Google almost could have bought BlackBerry for what they just paid for Nest

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jan 2014 05:57 pm EST

In other big tech news today.... Google just announced they have entered into a deal with Nest Labs, Inc., to acquire the company for $3.2 Billion in cold, hard, cash. Nest of course is the company that makes the fancy self-learning thermostat and smoke alarm systems for your home.

From the press release:

Nest’s mission is to reinvent unloved but important devices in the home such as thermostats and smoke alarms. Since its launch in 2011, the Nest Learning Thermostat has been a consistent best seller--and the recently launched Protect (Smoke + CO Alarm) has had rave reviews.

Larry Page, CEO of Google, said: “Nest’s founders, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, have built a tremendous team that we are excited to welcome into the Google family. They’re already delivering amazing products you can buy right now--thermostats that save energy and smoke/CO alarms that can help keep your family safe. We are excited to bring great experiences to more homes in more countries and fulfill their dreams!”

Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest, said: “We’re thrilled to join Google. With their support, Nest will be even better placed to build simple, thoughtful devices that make life easier at home, and that have a positive impact on the world.”

Nest will continue to operate under the leadership of Tony Fadell and with its own distinct brand identity. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including the receipt of regulatory approvals in the US. It is expected to close in the next few months.

I can't say I'm all that surprised that Nest got acquired by somebody, but it's pretty crazy to see the valuation at $3.2 Billion for a company that only launched its first product in 2011. It's also super crazy to think that back in September Fairfax put in its bid to buy BlackBerry for $4.7 Billion. Only a $1.5 Billion difference. 

Whenever Google buys somebody, I always think back to 2011 and that controversial editorial I wrote on the 10 Reasons why Google will buy Research In Motion. There was a lot of logic in the reasoning at the time, and ultimately Google did buy a mobile manufacturer, but they went with Motorola instead.

Now, I'm curious, does anybody out there in CrackBerry Nation own a Nest? Like it? Love it??

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Google almost could have bought BlackBerry for what they just paid for Nest


Don't own one. Like the concept, but as of right now, it doesn't have the smarts to control humidifier and HRV, so i'm forced to stick with my current setup.

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Forgot to mention, it also does not support variable-speed DC blowers. It only supports on or off, so that's another deal breaker for me.

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Also forgot to mention... first! Please be gentle... at least I provided some meaningful comments to start things off.

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Also forgot to mention that you would not want Skynet, I mean Google, to have control over your home's temperature and fire safety... ;-)

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The internet of things. All hooked up to a snoopin' Google server. Thanks, I'll pass.

Just imagine the thing gets hacked, or a bug causes your house to burn down or your power bill to skyrocket.

Who will be liable? Google's got deep pockets, and if something happens, there'll be enough lawyers to jump on a case like that. Unless of course, by using it you agree to be bound by some dodgy T&C / liability waiver.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Google hacks everyone's houses to drive power bills up, then they buy power stations to provide the power... Excellent *Mr. Burns Voice*

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You're right! Google has one thing in vision: ad money. So their intent in buying Nest isn't to sell thermostat hardware but to sell ads on the thermostat or who knows what else.

Congrats on the hattrick, or whatever you wanna call it.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

The nest will work on variable-speed equipment. But will not work on modulating equipment. You will need a communicating wall control for those units.

Yep, the funny thing is all of these Skynet jokes I and many others have been making actually all have been coming true lately. Just look at their acquisition of Boston Dynamics, a company with military contracts building robots... :-D

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And when the T1s are chasing you, they'll order your droid car to stop and turn around. And if you think you can run and hide, and use your droid phone to call for help... well...

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In case anyone isn't aware, that is Google's business model and it works. Their current share price is $1122.98

BlackBerry's current share price? $8.44

There's an overabundance of jealousy going on here.

I don't see this has jealously, but more like being realistic. In the 90's this would have been called science fiction. Now Google is such an empire, they collect data from daily internet usage, phone usage, multiple embedded systems using there vast API's, car embedded systems, biometric systems, etc... can't named them all !!!

Yes, there business model works, but it still comes out to one entity having a lot of power !!! Who knows what the future will reserve !!! Personally, I prefer having all of the above run by different companies.

