Google Apps Connector Gets Updated

Google Apps Connector Gets Updated!
By Bla1ze on 25 Nov 2009 03:01 pm EST

When Google first announced their Apps Connector their main focus was to be placed on those companies that were running a BlackBerry Enterprise Server with a couple hundred BlackBerry smartphones attached to it. Google quickly realized that users of all sizes were taking on Apps Connector and found they needed to grow their support sizes to what is now 500 users per BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which is double the previously supported number. Have a look at the features and see if it's a fit for your business.

Overview of features:

  • Messages sent to your Gmail inbox are pushed to your BlackBerry within 60 seconds.
  • Emails read/deleted on your BlackBerry are marked as read/deleted in Gmail, and vice-versa.
  • Synchronize BlackBerry folders with labels in Gmail.
  • Search for email addresses and phone numbers of other users on your company domain.
  • View your Google Calendar schedule on your native BlackBerry application, with one-way synchronization from Google Calendar to your BlackBerry device.
  • Contacts in Gmail are automatically synchronized with your BlackBerry address book
  • BlackBerry Professional Software is now supported

Google Apps Connector is great for businesses who are looking to save some money on their networking cost but it does still fall short in some areas of PIM function especially when it comes to two-way sync of calendars. Here's to hoping that Google will see the need and get to work on that.

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Reader comments

Google Apps Connector Gets Updated


I wish there was some way to synchronize PINs with a large number of users without BES. We don't use Exchange, Groupwise, Notes, Zimbra or Google Apps so we have no way to do this securely.

I know that CB has the PINExchange, but we can't do this through Facebook.

Kind of sad Google and RIM dont care about us BIS users one bit. Gmail is still a nightmare on BIS, and BIS is still sitting in the 1990's of technology blocking out essential email functions standard on phones in the 21st century.

So this is just great for business users? I'd love to have my gmail be this great...but...I can't because I'm not all corporate? Ick.

makes you wonder at the same time how many companies use GoogleApps and have their own BES servers... if a company has money to spare/waste on a BES server, why not spend half of what you just spent and buy an exchange or lotus notes server (hardware&software cost included)