GoogHelper - Instant Web Searches on Your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 5 Mar 2008 12:45 pm EST


Search Faster With GoogHelper! 

How many times have you struggled through icons and bookmarks simply to search the web via Google?  Search your Gmail?  Or maybe find a book on Amazon?  Or even search Wikipedia?  Stocks, maps, software - its all just a click away - literally - with GoogHelper

GoogHelper In Action 

The application's main goal is to cut down on the time and effort it takes to search from your mobile browser.  Enter you search term, and click one of the twelve icons - thats that.  No more scrolling to the browser, waiting for it to load, finding a bookmark or entering an address.  With GoogHelper the Blackberry browser instantly pops up, taking you to Google, Amazon, Wikipedia or wherever you choose.

The GoogHelper homescreen...this is what you get
once you click the Application Shortcut.
Step 1: Type in what you want to search

Step 2: Click what you want to search

Results are loaded in the default BBOS web browser

A great little app that is a big time saver.  If you do many searches for maps, stocks, books or anything in general really, GoogHelper is well worth it at only $4.95. The only pitfall I found is that results are loaded in the standard BlackBerry web browser. It would be great if you could tell the results to load in another 3rd party installed browser, aka OperaMini .

A three day trial is available as well as the full version in the ShopCrackBerry Software Store.


  • Makes Searching Fast & Easy
  • Search Multiple Sources
  • Way less clicking required


  • Would be nice if results could load in a 3rd party browser


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Reader comments

GoogHelper - Instant Web Searches on Your BlackBerry


I've been using this since I first blogged about it when it launched about a month ago. Really handy app - makes me bust out the BlackBerry as a search tool soo much more often now. Anytime an argument comes over a fact or detail at dinner, I immediately open GoogHelper under the table and use the Wikipedia search. It's sweet to never be wrong :-)

You could just bookmark all the sites in your browser (that's what I did before this came around), but it's just not as quick, handy, or in your face as GoogHelper. I get a lot of use out of this.

Anybody else using it?

I also purchased this right when it came out and it is great to have at the ready. Open it, put in your search criteria and select a category and go. Its that simple.