Google Calendar Now Syncs to Your BlackBerry!

GCal BlackBerry Sync
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Dec 2007 04:44 pm EST

Now that's funny. Just yesterday I made a post that Mobiun was looking for Beta Testers to give their new Mobile Google Calendar sync app a try. AND TODAY...lo and behold, Google themselves have released their own solution! 

Fire up your BlackBerry browse and head on over to and install the Google Sync for mobile application. Once installed, simply click on the Google Sync icon, login to your Google Account and you're done. Your BlackBerry Calendar app will now always be synchronized with your Google Calendar. And in case you're wondering, it does work both ways - events created/edited on your handheld will sync back to your Google Calendar. THANKS GOOGLE!

Need Help? Get More Information on Google Sync >>  

Apologies for breaking blogosphere rules and reusing a graphic...but I just didn't see much point in changing it up in this case. :-) 

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Google Calendar Now Syncs to Your BlackBerry!


Sweetness! The only problem is that my blackberry browser is just spinning its wheels when I try to connect to that webstite

Thanks for the info! OTA transfer worked fine and I'm fully sync'd. All I have to do is decide between Google and Outlook.

All hooked up, however, the blackberry calendar data will not transfer to the newly set up Google Calendar. Any help appreciated, or will only new entries get synced?

I downloaded program and like others, cannot get google sync to transfer appointments from blackberry to google calendar. Will it only sync newly created appointments on the blackberry? How do I transfer my calendar? I have a mac and use ical.

I downloaded the software and synced... it says it worked, but nothing showed up on my Google Calendar (basically all of my appointments were in my blackberry, and none transferred successfully). Has anyone else had this problem?

It looks like this new google sync will only sync appointments that were created after it was installed...

Kinda lame for those who have big full calanders, but for myself I've only got like 10 events so I'm just gonna re-create them..

for those with big full calanders, I wonder if ereasing the calander and re-syncing with outlook might cause the google sync to treat all your clander events and new?

Thanks Google for having Santa send my calendar OTA to my 'Berry, it was literally just what I wanted! :)

Yeah, Google doesn't seem to talk about a product until they release it. Because of that, I'm hoping that a way to sync contacts between BB and gmail is coming very soon.

Found out why it wasnt working.

Do this:

Go to your google Calendar and put in an event for tomorrow, for example. Then see what happens. It works. But not vice versa.

Major turn off.

I downloaded and tested it out. I tried a workaround for the prior appointment issue. I backed up my phone calendar, then deleted all entries, did a sync with Google, added the old entries back (as a restore), and then synced to Google again. No dice...

Also, I added an entry in my phone calendar and it synced to Google, but with the wrong time. The original time was 2:30PM. After the sync, it showed 1:30PM. I confirmed that it was Google's "fault".

Well, I guess with anything new, there will be bugs. I'm STILL glad to see that they are now supporting syncing with BlackBerrys.

It's great that Google came out with this, however, one big issue: Old appointments on the blackberry (appointments created before you install Google Sync) won't sync to Google Calendar. Only newly created appointments will sync.

Hope they fix this soon

Is there much difference between Google Calendar and Outlook. While I think Gmail is awesome, I am already synced with Outlook (Gmail is already forwarded to Outlook and BB device). Will adding Gmail calendar benefit me in any way. Kind of like adding google maps when you already use telenav ( I did this too, to compare). Thank you in advance for your opinion, and advice.

If you're already using outlook the only advantage of google calander is that you can access it from any computer with internet access.

I imagine you can use both if you want to try it out. syncing with google calander might make a nice "backup" calander as well.

This is great, cant believe I didnt know about it earlier. Its a heck of a lot easier to update my gCalendar and then when im on my way out of the office just hit the sync button.

I'm having the same issue as others above in that I've downloaded the program and sync'd. It says it worked, but there's nothing in my Google Calendar. Can someone who got this to work post a comment with some helpful hints?

Thanks CB! I totally missed this last week. 400 blogs, work, travel, snow, fun just plain overlooked it until today.

**Now all we need is Domain Gmail via the mobile gmail application** That would truly be a stocking stuffer.

I cannot seem to find how to view the week or month. I only get the appointments for the days in chronological order. Is it a BB function, or a google download function?

I have tons of calendar entries on my BB (default calendar) that won't sync with gmail (my gmail calendar has no problem syncing) for some bazzah reason but not the dafault calendar...any suggestions???

Much appreciated:-)