Google accounts on the fritz? You're not alone

By Adam Zeis on 17 Apr 2013 09:34 am EDT

If you are one of the many that woke up to a password verification or similar message for any of your Google accounts today - you're not alone. Google is having a multitude of issues with Google Apps, Gmail and Google Drive.

Not all users are experiencing issues, but those that are haven't had the best start to the day. Many have been prompted to verify their Google Apps or Gmail accounts - some have restored access while others are still in the dark.

Google is investigating and will update on the issue as soon as they have it fixed. 

Are you having issues with any Googleness? Let us know in the comments!

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Thanks that helps me out knowing I'm not the only one haha


Darn thing has been a P.I.T.A for a while now. It's even deleting some of my contacts.


Mine is working again


I have an ntlworld account and it's saying it's not a valid account. I have tried reinstalling it but it's not accepting my password.

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Changed the password and it's working again


I did that too, but now same problem, can't get my e-mail on the Z10. :-(


Ditched Google for thé services, really not liking Google much these days.

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Did the same thing when it came out, outlook everything now!

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Same here. is awesome!


I agree... currently in the process of redirecting all my email AWAY from anything infected by Google. There will be no more scanning my old emails to give me advert's!

RP Singh

When I got my Z10 I moved my calendar from Google to outlook com and it works sooo smoothly.

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JUST now I have been able to fix my account settings and it no longer prompts me for passwords. Glad they were able to fix it relatively quickly.


Both my Z10 and GNote 2 seem to be getting GMail at the same pace. No troubles of note at the moment.


We are with Google Apps at work and I can tell you without emails it's a mess right now.

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I had the issue a few days ago. I went into settings and reentered all of my passwords there and that made them stick for me. Before that it was asking for my password for all of my accounts every few minutes.

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I had an issue this morning but a restart seems to have fixed the problem.

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Same here. My contatcs is gone too. Ssscarry!!!!


Same thing happening to me...I deleted account then reset it up & been working for past hour.


Got that same issue this morning but it seems to be fixed now.

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One if my Gmail accounts is working while the other one isn't.


Same here. my 2nd gmail works now and my main gmail one that use all the time doesn' annoying


According to the Google Apps Dashboard "This issue is affecting less than 0.007% of the Google Mail user base." How I wound up in that percentage is just my luck!

I am able to get back in now. :)

The Furbz

Thank god.....thought it was just me!

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No issues that I can tell.


It's back up and working.

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Hi all, CrackBerry thanks for the immediate update, I have faced the issue. This worked for me:

Do not go and try any settings just reenter your password (update) and will get fixed, instantly

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Cheers for the update. At first I though my account had been hacked, because facebook was also acting up.


it was odd this morning was quite annoying hoping fixed soon

EDIT: as of 10AM EST mines now working again


Down and out.

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My Gmail and Gtalk are now working again!

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Ugh, had it working, now it's kaput again. :(

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Woke up and saw the validation email. I knew something was up.

Also gmail took longer than usual to load on my comp


Yes, gmail having trouble loading up even on desktop in my case, and only able to log in after multiple errors.


Yes I have. On my Gmail and Gmail App. And I'm using two step verification, which is worse and annoying :(

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Ha I thought someone hacked my account since I got a popup saying "your imap account password is incorrect or has changed".

I also thought it was a problem with 2-step authentication but while I was on the Google site trying to find the application password it started working again. All in all I was locked out of my email for about n hour. Maybe signing in to the account from my browser was what solved the issue? No idea

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This has been happening to me on multiple accounts asking for the password every few days (for over a week), it a royal pain.
Spoke to BlackBerry first they said it's Google fault but I called them again and they said they would look into it, because it shouldn't be happening on multiple accounts.

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J Haze

Mine was down early this morning but seems to be back up since about 1030 Atlantic time.

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One was working and the other wasn't, but all is well again in gmail land again.

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I thought someone tried to get in my accounts this morning when I saw those messages on my phone & PlayBook... all in all I've been moving things over to an outlook account not really feeling Google these days

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During today's outage, I opened a hotmail account as a backup email and to my surprise, it looks awesome now and it's called It's more responsive and easier on the eyes. Just thought I'd let you all know. Anyway, Gmail service went back online as soon as I created the account.


This is why I moved to and I haven't had any regrets.

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Well not everybody in fact look at this tweet, only 0.07% are effected!!!!

@TheNewsHQ: California U/D: Google said only 0.07 percent if it's Gmail users are effected in the outage and are working hard to resolve the issue.

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Geez, is google going to force us to use this? I did this for several months last year and in my experience, it's too much hassle especially after changing your password.


Mine is back up and running again. At least the Auth error went away.

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El Platanero

I haven't had any issues. I'll stick around for their email though. Not a fan of Google but prefer it over yahoo any day. If blackberry ever comes out with an email let me know. I'd feel much more at ease with their security.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55


I switched from Google to outlook because I disliked Google's treatment of BlackBerry. Plus it was weird having the largest search engine having access to all my emails.

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Both my gmail accounts prompted for their passwords. Once I logged in at a PC, then entered my password on the phone, they started working.


