Google to discontinue support for Google Sync for BlackBerry app

Google Sync BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 20 Apr 2012 04:11 pm EDT

Google has announced today that they will soon be discontinuing support for their Google Sync for BlackBerry app. The app, which has since been replaced by BIS calendar sync, will no longer be supported after June 1, 2012. This isn't the first Google BlackBerry app to hit the dumpster as Google stopped supporting their Mail app late last year.

From the Google Blog:

Beginning June 1, 2012, we're ending our support for Google Sync for BlackBerry. If you already have the app installed, you'll still be able to use it; however it will not be available for download after June 1. If you currently use Google Sync for BlackBerry, we encourage you to switch to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server going forward. These alternatives offer a better overall experience, as you can sync your email messages, calendar and contacts through a single service. 

I'll be honest, I'm pretty ticked about this one. I've been using the Sync app forever since I have multiple family calendars, and without it I'd be lost. While it's good that it will still work at least, it's a drag that it won't be supported after June. Anyone else in the same boat? Let us know in the comments!

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Google to discontinue support for Google Sync for BlackBerry app


I agree with Google on this: BIS provides a much better sync solution than that lame app of theirs...

But then again, when BB10 phones hit, from what we've seen with the PlayBook, none of this will really matter.

Yes, in PlayBook/BB10, Google is sync'd natively through the ActiveSync standard right?

Sounds to me Google Sync is a legacy app that's no longer needed. Media will blow it out of proportion, but why is CrackBerry Adam feeding this F.U.D?

It won't be needed once BB10 ships, but it is needed right now, specifically to manage multiple google calendars.

And right now, Google Sync is still supported. Even after June 1, the app will still work, it just can't be downloaded from Google, but I'm sure it will be hosted by a 3rd party somewhere else - a minor inconvenience for a sub-segment of users managing multiple Google calendars on a legacy BlackBerry.

And then a few months later, BB10 will be out.

This pisses me off :(
This is a great app when you have multiple email & calendar accounts to keep synced.

Google has basically stopped supporting all BB programs. My guess is becuase they are pissed at the PlayBook Android Player.....

No offense, but I find it a facile position to take that this doesn't matter because if you already downloaded it, it will still work.

What happens if I upgrade my OS? It's quite possible the app will stop working.
What if I do a hard reset of my BB? I'm not getting it back.
What if something breaks? What if a bug is revelaed? What if a security flaw comes to light? IN all of these cases anyone using Google Sync is stuck.

So please, don't downplay this. Google could have done the right thing, delayed this move for 6-12 months, and waited for BB10 to release - at which point, it would be a more palatable decision.

Please speak for yourself. This is no "minor inconvenience". I sync 11 different calendars on my BB. It's critical for me. Also don't consider BB7 a legacy device because it is all we have today. Even when BB10 is out, I can't jump on board right away without paying a hefty carrier penalty. RIM needs to fill that void in BIS.

Oh **** off you stupid little troll...what are you an iphag or a phandroid princess?? One things for certain your a trollish ***hole.

Lol... u are right! I shouldn't troll... sad thing about it is i was a super BB user until they started to fail and do shit like this on a regular basis! I changed and i am F***ing happier than ever! The only time i have been as happy with a BB was when i got my 1st one (maybe 3rd too, 9000 owned)when they were COOL and not dying! I guess someone is catching feelings. Maybe this news really hit u where it hurts or something? lol Hold on to ur BB just like they are holding on to life! Enjoy hahahahahahahahahahaha

Does your iToy have Google Sync? Didn't think so. Neither will BB10. Google Sync is obsolete

Stupid troll

HAHAHAHA F**k the iPhone... i appreciate apple and have a mac and ipod, but the iphone is a little on the boring side! Imagine if the ishit is boring what can i say about blackberry now that my eyes have opened and my horizons expanded! Anyways try convincing people that Google sync is obsolete! Hopefully u sleep good at night believing that. I can tell u something that is close to being obsolete or is obsolete... it would hit a little close to home if u know wat i mean! The way RIM is going thank god they skipping bb8 and bb9 and going right to 10... cause no way in F***ing hell they would have ever reached 10 the way they are operating. Good idea skipping to 10

Originally it was named BBX, they changed the name to BlackBerry 10, the X in BBX stands for the number 10 in roman numerals.

