Google Maps for BlackBerry updated to v4.5.2

By Michelle Haag on 19 Jan 2011 04:24 pm EST
Google Maps v4.5.2

One of my personal favorite and most used apps for BlackBerry, Google Maps, just got an update to v4.5.2.  We aren't seeing a changelog posted so our guess is that this is just a bug squishing release. The previous version was 4.5.1 which we saw released back in October of last year. If you notice any significant changes drop a comment below, or discuss your findings in the forums! To download the update head over to on your BlackBerry. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Reader comments

Google Maps for BlackBerry updated to v4.5.2


I'm using a torch, and finally I don't have to pull up my keyboard to go to my location or zoom. They put them as buttons on screen

I guess I will try 4.5.2, but my concern was that I had 4.5.1, and for some reason, the voice search feature that I liked so much did not work on my 9700. Found an old version of 4.4 and not only did that feature worked, but it was generally smoother and faster. Hope everything works on the new one.

in that this is google's gig, you may have to lay that one at their feet. too, not that it makes a lot of difference, you have folks running at least 2 different variations of google maps: 4.5.1 which had been pulled and 4.4 the last available version.

for what it's worth, i've been running 4.5.1 for a while and have yet to notice any significant difference.

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Me too. It's been available on the Palm OS since that OS was originally developed. Why is it so hard to get Google to put it on the BB?!?!

Uggg! It's exhibiting the same problem I had with it in 4.5.1!

The My Location popup bubble thing doesn't disappear!

Just took it for a ride and the thing wouldn't dismiss!

I didn't need to do that in 4.4.0

There's a big blue dot! I know it's my location!

I don't need to do two extra clicks like that when I'm in the car.(that's an upgrade to a program?) And lose traffic layer. I'm pretty positive it autodismissed in 4.4.0

I like the blue location dot too!

I'm talking about a dialogue bubble ABOVE the blue dot that auto-dismissed in 4.4.0 but now stays there all the time in this new version and it gets in the way of street names etc.

I LOVE the traffic layer too. The other guy suggested a method of removing the my location bubble that would also dismiss the traffic layer too. I DIDN'T want the traffic layer dismissed because I really LIKE the traffic layer.

Well gosh darn it, you're right; I can't use it on wifi either! I hope they fix this soon. I'm getting tempted to go back to 4.4.0.

I'm using this on a 9780 on .359 and it works on wifi! Only issue the the my location not auto dismissing.

The bug that told google maps that I was in spain (way off shore in the ocean), now it says i'm in toronto canada :D

Has anyone tried it on the 9530 yet. I tried 4.5.1 when it came out but had too many problems with it and went back to 4.4.0. It is working fine so I am not sure I want to update.

Seems that judging by the comments, the new update has bugs of it's own. Think I'll wait until there's clarification.

I have a little bug that was on 4.5.1 which sometimes when I start Google Maps it will send an error and close, reopening will fix make it work again, but I don't know if Latitude etc keeps working or it crashes and resumes working until I restart the application... I prefer 4.4.0 even if it's just too dated =(

This is on a 9700

now if only google would update their google mail app. i like the app because you can actually search your mail.

Like someone previously said here.... only 4.5.1 works on wifi!! i live in a country where i cant get the blackberry services so i have to find programs that work around that! v 4.4 didnt work on wifi alone as well! i have tried this on a bold 9700 and 9650 and discovered the same thing... i get the error message about it not working without the service, and then the program closes!! This happens on 4.4 and the new 4.5.2... i had to go back to 4.5.1!! In my opinion i believe this is the reason google pulled this version... this was their major bug here lol!!

Using 4.5.2 and it is indeed working on WiFi (shut off mobile connection and tried with while only connected to WiFi). Voice searching failed the first time but after a I closed and reopened Google Maps it worked fine.

Here's a summary of the changes I've noticed so far moving from 4.5.1 to 4.5.2 on a Torch:

* Does not work over WiFi-only. You need to have your cell connection active. The program does appear to use the WiFi connection for actual data transfers, but it checks to see if you are on the cell network or not. This is a bit annoying, as I'm never sure if the carrier is actually charging me for data sent over my WiFi connection.
* Much faster performance. The loading of the map sections while panning and zooming seems to be much improved. It appears that the app may now be caching data to the device, which is nice to see. It used to be that if you closed the app all the previous caching was lost.
* Voice search works again. In 4.5.1 pressing the Talk button just switched you to the phone.

I can't get it to work. I keep getting "application terminated: Google Maps has been denied the "Cross Application Communication" permission"

Stupid Google. (I'm sure it's not their fault, but I'll blame them anyway.)

Oh yeah, I'm using a Torch.

i couldnt get the directions t work on torch... i lcicked a place so it could guide me there via GPS but it would always say route not found... hope this is fixed...

I know this may have been addressed before but why isnt google maps on the app world.. these manual updates on popular applications should be obsolete by now... RIM add these apps to the app world..

I can just imagine how the playbook will play out with RIM's app world....

I'm on a Torch & keep getting a 'download failed- invalid cod'??? Should I uninstall previous version 1st or what? Any suggestions would be appreciated :(

All these complaints about Wifi, I don't get it. How/Why are you using Wifi, if you're out and about in the streets. You know what, I apologize, I have to remind myself that everyone isn't on the greatest network (VZW)! I always have a signal so Wifi isn't a biggy to me. Pinch to zoom, i could care less about! But, how about spoken turn by turn directions, now thats the winner I want!!! Common share the wealth Google, i know they have it for the google/windows devices. Don't you want everyone to be safe. ;-)

When i initially went from 4.4.0 to 4.5.1 I was horrified to learn that if you lost wireless coverage, the app shut down. I live in New York City, I go underground and loose coverage daily. However, 4.4 let me keep the app up and pickup from it as soon as I got above ground. It even let me see where the transfers i need to make are and what the times are. If you didn't already know, Google maps does transit directions. I really hope they fixed this bug with 4.5.2.

It crashes on my Torch when I open it up and tries to update Latitude locations. The screen says serious error and needs to restart. I downgraded to 4.4.0.

Google Maps v4.5.1 worked great on my Storm 9530. v4.5.2 is USELESS. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled v4.5.2 several times with different malfunctions in the program each time. I'm running Verizon Does anyone know where to download v4.5.1?

Can anyone provide an offline link for this version of Google Maps because I can't access the application page!
Please :D

hey everyone if you all want to download google maps so just simply download any apk file of google maps then patch the apk file using gmaps patcher after that install it and it will work 100 percente