Down for a bit, but back online now.


None for me so far. I've got Gmail, calendar, contacts, and get all set up on my z10

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Rayed Siddiqui

Dan password prompts caused me to lose a call from a business partner. Now I have to wait till 6pm to get in touch with him.... bah f*** Google. f*** android. F*** it all.. BlackBerry ftw. They need their own mail client.

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I thought I was alone! Hope they fix it soon.... I tried resetting the account without any luck...

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Nope. Moved away from Google as I find there services to be getting worse over time instead of better.

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I deleted everything Google, changed passwords, did a battery pull, added Gmail and all the rest and voila!!!

My wife never had those issues on her Z10

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Greg Woitzik

Happened to me.

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I actually thought I was the only one experiencing it. Though I have been able to resolve it.

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I've been hit. Oddly only 2 of 3 Gmail accounts...


I had problems with email, whilst calendar was fine. Odd


I had to restart and no more prompts


Just rebooted my phone and my email is working great now!

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I thought it was the blackberry os that was creating the bug.

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Matt J

It was down for about an hour this morning. All is good now.


I fixed the password issue but now I am getting spam to my inbox. :(

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I use two step verification so I just generated a new password and viola! This isn't the first time this has happened to me.


Even our company Google email and cloud access was down this morning. It's 10:30 EST and the system is back up noe.

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Same thing for me....tried putting in my password, and it didn't work, so I restarted the phone, and haven't noticed any problems at the moment

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I had generate a new two factor authentication code and then it started working again.

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Where you on 2-factor authentication with Exchange Active Syc? Do you still have Exchange Active Sync?


The password issue on Gmail started with me yesterday. But all is fine so far.


I had this error pop up and had to enter the password a few times before it took. It seems fine now

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Reset Pw and then pulled battery and restored gmail... for those that can't just use the browser login

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Just started working again!!

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What about Yahoo? It's dead in the water too.


Lost my access at 8 am eastern and got it back around 9:45

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Yes, I have had to enter a new "Application specific" password twice today for my Gmail to work on my Z10.


Use two step with Google and have no issues.


Use the two step verification!

This will fix it. It did mine.

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Thank you so much, this worked for me just now. I beyond fustruated and I couldn't understand what the problem was, but it was because i set up the 2 step verification yesterday on my gmail account for added security. your post above fixed it for me and I'm up and running again on my z10. Thanks again.


You're welcome. I've been fighting with it for a few weeks. So when it worked, I was like "FINALLY!"

Asem Ahmed

My attachments on Gmail take forever to download. It seems the download takes a few seconds to reach 99% and then just gets stuck there. Will there be a fix for this? Or has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Jim Banks1

It's funny how a few years ago when blackberry had a problem with emails it was the end of the world but if Google has a problem hardly anything is said.

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Damn gmail
Kept messing with my phone, I thought my Z10 was acting up
Then I tried signing in on my desktop, no luck
So Google is screwing up
Anyways seems to be up and running again

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I changed my password, deleted account, and setup again all fine now,

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i got the same issue!!!


Had to re enter my password validation and now everything seems to be working again.

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Same issue here with Gmail today...started on my desktop outlook account then on my annoying


Started at 9am or so but it fixed itself after 1030
It's all good

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Well I'm one of you guys
I woke up to the confirm screen
Are there any update?

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Encountered this issue. I think it is working fine now

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Mine is still down, my gmail contacts are sync'd but it wont accept my password. I log in from computer just fine and on my z10 browser, but it refuses to accept the password in email accounts.....fustruating!!!!!!!!!!


Have not experienced any problems with my Google account. I actually prefer using the mobile version on my Z10 rather than the desktop version. No ads on the mobile version, at least not yet.

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Still down on mine (tried deleting and restoring account, changing password, rebooting to no avail). Both of my Gmail accounts.

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I got this problem this afternoon.
All my emails were asked to enter the password again and again. Because my office also use Google email.
I was thinking that maybe my accounts were hacked. Now is clear.

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Glad to hear a Google issue. Mine working fine now.

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This is just another unmitigated disaster by Blackberry. Can't get email, passwords are all messed up, deleted messages. How do they expect to sell the Z10 as a business device if they can't do the simple things right.

What? It's Google's fault. OK, never mind.


Ok got it back up. I had set up the 2 step verification yesterday to get text messages of passes for logging into different computers for extra security. this is what was causing the problem for me.

I followed this below from scuebydue's post above and got it up and running again.

Use the two step verification!
This will fix it. It did mine.

Toronto Girl

I stopped getting Gmail on my Z10 around 9 am. Still not working.

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No problem, simply re-enter password or, at worst, enter a new password after verification. (Sometimes you may need to do this twice and/or verify through answer of a verification question, so don't panic.) Not sure how anyone could possibly lose contacts or have any other material changes in their account due to this oversensitive security check. BTW, Yahoo is having similar issues, albeit apparently much less onerous.

In the end, Much Ado about Little or Nothing.

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Google's become a joke for its emails on Blackberry 10. This isn't the first time, although perhaps the first time in a few weeks they've acknowledged it.