BBX was the fake announcement RIM came up with overnight when 2.0 was not ready for the Playbook like they hinted it would be last year at BBWorld 2011.

This is evident when you consider the magnitude of what happens next.

RIM would have been sued had it gone forth with the BBX name.

A couple of months later, BB10, after that came a new CEO.

These comments are good of you on one day of many coming that Apple shares take a dump, or is that an iDump?

Curious. You are so happy with your new toys. You have moved on to bigger and better things. Yet here you still staring at CB, following the posts ready to put your 2c into the mix.

It sounds like you what is really happening is yours ur trying to justify your actions by becoming a troll.

IF your berry experience has been so bad i think you need to move on. Its ok th let go.....

Curious. You are so happy with your new toys. You have moved on to bigger and better things. Yet here you still staring at CB, following the posts ready to put your 2c into the mix.

It sounds like you what is really happening is yours ur trying to justify your actions by becoming a troll.

IF your berry experience has been so bad i think you need to move on. Its ok th let go.....

LOL im glad your happy without BB...for me BB does everything i want it to without minimum fuss...**** all that stupid fancy widget crap on Android, although i have a HTC One X but already im frigging bored of it plus its a buggy pile of crap. In fact i prefer my iphone4 over the One X and that says everything.

I dont expect and neither do i want fancy crap on my BB does what it says on the tin and that keeps with BB rather than Android or be perfectly fair i only use my iphone4 as a multimedia device ie playing my mp3s and apps that arent on the BB....i have the best of both worlds...iphone4 to pass the time and my BB 9900 which gets me through my working/personal life with ease.

BB aint going anywhere son, the sooner you realise this the better for you and will stop making you look like an utter idiot that you are. This news hasnt hit where it hurts, far from it...i dont use google synch at all so where you et this notion that its really hurting me is beyond the realms of stupidity but then coming from an iphag or phandroid princess, its no real surprise is it??

How much is Google paying you to waste your time trolling this forum? Shame on you for making fun of others.

Use BBSAK to backup the cod files for the app and then reload the cods after reloading or updating the OS in the case it's removed.

Bad new for people who just have the social networking plan on their BBs. My gf uses google sync to sync her calendar entries from her 9360 (BBM, FB, Twitter, IM Plan) to her PlayBook.

But it's good news for some visionary third party developers who could stand to make a quick buck till the 10 phones come out.

We just need to wait for them to come up with a better google sync one. :D

Until then, use BBSAK to save the cod's and then restore them after a device software reload or update.

They should open-source this so others can continue to support it! I too like the multiple calendar support and that is lacking in the BIS solution. Or maybe they will add this?

Google is trying to block RIM at every turn in hopes of expanding their fucking eco-system.

Google Maps (sucks on RIM devices)
Google Earth (doesnt work)
Google Sync (see ya)

At least intelli-sync works

Google Maps works fine. I use it for the bicycle routes mostly and to view maps in satellite mode.

It doesn't suck. None of them do. You just never appreciate them.

You forgot google mail too. They're probably hoping to buy RIM at 10 cents on the dollar. Good luck! BB10 will kick button and all of this will be a vague memory this time next year.

seems like they've also discontinue maps support as well, it feels like there hasn't been an upgrade is nearly 2 years.

My Google Maps in Canada already doesn't work! It won't get the GPS signal when BB Maps and other apps are able to find the GPS location without any issues.

This sucks because I like the Sync to Google hosted calender!