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Yeesh..i was just looking at those yesterday at home depot. Awesome product but a bit on the pricey side, especially the nest protect at $129, which you have to replace every 7 years.

Not sure what Google will bring to the table though...hopefully not collecting metrics on our heating and cooling habits...although it could probably come up with some interesting trends..perhaps even assisting fire departments ?

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I reckon that the Internet of things is a possibility.

Yeah Google will add it to the various tools they have to collect user data.

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Similar to the thermostats that the hydro companies give free here. What some people don't know is that "free" thermostat gives the hydro company ability to adjust the temp if they need to.
Seems the only way around keeping everyone out is to buy a $40 system and call it a day

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Yup, I think Google has a bit too much money as I simply don't see this as a big revenue generator. When it comes to home heating, it is a low margin market.

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This is not a low margin business when you sell your device for $250. If it is true that they are selling 40,000 of them a month, then the company is nicely profitable. Of course not enough to be worth 3.2 billion. But Nest isn't just planning on making two items.

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If Google is willing to drop that kind of cash on a newish company then I'm surprised that haven't picked up BlackBerry as a well established mobile company just for the patents alone.

They want more ways to intrude and collect data. BlackBerry has nothing that Google doesn't already have.

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A secure, stable and smooth OS, a kickass CEO, and a great business solution.

If this ever happens I will have to get back using my N9 again. (Or just don't update the software.)

CB10 from the amazing Z10

Yes, very surprising that no one put up the cash to buy BlackBerry over that last few months. Also very telling as some did take the opportunity to look over the books...

BIG difference in buying a start-up company that is growing and has potential like NEST. And a Company that has been around for a while and is slowly dying...

Wonder if the pricing will drop eventually..
I would need to buy 3 nest protects for my townhouse...but $360 is a lot of money for smoke detectors.

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Funny way to see it. I bet you would be ready to pay this price for many less useful stuff. I find family security bundled with convenience much more important. But that's just me.

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A smoke alarm is a smoke alarm $50 will bring just as much peace of mind, without the flashing lights and turn wheel which makes lovely lights which you probably want to gather around each night and play the banjo.

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The store I'm @ sells them. We get 95% back as defective. Compared to lower priced ones from $13.99 & up we get 4% back combined.

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It would be beneficial if it were linked with Smart911. Could reduce response times for emergency personnel.

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It's not money they want, it's data. That's why they are not interested in BlackBerry.

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No, I don't think it is data here. I think Google really see this as a software and hardware play. They see Nest as capable of making the next iPod. Partly because the guy did make the first iPod.

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Strategic moves such as acquisitions are predominantly based (at least I believe) on the profitability and long term valuation of any tech company.

Is BlackBerry currently profitable based on quarterly earnings?
Does BlackBerry have a long term strategic plan to stay afloat? The cash injections from Fairfax/tax refunds means that the company will definitely be around for a few more years. With the organizational restructruing and the mulit-faceted strategies John Chen and his team are aspiring too, I believe it's just a matter of time till earnings level off and sales increase. It all depends on how things play out - as the company starts doing better so too will media report positive news. (putting crappy sides like BGR aside of course). And as such if the shares continue to climb than I don't see any reason why gigantic companies like Google and Microsoft won't be interested.

And if a team of "specialists" (referring to John Chen's efforts) can do it i.e. Bring BlackBerry around, imagine what these gigantic zillion dollar companies could do for it in the future?

Why would anyone that loves BlackBerry want Google to buy it?

I'll never get the supposed smart/technical bloggers that worship Google. Not only does Google end up destroying everything they buy, they're a privacy nightmare and they just plain choke off innovation when they devour other companies.

I stay as far away as I can from Google. Total joke.

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You're 100% correct, sir. Someone should take their Blackberry's away and give them an Android. It's those types of sheeple that aid Google, yahoo, Apple, and NSA.

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Love my Nest! Good acquisition on their part - develop the product more and get the cost down a bit, this is a gold mine! The sideloaded app works flawlessly too.

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Google will stuff a network chip in these and have your weather and "statistics" sent back to Google to sell your info to the highest bidder...or it will have to sync to a Gmail account and auto post your weather to Google+...its insane how much data they steal. Aside from the awesome email, hub, and swipe features, this is why I choose blackberry.

