Google Buzz Takes Over Gmail Inboxes Everywhere But Brings No BlackBerry Support - Will You Use It?

By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2010 02:28 pm EST
Google Buzz


I was trying so hard to not think about Google Buzz, let alone write about it, but I came across this article from the National Post and just couldn't resist. It appears that Buzz was the work of Google's Waterloo office -- right around the corner from good ol' RIM HQ. It turns out that Google has had an office in Canada for quite a while now, while most know them as being solely in California. Buzz is the latest and greatest addition to the Google lineup, and it seems to have some users jumping for joy, while others are just plain confused. Buzz integrates with your Gmail inbox and lets you share updates, photos and videos with friends and followers. You can add in your Google accounts (Flickr, Picasa etc.) and even Twitter to receive all your updates in one handy spot. While some are embracing the fun, I was delighted to find the "turn off buzz" link in the bottom of my Gmail page, as I feel its fairly intrusive and semi-annoying at the moment. I'm sure down the line a Buzz app will pop up for BlackBerry that might make things more interesting, although at the moment it looks like iPhone and Android users are really the only ones that get to have the most fun with Buzz for now. So we ask you this CrackBerry Nation - what do you think of Buzz? Is the the greatest thing ever or just plain dumb? Will you use it daily or just turn it off. Take a vote in the poll and let us know what you think.

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Google Buzz Takes Over Gmail Inboxes Everywhere But Brings No BlackBerry Support - Will You Use It?


...Yahoo mail has had the option for "status update" and connecting with "followers" (they call, "friends") for some time now. Why is Google Buzz suddenly such a HUGE, novel idea? Anyway, we already have twitter. Who the heck needs another status updater?

And what about connecting all these sites to one another, and now to Gmail - isn't that just begging for spamming our inboxes? Just sayin'.

Thats an easy one. Google wants even MORE of your data. God forbid Twitter, Face et al should have some data that Google cant search, file away and monetize.

when I signed into Gmail. I love Google...maybe too much. But, I'm already posting everything to FB and was a seeming flop. I have Buzz on for the time being,but likely won't go anywhere with it.

I don't understand why developers care so little about BBs? Apps are being pushed out for Androids faster than you can turn around, and it's still a semi-small market, while developers are pretending that BBs don't exist. Weather channel posted QR codes on their channel the other day for people to download the android app, but BB has had QR code capabilities since long before Androids were even released. BB's are everywhere, so I don't understand why they are constantly ignored.

EVERYONE of my gmail "friends/followers" already have FB and/or Twitter, so tell me why I need this again? Wave was a flop so they're shoving this down our throats! What can Buzz do that FB/Twitter doesn't already do?

You can already post from your Blackberry.

Ubertwitter->Gchat status updates->Buzz

Not sure this will take off unless you do everything with Google. It will be useful for companies using Google Apps maybe?

doesnt bother me, i added picasa, flickr, youtube, twiter :P

it should support myspace/facebook too :P

pd: too bad no bb support yet.

It doesn't support Facebook, so more or less useless to me. Plus the fact that there isn't an app for BlackBerry means it's an epic fail, IMHO.

ANOTHER way to update my status? PLEASE. I am trying to downsize my status updating sites. I totally turned it off. Really, I don't think everyone really wants to know what I am doing every minute of the day through several different venues. Do they? NO.

So true, I made the mistake of following Mashable on buzz and he posts like every 10 minutes and gets like 200+ responses for each post. TMI, I don't need it...

Am I the only person disturbed by what, to me, looks like Google is starting to cut-off their Blackberry development? The GMail app hasn't been updated in a long time, and looks like a toy compared to iPhone and Android versions. No Reader app for BB. WTF?

no, i see the same thing, google really isnt developing things for BB much any more, and i thought the same thing the other day about the gmail app for blackberry. Hey crackberry team, wanna get on that? Im sure one of you guys knows some one that knows some one or something...

I mean no one in Google thought that people already had enough of updating their status?

So I go to Facebook, then twitter and now I have to update Buzz?

Google Inc -- shutdown the service. Being creative is one thing, but imitating is a complete different thing.

It seems like a mockery but it is not it has to do with maps and seeing updates around you and Facebook it connecting with people you know this is connecting with the world total difference so honestly it is a great idea.

It's too early for me to give opinion one way or another. However, all these "social media" outlets are beginning to overwhelm me.

Combined with the fact that 'status aggregation' sites/apps are now myriad, plus there's no BB support, Google Buzz to me is a 'non-starter'.

I cannot believe all these comments. No one using a BB can even truly appreciate buzz, or Google for that matter, so none of your comments mean squat.

oh and btw, the only people still using facebook are dorks.:D

This is exactly why I dumped my berry...BB never gets anything, good apps, bad apps, doesn't matter. Nothing new or cool ever works on BB.