All I know is that it's getting harder and harder for me to defend the longevity of Blackberry phones as a viable consumer option to friends :-/

under the gmail email setting click on the sync options and then you can choose contacts , calendar and then back out and save. BIS sync every 4 hours so don't expect a entry to immediately appear after you do the initial sync

Why every 4 hours? Really? What happens when an appointment changes, I won't see that change for another four hours? We are talking about a business worthy device, right? Someone needs to address this fast as well as multiple calendar support.

Did you read squeegeeboy's post before you replied? It's not every 4 hours. I don't mean to be critical, but this is exactly how misinformation spreads. Someone reads something, then jumps to a reaction, and writes about it like it is fact. Next thing you know some journalist or "blogger" reads it and boom, another bad headline for RIM.

Sigh, between this and the news story about Verison Wireless today, is it anyone wonder that the general public think that RIM is a sinking ship which everyone is abandoning as fast as they can. Disappointing to see this.

But these are neither misinformation nor bashing...

I don't think these companies got their own policies wrong nor is it sensible to call them bashing once they stop supporting BB. It's just their own business strategy, I don't think it's exactly right to call them bashing.

Uh...let's be real, the media has stopped reporting much about RIM for a quarter...RIM's new handsets aren't even getting I don't think the media can be blamed

Oh the Canadian media are reporting, just not on anything positive. They don't seem to want to review new handsets as much, or cover anything positive once in a while. They focus on the doom and gloom, and spin most events around to read like an obituary for RIM.

Really though, we need to make a huge stink about this.

Edit: they really haven't updated their sync app In a long time.

but just to be fair...there weren't really much to update...

the app always works fine, has virtually no glitches and is fast....with what function could they possibly update Google syncs and it does it well

I used to use Google Sync all the time, but syncing through BIS is just way better. I got sick of Google sync F***-ing up my calendars.

So, while this news does suck, I will not miss Google Sync.

I feel the same way. Google Sync created duplicate contacts and screwed up my calender, so I uninstalled that bad boy very quickly.

Although, there is no alternative for syncing 5 different, color coded, Google calenders into a Blackberry, not even through BIS. So.... screwed.

I have been using bb for many years but it is getting more and more difficult to defend or stay with them. They have one more chance with BB10, if they don't hit it out of the park I am out and on my way to iOS (Apple).

Fine by me. Google Calender and Google sync were big piles of poo anyway. I can do without 70000 copies of people's birthdays in my calender.

Sounds like more silo moves from Google. Could they just be moving to a closed eco to keep people on there platforms??

BIS works better then Google Sync, haven't used Google Sync in over 6 months but still not good to hear they're discontinuing it.

I never used it so I don't really care for myself but it is clear that RIM is going to continue to lose support from its U.S. competitors.
I guess I'll change my default home page to Yahoo or MSN.

I'd rather be with RIM on their own that with Google or Apple any day.

I've changed my default to Duckduckgo ever since Google started to become evil.

I'm actually liking duckduckgo much better... just a bit longer to type, and you can't really use it as a verb... ><

BIS doesn't allow one to sync multiple calenders (as far as I know). For example, my wife and I share calenders via google. We also have multiple calenders for family events and other organizations.

Google sync allows all of these to be synched to one devise flawlessly. BIS doesn't do this. Let's say you have multpiple calenders but only want a few of them to be synced. Google sync does this as well...BIS doesn't.

Unless I find a solution, my 9900 may be my last Blackberry. That is...unless BB10 resolves this (or someone here provides a solution).

I see what you mean. But if you look at how it works in PlayBook - I see users here saying they sync 15+ calendars. So this is a non-issue for BB10.

I have the same proble. I have an Exchange synced BES calendar and I sync it via Gsync with my Google calendar for the entire family so they are able to see my daily program. Now its over. WTF, RIM? wake up, we need functions, co restrictions!!!!!!!

Huh? PlayBook doesn't need Google Sync to use Google calendar. This app is useless as far as BB10 platform goes.

Do you have a BB10 phone right now? Can you afford to not live until BB10 launches?