This was happening three or four times a day a few weeks back for a few days. The only way of knowing there was a problem was either receiving no emails, or emails failing to send. No warning. Inputting the password corrected the problem to the error that the server couldn't connect.

Today, same hassle, but inputting a password didn't even work! I gave up after several attempts and an hour later it auto corrected itself and started pulling emails.

My AOL account, on the other hand, has ALWAYS behaved faultlessly!

gagan 1

me too victimised

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Mine was out this morning then worked for a bit bit now is out again. If this was the BlackBerry server problem the news would make a much bigger deal of it.

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Gmail is a joke for every platform. You never get organized within the Gmail messages. I never use it. Other than sometimes using Google Map, I do not like Google's products. Good thing my emails are Yahoo and Outlook :)


I had this issue this morning and it took me by surprise. I just deleted the email addresses and then reinstalled them. Problem solved.

Jamez Avila

Yessir I was asked several times yesterday to enter my Gmail password. I even received an email from Google stating that they noticed possible suspicious activities as I entered my password while visiting Sacramento. I had to verify that it was me.

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I did get that message this morning. But I hit cancel, and didn't realize I had to manually reenter it in my Account settings. Seems to be ok at the moment.

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Glad to know I'm not the only one getting cap from Gmail! Lol

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Glad to know I'm not the only one getting kak from Gmail!

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Shows how poor BlackBerry email is. Kept asking for password, even when I was reading non Google email accounts.

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Seems you just need to get a new two step password. Working!!

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BB would get crucified for this.


I got this error also!

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My brother's android keep popping out a notification of Google play's error and there's nothing he can do about it other than to shut it down lol.

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It seems ok now

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I'm surprised certain media sources haven't reported this as "Google Services down for BlackBerry - Doom lurking?"

I was kind of expecting to see that, with all the slander being reported against BlackBerry.

BBX-I Said it!


Ok, I had the issue but I fixed it!
All I had to do what completely remove the account from my Z10. Then I changed my password on my Google account. Finally, I tried adding my Gmail on my Z10 again and it worked!

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Been happening on my Z10 for a few days now on and primary account is Hotmail and my work so it hasn't been much of an impact except for the password screen coming up.


It has been a few days, where I just don't get my emails straight away. There is a massive lag from when people send me the emails to when I receive them on my Z10.

If in sign into Gmail off of my Mac, everything is there including the new emails. But i have to restart my Z10 to retrieve the emails.

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Ah an explanation!!!

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Yes... an explanation! this has been going on, on and off for weeks!

Google sticking its head in the sand and shouting "La La La" isn't acceptable. You folk are right, if this was. BlackBerry problem, it'd make every news channel, spelling the doom for BlackBerry. As it is Google, well, the folk are too busy playing with their iPhones.


I thought its my bb10. Thanks

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Yeah I had to re- enter my password twice before u was able to log in again

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How fitting that is dumped my apps account today for office online.

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Google = viruses

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simply frustrating. i thought i had it fixed this morning and now it comes back!


I'm making the transition to It reminds me of the good old days when emails were pushed to BlackBerry And calendars synced.

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Funny how media and people were on blackberry's case when they had outages and now that's its Google or before when it was apple nobody seemed to make a big deal out of it.

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I received the prompt earlier today, but entering my password seems to have cleared everything up.

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Agree with many who've made the switch. Who would have thought that MS would be the place to go for #refuge. :-). Setup was a snap and I'm gonna do the Gmail-account import later today (03:57 now). Google knows and has enough info on me as it is..;-). Thanks for the #push...might even take a closer look @Bing.

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This is bs, I thought my account was fixed but thought the day it kept working then not working then working again over and over. Sometimes I'm even in the settings page, it has the red error message and I get an email. Google needs to get their act together and also compensate me for my troubles with $100 worth of apps.

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Jay West

Anyone figured out the imap configuration yet? I still can't get Google apps sey up on my bb10.

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Was having issues yesterday. I checked Gmail via my laptop and noticed lots of unchecked emails. I then just verified my email and bam they all came in. So simple fix for me I guess...

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My Google everything was nuts. Verifications, messages of attempted account log ins, etc. Since I am a huge Google-whore almost everything was in the dark for me. Good in a way for me because I saw firsthand that I am too dependent on Google ... time to change my game plan a bit :)


I am experiencing this once a while. Thank you and now I know the reason behind it.
Anyways I am also trying to move out of Gmail completely and use MS email particularly the new one

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Dan Alcantara

Yes, I am experiencing the same in my BBZ10, android tablet & PC but I just cancel it and Gmail still works the ok.

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No issues with Google but it wanted my work email verified

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Yes i am. I have a personal gmail account as well as office email with google apps, both re verifying account every 10minutes.

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Using yahoo mail, I never had any issues yet. Gmail only for one youtube account.


Yes I woke up and my Google account kept asking me to verify my password crazy!

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I have been prompted for this password verification but ignored it, then realized that I was not receiving my gmails......

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I thought my business partner was trying to be sneaky haha. Hood to know it's a glitch

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I can't get a Gmail app I have to go on line in order to get Google drive or gchat like I was able to do with my iphone?

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