to v4.4 (for the 9700 at least). I've never seen em do this before with GMM, but I'm very glad they did.

This update is out intentionally. It is there in order not to let you carry maps with you......

Bullshit man. This is the worst nightmare. I even downgraded to the oldest version but it still complains. Google wanted to make sure that we don´t store their maps in memory or even cache....

I warned you. Now do whatever you like.

Bye Bye Google Maps for Blackberry.....Actually FVCK you Google.

There are a lot of other Alternatives that would allow offline view for those roaming in foreign countries or with costly data plans.

Yahoo! Maps,
Windows Live Local (MSN Virtual Earth),,
Open Street Map.

Athanasis Zorpa.

I installed this (4.5.1) a few days ago on my Storm 1 9530. Several times, saw the battery drain down to 0-percent within an hour. For example 50 percent, then an hour later, phone had low-battery indicator. (MeterBerry showed Battery history - sometimes 20-percent to 50-percent an hour.)

I also noticed a strange message about network coverage whenever booting the phone. (Since it's an S1, that happens at least once a day.) I think this new version adds a code stub which runs at app startup and pings Google's servers (or other location info). This problem happened even when I did not run Google maps after rebooting.

But with the phone dying frequently from this app (and preventing me from making or receiving phone calls), I couldn't keep it. (It doesn't help that the phone got really hot when the battery died. Must have been some sort of extra network activity with this new G-Mpas version.)

So, I installed it tonight, and re-installed ver 4.4 from the link posted earlier in this thread. Hopefully that will take care of it.

Gotta keep the S1 running until VZW comes out with a good replacement. Either S3, if it includes a Front-Facing Camera and LTE, or an Evo-Like 4G Android phone with FF Camera. Probably won't see either device until 1st Quarter 2011...

Summary -

Earlier problems might have been related to original/old BATTERY and PERMISSIONS settings.


I tried downgrading and using version 4.4 about a week ago, but I still had problems. At the time, I customized permissions so the app could not do certain things. But the app didn't work well.

My battery still kept dying despite uninstalling and re-installing apps, so I finally sprung for a new battery. After 2 years, that might have been the problem. The new battery works much better and has much more life. (Since my work takes me to places where there are cellphone dead-spots, it's tough for any cellphone battery to last awhile.)

- - -

Today, I tried re-installing the Google Maps app, since I liked the basic functionality.

I re-installed it from the Google Mobile website (

Browser ID was default of Blackberry, NOT firefox or Internet Explorer. Earlier versions of Google Maps installs had required setting other browser IDs to be able to install.

The version it installed was Version 4.4.0. (It didn't offer me 4.5.1. The link only offered 4.4.0)

Tried granting Google all the permissions it wanted, unlike previous attempts to preserve some of my security/privacy.

This time the installation worked ok. I can scroll easily on the touch-screen. No extra keyboard appears, and the app is NOT running in compatibility mode. It even syncs ok to the My Maps I've saved in Google Maps.

I finally login to Latitude successfully from the app, unlike prior attempts. Interestingly, when I exit the Google Maps app, I get a dialog where I'm asked if I want to continue sharing my location even after I've exited the Maps app, or if I want to suspend sharing. For now, I've said no (suspend), but I can see how leaving that ON could drain the battery as it pings the GPS and posts its location.

So I'll see how it goes for the next few days or weeks. Maybe it's working fine again.

Hope all these details help anyone else with a Storm 9530 in this situation.

I got tired of unknowingly being disconnected (Latitude wasn't registering/updating my location), then receiving an error (being told I need to have a data connection in order to use it, when I had a perfectly good connection & have never had this problem before) when I try to open Google Maps back up. V4.5.1 contains an unacceptable bug IMHO. I have a 9000 Bold on AT&T.

I downgraded to v4.4.0 using this link (OTA download):

Update (after I had already written the above):
It looks like Google pulled 4.5.1 down (again/finally)... 4.4.0 is now the latest version available on ... Hooray!

Im tired of google maps 4.4 right now my main problem is that everytime I use google maps it stops my 3G signal, if I use google maps it never actually find gps signal, to make the matter worse its the only app on my blackberry curve 9300 3g that when I used it stop and cancel my 3g signal and leave it on edge, or a useless 3g (cause it doesnt appear the 3 5 dots)symbol of blackberry.
Whenever I close it, my 3g signal works again so its the app when are they going to fix it, the previous version work smoothly, google maps are just getting worse

please people could you send me a link to download google maps which is not connected to app world......cos when o gp to the app world den it'll cost me 35 bucks...nd m ready to pay it but cnt cos I dnt hav a credit card or a paypal account