Google Sync is a necessity for a lot of us and we don't even have a clue when will BB10 launch and what it is....nothing RIM says is reliable anymore they are pretty much ALWAYS wrong about their own devices


What is not true and they're right about what?

So are you saying you do own a BB10 phone right now?

or are you saying that BB has leapfrogged its competition by far or that BB10 phone was released in early 2012? Or that Storm's surepress is extremely popular now?

Why would they continue to support an app, that A: doesn't have a mass following, and B: won't be necessary for future phones. BB10 will have support for Microsoft Exchange, and subsequently multiple calendars. I'm already sync-ing 15 calendars from one username on my playbook. I suggest people go get a playbook! (a work around for people looking to sync family calendars, is to just create a separate account for each calendar, and sync that account to the phone)

Allisos hit it on the head. I have an iPhone with multiple google cals sync'd through Exchange and it works fine - same with the Playbook, same with the future BB10 devices. So y'all quit your complaining. Sounds like y'all are looking for excuses to leave BlackBerry instead of looking to how you will solve the problem going forward. Which is a no-brainier BTW - its Exchange. To those looking for that lame excuse to leave - don't let the door hit ya where God split ya.

I use Google sync all of the time! I guess I'll start using BIS...but I am really bummed about this one. I considered Google Sync to be one of my "critical" apps along with my banking app, Starbucks Card app and e-reading apps :(

(BTW, Starbucks discontinued support for their app on BB too. I almost don't want to upgrade my phone just because I know that I will then lose some no-longer-supported apps that I love)

"BlackBerry users that want to access their Gmail accounts will still be able to do so on their phone's Web browser, or by synchronizing their Google account with BlackBerry service."

RIM said in an e-mailed statement that the BlackBerry operating system supports "native" Gmail so a dedicated app is not needed to access its messages. Native describes the ability to synch e-mail to your BlackBerry. The large majority of BlackBerry Gmail users already rely on that native support, the company said.

SO..... looks like google is just sending a shot across the bow of RIM because they see RIM is a threat with their 70million user base.

"Google is sticking it to RIM because RIM has become more and more of a competitor, from an ecosystem perspective and, pending the Motorola acquisition, from a device perspective," said Entner.

Most people who use this app don't use it to sync email. They use it to view multiple calenders and sync across all of them. Don't think BIS does this.

You do realize that the 70million users are not all exclusive users of BB, right? (i.e. some of them owns more than 1 device and uses a total of over 1 platform)....

If Google were afraid of BB, then wouldn't it make more sense to not pull away the app, since mobile business is only a fraction of Google's business....

Even in its mobile business, Google's profit from android is negligible, it gets the majority of its mobile profit from services it offer on all platforms, basically equivalent to its desktop web pulling an app certainly means that it is not profitable to invest development time and effort in apps for that platform.

There's really no rationale for Google to pull away from BB as being interpreted as "being threatened by the number of users", since that would be like "being threatened by the amount of potential profit on that platform".

How is RIM becoming "more and more of a competitor" when it's falling in user in all developed established market and android is the fastest growing platform? How does the number of android users even directly relate to Google's profits at this point?

Moreover, how does not launching/releasing anything in the past few months makes RIM even more competitive than before?

Never used Google Sync actually didn't know it existed...I have 5 email accounts and 3 calendars from Google, Yahoo and Exchange all syncing just fine through BIS...

BBos is going to be phased out eventually anyway.

Here's to BB10 and Qnx becoming bigger than BBos ever was.

Out with the old in with the new.

I wasn't too bothered over the GMail app being discontinued, but I will be bothered over this one.

Sync has worked fine for me in the last few years, and though BBOS7 supports syncing natively, it only does one calendar, while I can sync multiple calendars with Google Sync.

I sincerely hope that RIM either enables multiple calendars in BIS sync, or releases their own client to take the place of Google Sync.

Google knows what they're doing here for sure. They have no real reason to kill the app other than to drive another nail into RIM. I mean when's the last time they needed to update it? Seems to have been one of the few apps that did what it needed to do, did it well, and worked on multiple versions of BBOS.