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Yea, it sucks. Like buying a Ford or hyundai, might seem like a good idea, but then you have to suffer with your horrible decision every day

Barely posted from the shittiest device I've ever owned Samsung Lag-axy S3

I do not want google to acquire my beloved BlackBerry, let's things change gradually am sure very soon things will take shape

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I second that Kenny. Have you seen the Moto G? Ugh I choose Blackberry any day. Not everyone wants a cheap device. Give me premium materials, best specs, gorgeous screen and a bad ass physical keyboard with bb10 running the show and it's golden.

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I'm kind of lost, why would google be interested in BB when their entire identity is in Android/Nexus/Motorola?

I don't have a Nest system but their smoke alarm system is very attractive.

NEST. It looks nice, and maybe even works nice, but I will not be paying monthly fees to anyone for this when you can do the same things with other brands at a one time cost, even lower than nest's initial cost. Its built for people that can't figure out how to setup and use something better.

No it doesn't. Buy it and connect it to your own wifi at home if you have one. I don't think wifi is a prerequisite though, but if you don't have it, no sense getting the you can't activate path light.

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Sorry I was under the impression that it did. I think I read an article when they were first starting out and it sounded like they were going to charge monthly fees. For me, I would almost buy it for looks alone, but other than that, I would rather have other home tech brands that control multiple devices, like doors, power and thermostats, etc. It sounds like Nest has made moves in the past toward not sharing their API's which means other home systems can't manage it, but they may have changed that again also.

Google just tries to be everything like Amazon. It will be like IBM in the seventies, eighties and nineties. IBM gets into almost everything and it almost broke in the nineties. Whosoever bought Google stock price over 1,100 dollars better watch out. Soon search revenues/company become mature, its stock will be in fifties very fast. If I can predict when, I will be very rich.

Checked out the Nest but went with the Honeywell equivalent which has more features and is more traditional looking. Initially used the BB10 browser and the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort web page to log in and control but loaded the Honeywell Android App when I installed Snap.

I think the idea is to partner with home-building industry to push this into all new homes, get people to upgrade, etc. and make it a "must-have" item for everyone. So there is a big upside potential, maybe that is why they spent the money on it. If they are adding GPS sensors and other things to them, you have the makings of even more data-mining and perhaps Google can partner with energy suppliers to try and target sales in that channel also. Who knows... maybe the technology is going to be linked into their Glass or a Smartwatch... only Google knows, but it must obviously be worth that much to them.

Personally I can't see the market being so huge, as most people are happy with their existing hardware, let alone playing around with it. Plus many Energy/Utility companies (at least in my area) are offering a FREE "Smart Thermostat" which is web-linked allowing them to adjust your energy use during high-peak if they are worried about brown-outs, and also let you login to adjust your own thermostat remotely and monitor as well, FREE.

Please, people don't underestimate the value of the nest thermostat. I was initially reluctant due to cost, but when it started learning my pattern and the power company sent me an efficiency check, and I actually see my monthly power bills lower, I will testify that it works. Sure, there are other good ones on the market but this one is second to none. Should anyone have any questions please ask. I will provide you with Pros and Cons.

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I've been considering buying both the nest thermostat and especially the smoke/co alarms but the barrier to entry is high, to outfit my home it would be $500 or more.

That said, now I'll be waiting to see how this shapes up. They've said they'll remain independently run for now but true to Google form I wouldn't be surprised if before long the service is only available in the US and requires a Google+ login to use.

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Perhaps a business move by SAP to come in, test the waters, and take BBRY over (for a handsome price), with all the execs coming from there. Something may be brewing...

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I have both the thermostat and the smoke detector. A bit pricey for what they are, but they're quality items, user friendly, and best of all, they're connected. Geeky features aside, the fact that the smoke detector can shut down your furnace (if you have the thermostat as well) if it detects carbon monoxide is well worth it to me.

Google is starting to freak me out, and not in a good way. I don't feel good about letting one company control my email, my information, my house, my car, my glasses...

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10

I was thinking the same thing. How does a thermostat be worth almost the same as BlackBerry. Hmm, I guess Google just found a way to find out what is going on in your home.