There's a reason this blog post has pics of the iphone and nexus and not a BB.

this is the greatest thing i have read in a long time.

you rip on people who use black berries (on a black berry web site none the less) and all of these people (most any way) are just kind of ticked that we are getting no love from google, then you go on to say that you dropped your black berry for the same reason.

pick your side man!

Not really anything I need. No BB support, and FB lets me communicate with my friends that don't have BBM & gmail.

Of course, with FB crapping its pants today - who knows. Hopefully this FB fail will force them to redesign the app, and give BB users one that's at least comparable to iPhone, Android etc..

Seriously if you start judging buzz now and RIM sees no one likes it just because it seems like another twitter or Facebook they will just make it limited for us to use it. I think google has a way better head on there shoulders then most companys I mean look at google wave for instance it is going to be amazinggg by all means when it releases and yahoo msn doesn't even come close to google. Let's all not be upset that BB doesn't have buzz yet iphone and andriod is made for being social BBs business people are not gonna be like omg buzz lol

I can't help but hold the opinion that had Google Buzz came out with BlackBerry support already available at launch, the majority of the comments here (and the initial writeup itself) would read the complete opposite. I personally find Buzz to be a bit intriguing, and will watch to see how far it goes.

The more competition the better. I've been following Buzz closely and I think it'll easily overtake Twitter. Gmail has an installed user-base of about 174 million users. Overtaking Facebook will be the challenge. FB has 400+ million users. I've identified five problems with Buzz that need fixin. Posted it to my blog @ .

Even if this thing fails miserably, it's still a big win for Google. More mindshare for the company. More people thinking about and probably using Gmail too.

If there was blackberry support for it I would probably use it more, but truth of the matter is with google mail so integrated in to the black berry I dont log on to much to check email so I probably wont use it much till then. I see how it could develop into something very interesting, but like i say, until I can use it on the go, I probably wont use it at all.

It's just Google trying to be Facebook. They tried to be Hotmail and failed. They tried to be Microsoft (as in Browser, applications, etc.) but that has been a massive failure as well.

The only thing Google did right was build a superior map application. Google Maps is all I use on the PC or the BB when I need to navigate.

Google just needs to stick to being Google. Amazingly, all search engines suck when it comes to LOCAL search. The search engine figures that one out will rule the world. With all the money Google has in their over-valued stock, one would think they'd have it right by now.

I wish they'd make it easier to set permissions on some of the things...I don't want some people seeing certain things I put up. From the looks of it, if someone gets my gmail e-mail hold, they can follow me. I just don't know if I want to juggle more e-mail addresses just to keep some people out of my personal business...

That being said, I would use it (read: play with it) more if it had BB support.

Just logged-in to my (Australian) GMail account and got the whole "wanna use Buzz" thing, so I thought I'd give it a go... Still not exactly sure of what it does and/or how it's gonna benefit me, but I'll take it for a test-run.

No sign of "Buzz" in my Google Apps account though...

For my mates who have no Blackberry to IM, I use Google Talk on my BB which adds a few more people to keep in immediate contact with on alternative phone platforms or at their PC. I use Google Maps...correction......I look at maps from time to time but I can't think of a practical use I have had for it as yet.
I have just been told about Buzz but really cannot see much use for it. I won't be too saddened that Blackberry is not yet on the supported list. Iphone and Android lovers can add this to the stockpile of (cr)apps for all I care, I won't be missing anything I wouldn't think.

This site is always informative and helpful. Just now, I learned that I could actually turn off Buzz. Thank you! Thank you! I may sound like a curmudgeon (trying hard to be one) but how much social networking does anyone really need to do? Glad to be rid of it.

Google introduced a social networking tool called Google Buzz Tuesday that allows sharing of status updates, images, and videos via a new Gmail tab called Google Buzz. The Google Buzz features will also be available on Android based phones as well as the iPhone (via a Web-based application) allowing for real-time updates to your Google Buzz feed that can show up on a new version of Google's mobile maps. Google appears that it is serious about taking on Facebook, and having Google Buzz becoming the new Facebook. And Google just acquired Aardvark, a company that developed a social networking search program.

You can post to Google Buzz now from your BB with our "test tool".

1.) Get an account at
2.) Setup CustomSMTP on using any address (easiest from your computer).
3.) Visit from your BB ONCE...log in and choose to use custom SMTP from that device (a one time thing).

To use it:

Just go to anytime from your browser on your BB and you'll see a screen to enter your buzz posts! That's it.

Alternatively, you can (from your computer or anywhere) use to post IMAGES and TEXT.