But the app will continue to work after it is no longer supported. Like you mentioned, when is the last time they needed to update it? Just keep using after support is dropped and it will continue to function just fine.

I see all of this anger towards Google, but why not towards RIM? Why can't they figure out a way to sync multiple calendars via BIS? And as another poster said, the Google Sync app hasn't been updated in a while. If it's working now then why do you have an issue with Google not supporting it anymore?

RIM cannot control Google's brutally lame decision making, but it will be interesting to see how they respond with this gaping hole: multiple calendar sync! If RIM fails to respond with a fix in HIS then they're really pointing to the door for many of their avid users.

Make no mistake: this is a HUGE deal and of grave concern to me.

I have Google sync installed and have used it in the past but have it disabled at the time and am using the BIS sync service. Now while google sync is a bit faster to sync the BIS service according to the Blackberry website syncs ever 4 hours I believe that is what I read. So while I am still undecided as to whether to uninstall google sync to not I can still use it to do a manual sync when I need to. That would be good if you were going to maybe backup or wipe your device and you wanted to get a quick up to date sync.

Why is this such a big deal? It just puts more pressure on RIM to implement multiple calendar sync in BIS, which would be a good thing. It's high time BIS multiple calendar sync (and google task sync, and proper IMAP, and ActiveSync) was properly implemented. Why are more people not screaming about this? BIS is fundamentally broken, and this is supposed to be a company that rules at email. Come on RIM.

so if all app developers stopped all their apps on BB tomorrow, there will be a lot pressure for RIM to have all functions included natively in BB10, it will be perfect. Everyone will hold a non-functional BB phone until BB10 launches in their country because they are all hardcore fans and can afford to go back to using pre-smartphone era phones for an indefinite period of time.

People are not screaming because BIS is certainly not the only thing that's broken

I've only used BIS so will not miss it; very simple to use and doesn't mess anything up like Google has.

so whats wrong with bis ? hows this better than bis??

ive only used bis. this app messed up my settings whenever i tried using it.

Nearly 500 "unofficial" blackberry users at the plant I support, will be lost. And with our policy of re-doing computers annually, means that users will be stuck w/out it by this time next year. The "official" BB users will of course still have their calendars via BES. Pretty crappy, it was a fantastic little utility for people that weren't allowed on the company BES.

This is a bumper for me, as my BIS does NOT support Google contact or calendar sync at all. I have dropped using Google Sync for contacts as it creates duplicates from time to time, but I rely on its Google Calendar sync.

I hope the app will work as long as it can. Once it stopped working, I would have to stop using Google Calendar...and I do have multiple shared Google calendars...

RIM should step up and announce something. Bad Google.

For people syncing multiple google calendars on their well does it work? I tried once by sideloading a shared calendar and the timezones were all screwed up. In fact if I added an event using my Playbook it would sync back to the cloud and my phone and screw up the timezone essentially rendering the playbook calendar useless. I know of several people who were having this issue...I since stopped using my calendar on my playbook and removed my google accounts.

so anyone out there reading this PM if you know how to get this to work correctly!

I'm honestly not sure why news like this would be surprising to anyone. Google has it's own mobile service, so why would they actively care about apps they design for other platforms? Not to mention an app that is not utilized by a large enough number of people. It does suck for people who use/used the app, but really it shouldn't be unexpected.

RIM is hurting, and a competitor to Google. It will probably get to a point where Google doesn't have apps for BlackBerry.

They do, because they don't earn the majority of their mobile profit from android despite android's popularity. Google's mobile business is essentially identical to its desktop web service counterpart and depends solely on grabbing whatever number of users available on all platforms into using its services. In other word, Google would support whatever platform that's profitable.

We do not see Google doing the same thing to iOS, and we're seeing the opposite happening on WP, which is in a similar situation to RIM.

