Google ad confirms the BlackBerry Bold 9930 coming to Verizon

Google ad confirms the BlackBerry Bold 9930 coming to Verizon
By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2011 03:14 pm EDT

Following up on the Sprint news, I'm sure a lot of Verizon folks were wondering if the BlackBerry Bold 9930 would be hitting their network as well. While it's not exactly the same kind of confirmation we got from Sprint, it's as solid as we're going to get for now and that answer is -- yes. Verizon customers will be getting the BlackBerry Bold 9930 as well. When, remains a mystery but -- we're fine with just knowing it's coming soon for now.

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Google ad confirms the BlackBerry Bold 9930 coming to Verizon


I believe the appropriate response would be, "when, when when...........WHEN" i cant deal with this 256mb memory much longer!!!!

The Blackberry Rep came into our store (Verizon) yesterday on my damn day off and brought the new Bold with him. My Manager said it was very nice and fast, but was still obviously in Beta as far as the OS goes.

This has been up on the web pretty much since the phone was announced when you googled Blackberry Bold Touch Verizon Wireless or something similar. Been talked about in the forums a while ago. A release date would be news.

I hope the phone gets released sooner than August, my tour is on its last leg, and i am waiting to upgrade to the bold touch.

When you click the link it goes to a page that says not available please click here to see our other fine selections lol

I could have upgraded my Tour since Jan, but don't want to go to 9650, so I am holding my breath until the 9930.... and I can't hold my breath any longer!!!

If I'm not mistaken T-Mobile was the first to announce the bold was coming to their network. I hope they are as quick to release it as well.

Perfect timing. I am due for an upgrade the first of 2012. This should be out by Sept Oct 2011. Time for the burning in of early adopters.

don't think this means anything.

google ads was just matching the search key words...

this is hardly any solid evidence... LAME..

This device has been delayed until September and frankly I'm not impressed by RIM and what they're doing with BB's anymore. I wantednto get the 9930 but I'm not waiting. Looks like iPhone 4 for me.

This post made my day. As long as I know it's coming to Verizon I'm fine not knowing a release date (for now)!!