Google Ad gives up the official release name of the BlackBerry 9800 aka Torch

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2010 10:00 am EDT
Google ad confirms Torch name

We've been hearing the name BlackBerry Torch for a long while now. Kevin touched on it back in June in a poll to see what users thought of the name. As it turns out, many of you out there liked the name and hoped that Research In Motion would release the new device as such. Seems Spanish BlackBerry site MiBlackBerry has caught a look at a Google ad which basically confirms the new BlackBerry device / family as to be named BlackBerry Torch. Pretty cool, I never really liked the name but since first hearing it, it has grown on me and well, it's a differentiator from the Bold series naming.

Source: MiBlackBerry 



Of all ways to have a phone name leaked, I like this one


Hmm, wonder why the URL in that ad leads to a 404 page not found :-/


Probably because the page isn't live yet since the device hasn't been officially released.


So then I take it this ad has been leaked before it was meant to be displayed, makes sense :-)


Glad they've differentiated this device from the Bold series.


Gonna see lot of action next week :-)


I reckon that's an edit


The sub brands need to mean something. If they introduce the "Torch" brand, I hope they stick with it and have other models in the brand.


As per a previous blog post made on CrackBerry that Bla1ze refers to, the idea is to have the Torch be the brand of the slider series.


I like it, but I couldn't care any least until they make a CDMA version for Verizon!