Good Video Browser updated to version 1.4 - 200 50% coupons up for grabs

By Michael Hepples on 11 Jun 2010 09:50 am EDT
good video browser 1.4

A couple weeks ago, we brought word of the release of Good Video Browser. The feedback the developers received from the CrackBerry community was huge, and they have stepped up to the plate big-time. Alex fired me an email the other day with the changelog, and it's quite evident that they have geared this update towards satisfying the requests of their users. Included in this newest update:

  • List View. Lets you see more detailed information about each of your videos. Filename, folder, file size.
    Expanded Search. All your videos will be found - no matter which folder you place them to.
  • Folder Support. Sort your videos by folders they are located in.
  • Up to 1,000 videos can now be added to the gallery, for the heavy duty users.
  • Improved UI in the Grid View. See more of your videos on the screen. Filenames are visible (for non-touch devices).
  • Launch Video Camera right from Good Video Browser. Watching your videos may inspire you to make a new one - it's quick and easy now!
  • Support for MP4, 3GP, 3G2 and MOV files.
  • Smart Thumbnails for your movie files. You'll be able to tell your MP4 files apart now

The application is also now available in BlackBerry App World. To celebrate, they have offered up 200 coupons to the CrackBerry community to thank them for their support.  Just use the coupon enjoyvideo in the mobile CB store to get 50% off. This is not a contest - just use the code to get 50% off the application.

Reader comments

Good Video Browser updated to version 1.4 - 200 50% coupons up for grabs


Its only showing 4 videos and I have a lot more than that, been trying to get the others to show but no luck

Fantastic! I just bought it =] It's only 2.47 with the coupon code and frankly speaking, if you're a frequently watch videos on your BB you'll love this app.

I uninstalled and restalled this but it still only shows 4 videos, I cant get it to see all the

Storm 2 OS 5.0

the files are being stored in the default folder on the media card

all of the files are .3GP

please send more detail on your phone model, OS version, and where you have your videos stored.

please also try Menu > Scan All Folders

Storm 9530. OS All files in video folder. Video in question is Avatar. As colorful as that movie is, I find it hard to believe it picked an exact moment where it's completely dark on screen. What is the specific time/frame the app pics to generate a thumbnail?

is it the only video that does that? (are other videos' thumbnails alright?)

should be right about the middle of the file

we will be adding a way to pick thumbnails from a few options for each video in the next version

The other thumbnails show just fine. Could it be a file size bug? It's over 1GB. The other videos are considerably smaller.

Sorry, disabled event log a long time ago, and no, my media card is not encrypted. I just put another 1GB+ mp4 (Dark Knight) on the card and all I get is a solid green thumbnail for that one. All other files are in the 300MB - 800MB range, and they all work fine.

It's not a huge deal, but I like the idea of being able to choose the thumbnail like you mentioned earlier. Will we be able to upgrade for free?

Bought this when it first came out. The app didn't read all my videos at first but as they keep upgrading the app it now reads all of them! I love the ability to browse my videos quickly by picture because I don't always name them right away and all you see is a list of dates. Problem solved! Thanks!