Nest is going to be Google's foot in the door into home automation. The 'Internet of things' starting with your house.

The Nest has communication capabilities (Zigbee support) not yet exploited that will allow it to connect with and possibly control other devices in you home. Think security systems, appliances, lights, etc.

Not too far away when your home will need an operating system of its own....

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If my home ever needed an os I would definitely choose QNX. A home is only as strong as its foundation.

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That's a lot of cash for something that so few of us ever have to replace. When was the last time you had to replace an older thermostat? I've seen many tweets of nests just stop working. What do you do? Put in the old one.

It's gimmicky, but it sells. Crazy valuation, though.

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You mean the newly "Google enhanced" And yes, I read the details - but people are going to drive themselves crazy trying to outrun the google/NSA boogeyman.

Better I drive myself crazy than someone else driving me crazy....think about it.

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We've had a "Berry Free Talk" blog post category on this site since the day it launched in 2007. Occassionally I'll drop in a post on non-Berry tech/industry news when I think it's worth mentioning.

In this case, if you look at the discussion here in the comments, I'd say I did good. 

Smart move on Google's part.

What I'm able to do with On Star through my Z30 is impressive enough as it is, though it's plain to see the technology is still in it's infancy. The next five years should be something to really look forward to in terms of auto/device technology.

And it's also not too hard to imagine the day when you'll be able to monitor your home thermostat from your device and control individual room temperatures from across town, or even from 30,000 feet above on a flight; seems we have only begun to integrate our devices into daily lives and the concept of a "smart" electrical grid has been around for a while. Information smart grids (NERC) is available on the Web.

Which leaves me to applaud the people with enough foresight to keep BlackBerry in the game all that much more knowing what advancements the future could hold.

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Nest does let you control your thermostat and monitor the temperature in your home from anywhere, as long as your phone is connected.

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How many people want to have a "great experience" with their thermostat or smoke detector.

I think Google made a big mistake here.

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Just another step in data mining and monetizing every aspect of our lives. Next up will be Nest running your fridge and your coffee pot.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10

I don't own one. I have never installed one either. I work in the hvac, and refrigeration trade. I don't recommend unproven product. I'll stick with Honeywell.


As a homeowner, I installed it all by myself! It's not a great leap to try one out. I think it's awesome, my wife hates it because she wants to be in charge of the temperature and won't leave the Nest alone to do its thing. lol.

If Google bought BlackBerry.
. BlackBerry stock price would go up.
. BlackBerry Enterprise will be integrate into Google Enterprise product.
. Don't know what would happen to BB10.
. Don't know if future BlackBerry device would exist.

 CB10 

Have 3 Nests, home and office, as well as a few of the smoke alarms. View the Nest thermostats as my favorite tech purchase in years. Love them.

As others here have stated, Nest app can work very well with the apk installed on one of the leaked bb10 OSs.

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I love it, put the Android app and it actually runs better than on my friends S4

With every software update they add a bunch of features, it recently started supporting multi stage heating and fan, I will probably be saving even more on gaz... the auto air circulate is great too.

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i dont own one mainly because they dont support BB10. though I have made an account on their forum bishing about it

I am in the hvac industry and smart homes. For the nest thermostat like someone stated it will not control variable speed motors and high end furnace and ac units ( Bryant evolution) has there own thermostats that acts as the brain for the system. It will increase the fan speed when the filter starts to clog to maintain constant air flow. One of many features of the system.
Also what is the use of controlling your thermostat from your phone when you are out. There is nothing to adjust when you have it programed.
Useless that the nest learns your habbits. A program able thermostat will do what you want. Set it and forget it.

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Also Nest doesn't control 240v electric baseboard heaters. In fact there are very few choices for programmable controllers for baseboard heaters. None I've seen are wifi enabled.

One thing Google might want out of Nest, ability to track when you're home or not. That is something I recall reading on the Nest box at Home Depot. Targeting advertising etc. May be a revenue stream.
Could also be useful to hackers/burgulars if they get access to that data....

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Nest sets itself to "auto away" if it detects if you are out and lowers the target temp. If you want, you can turn the heat up remotely if you'd like before you get home. This occurs outside the regular programming that you let the Nest develop or you can set the programming yourself.