Practically speaking this app is not needed. I stopped using it when I found out the native email sync also syncs the Google calendar. If I want multiple calendars I just create multiple Gmail accounts and sync them. The only problem is optically the layman may think google calendar syncing is not possible anymore on BB and the media might have ammo to post a stupid negative article.

So, imho this is irrelevant. For starters it tends towards doubling contacts(work for an att retailer and used to transfer customers contacts and cal with goog sync). It was slow and unreliable. With that said a couple of years ago I couldn't have lived without it. BIS syncs up just fine with gmail and with no real issues.

On a side bar I just updated to And I now have a gmail enterprise activated on my phone. Weird right?

It's really good, you should try it while you still can, at least download it may get duplicated entries on first sync, but once you edit it either online/on the phone, it pretty much learns it and there's no problem after that

I knew I had Google Sync on my previous OS5 BB and was about to write a PO'd post about Google Sync going away.......just checked my OS7.1 Bold and noticed I don't even have it installed!!

I have had zero problems syncing google contacts and google calendars using BIS.

Yeah frankly this doesn't surprise me. Tried this and google duplicated every entry I had in my phone. The last few weeks GSync didn't work most of the time... server wasn't responding or some nonsense. Google's dead to me anyway. I won't miss it.

BIS does not support this. The hacky/workaround is to create a Google account for each calendar you want, and then add that GMail account through BIS.

As far as I am concerned, this is good news, because it hopefully will force RIM to support this natively.

I too use the google sync app, and almost flipped when I read this. However, seeing that gmail now syncs the calendar an contacts through biz, i went ahead and tried it. For some reason it had a few duplicates (I had a my contacts and a blackberry/outlook contacts) and not sure if that caused it, but i cleaned it out and it seems to work well. I am not sure where people are getting the sync every 4 hours, i added a contact on gmail and within a minute it showed up on my blackberry and an put an appointment in my blackberry and within a few seconds it turned up in the gmail calendar. i also use the google outlook sync to get the changes to and from my outlook.

I'm dissapointed as well, I'm a Linux user - running Fedora on my laptop and OpenSuse at work. Been using google sync to instantly send calendar entries to my Mozilla Thunderbird w/Lightning calendar. I'd like to know more about BIS and if it works for Linux users like me, maybe a new Crackberry tutorial is needed or could someone point me to a thread that already covers this?

Only time I use a PC is for the Desktop Manager when reloading my OS if needed. I don't use Outlook, I'm a firm believer in open source. Funambol doesn't sync "all day" items which I add as tasks to my Thunderbird


so not only will you be using one of the most "exclusive" phones, you will also be using web app services that makes you unable to do any sharing or communicating with friends...

There's really not much anyone can do to fight Google...that's like refusing yourself of the internet and communication...

Everyone's saying that BIS doesn't support multiple calendars, but I'm not sure I understand. I have 1 single GMail address. Under that account, I have two calendars built in: a Personal calendar and a Work calendar. Are you saying that if I use the native sync, it won't load both calendars? Does it let me choose which one I load? *confused*

For those of you looking for a good and FREE family calendar that everyone can use you should try Cozi Family Organizer. Works great on BB phones and Playbook.

Blackberry Jam is coming and BWC is with it. I'm still waiting to see what's in store for us or is it just another "it's on the way" story. I'm a little tired of waiting and after the first week of May will tell the future of Blackberry........I hope they really have something special so I can get a great BB10 phone.........

Add me to the list of people confused about this. I use Google Sync to sync multiple calendars and contacts. I've never had an issue with anything getting screwed up. I always look at it like the "real" copy lives in the Google cloud or whatever, so when I transfer phones, I don't save calendar entries and contacts - I just install Google Sync and I'm ready to go in a few minutes. This works because it syncs almost instantly. I rely on this app so much that I put up with my BlackBerry giving me the finger...I mean the stopwatch all the time.

So how does this BIS thing work? Sounds like it syncs too slowly for me. How do you just add another account when the calendar you want to sync belongs to someone else? I already have a PlayBook and I'm still confused about how that works with other people's calendars. Currently I just use the regular Google Calendar in the browser as a workaround (shh).