BTW, I just change my filter once it is used up! :)

I think it's a nice move for Google cause it will allow them to get into home automation. Remember, that's what Nest is all about, not just thermostats

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Allow G00gle to lay eggs and "nest" in your house?

Gotta be kidding. I'd rather have the cockroaches, and they grow big here in the tropics.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Voluntarily bug your home with Google things? Get the bugzapper (EMP) now...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

If I decide to install that technology (no doubt useful), I'd get a different device, hopefully something with QNX. I mean, we have a choice as consumers and can vote with our wallets, as long as there is choice.

I vote for BlackBerry. iDroid no thanks.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Google is already showing us what it can do with all the data it mines, like see what is catching on with consumers and buy it up. This should be looked at because the playing field is not level for other companies, unless they want to pay Google for the data.

Food for thought.

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Gah. I was looking at getting one, but now with Google behind it, all it will do is collect my personal information and send it to Google. No thanks.

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I have a couple of nest. Love them. Android app works great. Not thrilled about Google now spying on me from in my house. Jeezzz to what end?

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I was interested in buying a Nest about 6-months after they hit the market. Reviews at the time were "horrible" at best. Owners complained that if you live where temperatures fluctuate it will take several months to get the Nest to learn your desired settings. To make it worse, they found themselves constantly adjusting and almost fighting with the thermostat. At the time, these concerns made up the majority of the complaints.

Looking at current sales and hype, I can only assume that they resolved these issues.
If not, I have a feeling this device should have been called the iStat.

Yeah.. I know what I will never put in my house now. Not a secret that you have no privacy with Google. So now they have a device in your house to monitor you. Seriously nuts.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 version10.2.1.176 on Verizon 4G network

I have a Nest smoke detector because it has a cool feature that you can wave at it to silence it. We had one on the main floor that was always going off anytime you fried bacon or anything. As they are all tied together it would wake everyone up. Now it says it's going to go off, you wander over there and wave at it within 5 seconds and it stays off. It is neat how it can also talk to the thermostat to tell it you just walked out the front door (so it can drop the temperature).

All is not perfect however...

1) the smoke detector does not signal non-Nest units (through the third wire in most installations) but only wireless lyrics through other Nest units. At $129/pop that gets expensive in a hurry as you can buy regular smoke detectors for $15 in quantities at Costco

2) they stop working 7 years after the date of manufacturing

I've researched the thermostat heavily as well and can't quite justify it as it really doesn't do much more than any other smart thermostat you can get for $40 assuming you are smart enough to program it. They also don't handle two / multistage fans so your expensive furnace is running on high or naught.

I had a specific use case for the thermostat so I did that. I'm going to wait until they fix the wiring problems before I buy more.

I do think they could add an important feature however as they are all wireless devices that are also connected to power and that is as wireless network extenders. They are naturally spread around the house and would be in great positions to maximize signals. A box plugged into the wall and hardwired into an ethernet jack of your router could do broadband over AC allowing the network to run at full speed. I should patent that!

Posted via CB10

Re using AC outlet for power line ethernet...been done...also Check out the Logitech home security system....uses power line ac to connect all cameras etc.

Posted via CB10

Should I see this as a blessing or a damning?

3.2b for overpriced thermostats and smoke detector doesn't seem like a good deal to me.

What possible way is Google going to recover buyout cost?

Going to put targeted ads on your thermostat depending on how cold or hot the room is?

Or data mine how many times we burn down our houses?

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Yes I own a NEST learning thermostat for over a year, and it paid for itself in 5 months. Since there is no BlackBerry App for it I use the browser to control it from my phone. The auto away takes a little time to get used to but it eventually learns your activities. Hit me up if you have any questions.

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BlackBerry is the last of the Mohicans when it comes to mobile security. If Google, Apple, or any other company who already lost that credibility bought them it would be disastrous. As long as they still manufacture North American devices in North America, and stay a global leader in mobile security, I will remain A blackberry supporter. I will not buy a made in Taiwan Foxconn device, and They should be careful about which manufacturer they trust with their patents.

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As a manager of a big box retailer we sell them buy not many. We're more worried about the ones stolen than sold. Price will set you back for sure.