Oh, and how are people losing their apps? Does BBSAK only run on Windows or something?

I don't use facebook, but Google? Really, can you really fight against all the information in the world? Since pretty much all usable military technology in the last 3 decades has been purchased, future technology is really dependent on Google X.

RIM owns Google for being able to survive up to this point, a lot of BB users still hangs on to their BB mostly because the Google apps still supports BB, preventing the BB from turning into a basic phone with IM. If Google no longer has any of its apps on BB, a majority of the users will certain cut the cord very soon but certainly not that of Google.

For those asking 'how to sync calendars with BIS', we are refering to sync calendars and gmail account using the standard email setup in BBs.

Google is the only one so far to support calendar (scroll to sync option you will see it).

If like me you are an outlook/exchange user and not on BES (in my company only managers can request BES) - which support calendar and contact syncs from Outloook - just like iPhone does (grrr); well we were stuck with sync Outlook with google calendar, then using calendar sync on BB to retrieve the data.

Honestly, this is ridiculous way to use such a system, we should be able to get all the sync option from exchange just like android and iOS does from BB.

Now if they discontinue outlook sync with google calendar, I'll be in trouble. I'll use BIS for now

I have a BES calendar from my company Exchange and I sync it online from BB to my Gmail calendar with Gsync, which is available for my family so they can see all my daily program. I will be no more able to do this. This sucks very much!!!

this news is a big deal because it's on crackberry and of course a lot of you will be upset.

if you read this post on a non-pro blackberry website, your attitude would be "i'm not surprised" or even a non-event for you.

not bashing; long time bb user and resigned to the fact; just stating the obvious and being realistic.

My wife and I have calendars, my kids have their calendars, their baseball, soccer, and basketball teams have calendars. I only maintain mine and my daughter's. The others are updated by others or their teams. It all automagically gets pushed to my BlackBerry. Such a huge timesaver that I don't know what I'd do without it. It's more useful to me than even my emails. Without this, I'd be so lost!

Like I've said elsewhere, this isn't Google's fault or responsibility as they were freely supporting the BlackBerry platform; however, this is something so essential that RIM ought to have provided this functionality to their users. It will be shameful if calendar users like myself would be SOL!

I can't get my Lotus Notes calendar to sync anymore at work (has to do with our firewall, not BB), so I've switched to Cozi calendar. It isn't ideal, but at least it syncs to ALL my devices.

I wouldn't be surprised if Google Maps is next.

Come on, guys. Let's move on, i.e. ditch Google apps not supported by BB.

soon some of the unrealistic people here will start saying Google has no future and Google's profit and market shares mean nothing...

I would love to see those crazy comments about buying RIM's stocks with whatever money you have....those people must have lied...because they would be bankrupt by now

BIS sync is no use if - like me - your carrier only gives you the option of setting up BIS accounts on the handset, and doesn't include the option there.
I have no BIS website to access or change settings, and no option in the phone to do so beyond basic setup (won't even allow me to enter a "reply-to" address!
This was introduced with os7, and frankly sucks. Google sync is my only option until BB10 (assuming they sort it for that os).

For the people who don't see this as an issue because you can sync with BIS, here is my (and I'm sure others') problem: My work calendar (my schedule, I work shiftwork) is sent to my google calendar as an "additional" calendar. I don't own it, I cannot edit it, it can never be my "default" calendar. As a result, BIS will not sync it. I can create all the gmail accounts my heart desires, but this will always be an "additional" calendar. Until BIS supports multiple calendars, google sync IS essential in this setup. So, please don't mock people for being concerned unless you know their specific situation, or you have a viable option (and I for one would LOVE an alternative solution).