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I have the nest smoke detectors, and I guess now my first Google device. I'm sure they are going to try to get information about my house and me now. Lol time to get some low tech ones now.

Converting people to BlackBerry & BBM since 2010

That's disappointing. I was considering nest, but I just don't trust Google. Skynet indeed.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Just wanted to mention, since people have a problem with Google and data mining, you do know that you don't have to wi-fi it to the Internet. It can be a standalone, just wanted to point it out. :)

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As of right now. If you're not living under a rock, you'll know things change....specially with Google, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft with NSA pulling their strings.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Got the first version of the nest 1.0 when it first came out, had to ordered from the state, and been happy since. Next addition I'd the smoke alarm. Cheers

Posted via CB10

I have never tried the Nest, to be honest I don't really like how it looks, and also was missing support for multi-stage furnaces or heat pumps until recently. I have the Ecobee Smart. It has a BB10 app that works perfectly, and is a Canadian company. The new honeywell wifi thermostats seem to be quite capable as well, but no BB10 app as of yet.

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3.5 billion for nest is very steep. 8.5 billion for Skype by Microsoft was even more shocking to me. Skype was almost double Prem's BlackBerry offer. Some things make little sense. But both Microsoft and Google are multi billion dollar companies and they didn't get there by accident.

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I have a Nest and love it. I installed it in minutes. It paid for itself after a few months with the savings I saw in reduced energy costs. It was advertised as being "controllable from your smart phone." However, I was disappointed to find it did not work with my BlackBerry. (I have not sideloaded any Android apps.) I am able to control it using my computer when away from home, and that works for me.

Posted via CB10

I have 2 Nest thermostats and love them (2 furnaces on one house). I don't care if Google knows how cold I keep my house. Other things, I don't want them to know, so we'll see about other products from them. Id buy a protect, but I need 6 of them for my house. The cost adds up.

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Anything Google touches smells of intrusion. Good thing I still have a brain and can think for myself. Sometimes you just need to say "no" to technology.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

I'm in the Gas Trade. Through house installations I have seen a few and I must say I was very impressed. I haven't heard a bad review yet. The fact that there is an app for it for practically full control is pretty amazing. This could say people hundreds of dollars on their Gas bill if used correctly.

Posted via BB-Z10. OS 10.2.1.

On the other hand. I am very happy Google stayed away from buying blackberry. It would hav been terrible. I can't stand the android OS. After using the HUB everything else just seems so inconvenient.

Posted via BB-Z10. OS 10.2.1.

All your Google sponsored ads will now be about blankets, ac units, and books about how not to burn down your house.

Posted via CB10

The moment I've seen similar gadget used in movies as explosive device with timer and can be attached to any wall or surface, I knew that there can be another used of it...

Anyway, we don't like it because it is not QNX ( or BB10 in particular)... but if it is, we would love it even it does only monitor boiling eggs...

Posted via CB10

I looked the nest over and went with a Honeywell which has a proven track record of being top notch and was cheaper.

Posted via CB10

Got one, use the app from mobile 1 works great but would be nicer if it was native. It's A sexy looking unit easy to install and use but not cheap - they would sell a pile at $150 and the smoke detectors for $75. They should make a heat only unit for multi zone radiant and hot water baseboard systems - my place would require 8.

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Amazing how much misinformation is being passed off as fact in this thread. Too bad these people can't be bothered to educate themselves on something that can save money and potentially save lives.

I own the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect.

1. Protect detects CO and Smoke.

2. Every detector has to be replaced in 5-7 years due to radioactive decay of the ionizing detector element.

3. How many smoke detectors notify you on your phone if they detect smoke? Same question, with CO. I don't know of any that aren't part of a full home security system.

4. No other CO detectors that I know of will shut down your furnace if it detects ANY carbon monoxide. That's a lifesaving function, right there. Ever worry about not hearing the alarm? I used to. This makes me feel far better about that.

5. Being able to set your thermostat from anywhere in the world and see that there's no smoke or CO is your home is just neat. Was out of town for 2 days during Xmas, left the cat at home and knew she was warm and safe the whole time.

Posted via CB10

I can do all of that with the alarm integration, and very cost effectively. You just need an alarm installer worth his salt to set it up.