I hate to say it but maybe it's time to move to a different platform. And I am not just trolling as I own 4 Blackberry phones but let's wake up and smell the future. Does anybody really think that RIM will pull through? Statistically speaking, how many companies have been able to come back from an almost sombre situation? The Blackberry was once the only device I'd consider but RIM has not been very supportive of its customers giving us a couple-generations-old hardware, lack of third-party support etc. My bold 9700 was terribly lacking memory and processor power. I use Slacker radio during my workouts alongside my workout tracking apps and I would frequently reach its limitations, sad. The truth is, they are solid, secure devices but on a consumer level, long time has passed since people cared about that. The reason Android is so successful is that you have so much power in a small device and with applications it can perform many tasks. I think people are way too caught up in this whole "loyal supporter" mambo-jumbo but is there really any reason for it?

Well that sucks. I use Google Sync with my BB 9700 running OS6 to sync up and down to my PlayBook. Don't have an OS7 device and even if I did I'd still pull down Google Sync. Hopefully BB10 will take care of this. We'll see.

Man I like my berry as much as the next guy but the ship is really starting to keel over. I am losing faith in BB10 already. I hate apple but if this keeps going Android is looking like my new home.

The problem with BlackBerry BIS synchronization is that it can't sync multiple google calendars. If you just use one calendar in your Google Calendar account, it will work fine, but if you have additional calendars in your account, it will only sync the main one.

Google Sync does a perfect work when you try to synchronize multiple calendars associated with your Google account. As this is my situation I will need to continue using the Google Sync app to do the work.

It's a shame that RIM hasn't included this feature when they designed the BIS synchronization service.


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Okay... how would this work:

Instead of having my 2 primary calendars in my 1 gmail account, what if I had my work calendar in 1 gmail account and my personal calendar in another, then synced both gmail accounts through BIS. Would I then still be able to have both calendars?

I don't really care for multiple email accounts just to facilitate a decent/complete calendar, but I could live with that.

I'll self-reply... this is what I did and it works great: First, I deleted Google Sync and all of the events in my BB calendar. Then in Google, I exported the (secondary) Personal calendar from the first account then deleted the calendar in Google. Then I imported the Personal calendar ics file into a different GMail account as the primary calendar using Lightning. Added both GMails to BIS and synced calendars for both accounts.

The advantage is that I can now add appointments to the Personal calendar from by BB which I couldn't do using GoogleSync (it would put all added appointments into the primary Work calendar). Also, GoogleSync used to sometimes drop my Personal calendar and I'd have to go in and re-check it. I imagine that problem is now gone too.

Some people have said the native calendar sync only syncs for 4 weeks. Mine has synced for as many months into the future as I've looked. Also, updates on my BB appear immediately in Google and updates in Google appear within minutes on my BB (not 4 hours as people have reported).

So all-in-all, I have eliminated GoogleSync and feel that I'm better off than before. I'd have to say that Google was right with this one ;) ... so long as you don't have more calendars than you have room for email accounts!

@cracurt it sounds like you've hit the jackpot with your work around .... good for you!!!! (imagine many smilies)

Could you start a thread in the Apps section and explain in a bit of a step by step fashion?

Also, I think that this should be a 'Tip' for the News section.

I have another problem. I have a desktop calendar on my BB which is synced with my work Exchange account. I use Google Sync to snyc this desktop calendar to Gmail. The Gmail calendar is shared with my family so they can see where I am and what do I plan for my business trip. I will be lost without Google sync.

You don't get it. The other calendars are not mine to edit. I just get read access so I can see my son's baseball, basketball, and soccer schedules. As well, I don't own my son's calendar or my wife's.

My solution was to transfer all my various google calendars into Microsoft live account. I can have multiple calendars there with colour coding. It works great with playbook. Each calendar comes through with its own colours. I just add the email address of that live account to playbook & the rest is done flawlessly & automatically.

I used to use Google Sync for my Google Apps account. The app was actually pretty lame.

Delete your google account and add them again. You get the options to sync contacts and calendar. BIS is actually better & faster.

Let Google take the app away... The Gmail app was pretty terrible too.

Whatever Google can do RIM can do better! Come on BB10!!!