Oh, and no chance of hacking or spying my way either. With this Nest? Not so sure.

Google must be stopped, they are getting too big and is a big threat to society

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

The nest is an amazing device, but I suspect Google is after the data. The nest knows if you're at home or not.. if that data can be harvested and enough people buy them, it could be valuable for.... Let's say calculating traffic requirements for a driverless car? Knowing who may be out shopping? Figuring out who is employed? Estimating energy demands by neighborhood in real time? The list goes on... the skeptic in me liked the nest before Google got to it. Now I'm not so sure...

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Apple lost out on that buy.

Oh yeah, the clever mind from this company used to work for Apple....

Oh, and since it is a Google device, get ready for another way for the Google machine to control your mind!
Or at least, your HVAC.

Oh, here's another potential use for homes heater by oil can monitor how much fuel is being used, and with knowing last fill up date, tank size, can alert fuel company when to come back.

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I would live to see all these people saying they won't buy one because of privacy have in their houses and use on daily basis for technology.

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Don't Google and Facebook realise that users don't want them monitoring our entire lives, and now our physical homes too?

I think that they just don't get it? They are that blind to consumer push back as evidenced by reactions in this thread?

they realize users don't want them monitoring our entire lives, but they also realize users don't care. if they cared they wouldn't be using it, would they?

I think its better that Google didn't went for BlackBerry. Google would most likely drop BBOS, BB10 in favour of Android and I don't like the idea of loosing BB10 smartphone.

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Just bought the thermostat and the protect CO Monitor last week. Had I known Google would buy the company, I would not have purchased these. It looks cool, but it's the iPhone of thermostats, meaning it's good, not great, but packaged beautifully. No BB10 app of course (big surprise!) but I'm hoping with next update I can run the Android app. For the moment, I control it with an iPad. PITA!!!

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Man oh man that thought ruins my day. I couldn't see a data phising and advertising company owning BlackBerry.

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Never heard of it before, but it sounds like they have a couple of nice gadgets.

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I have a couple of the smoke detectors. Love the fact that they communicate. For example, if smoke is detected in basement the one upstairs goes off as well, with a voice saying smoke detected in basement. The also interact with thermostat, if Co is detected it will shut off furnace. Plus the built in motion detector provides a nice nightlite.

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This took a simple product and made it complicated. I'm perfectly fine with a standard thermostat. Hey just give more data to Google who gives to the government.

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Great! Now my smoke detector can act as an NSA gateway, can steal my PI and can insert targeted adds in between the alarm sounds.

Love the idea of a Wi-Fi connected thermostat but I went Canadian and bought an Ecobee. Same features just not quite as cool looking.

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Bought one wired and one battery powered Nest Smoke and Co2 detectors three days ago (Home Depot $120 each). Installed them two days ago.

I downloaded the app to my BlackBerry Z10 from the 1Mobile Market app store.

Unfortunately I could not link the devices to my wi fi or their own wi fi network as the app couldn't handle the blackberry connections. Had to borrow my eldest daughter's Galaxy S3 for the initial setup. I monitor it with my Z10.

They sent a survey request yesterday which I filled out this morning begging them to make a bb10 app (or even a working port).

I guess that won't be happening now...

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I have a Blackberry to get AWAY from Google and all their intruding. The thermostat is just another way for them to see what you do. I have sworn off Motorola phones because of google. I used to like moto. Got my first Blackberry yesterday. So far so good, just wish I could figure out how to get a few of those android apps Im missing and also figure out why flash doesn work on my phone since the update.

I believe some are missing how Google works in situations like this, it not the product they want, if your wrist watch was the thermostat they would have acquired that as well, to me it is the pattern behaviors they want, the more they know you, they more they can relate to you. Why do we go to coffeehouses, to relate to each other gain information, and use or disseminate. Watch the NEST sell for $20-30, and you have welcomed Google as your guests to hang out in your home for a while and even linger around while your out. Think about it...

PS: Please note I said 'some' are missing the point the rest of you are getting a good handle on what is occurring, remember it is moving faster than you have time to follow/monitor, (parents know how well they can monitor their offspring) you will acquire something that 'relates' to you...ponder!