Good Video Browser – A New Way to View Your Vids – 200 50% Coupons, Get Em While They Last!

By Michael Hepples on 27 May 2010 01:19 pm EDT

Ever have that one great video on your device that you want to share with everyone? Your kid's cute moment, or maybe that time your buddy tried to be Tony Hawk and ended up looking more like something out of Jackass? You whip out your device and open your vids, only to find you have a long list of text entries because you were too lazy to rename the file. Now you have to search through, hunting for the right vid so you can show it off.

I got an email last week about a new application that aims to solve this problem.  Titled simply "Good Video Browser", it's a simple application that does exactly what it's supposed to do, and does it well. Simply click the icon, and it will scan your device and media card for video files, displaying them as thumbnails rather than text. This makes it so much easier to find that exact file you want. The scanning is quick, and if you have a lot of vids, it can be paused and resumed later. The app remembers what has been scanned, and only scans when a new file has been added to the device.

Simple, straight-forward, and useful, this is yet another app that helps fill the gaps left in the OS, making an area most people just deal with a little easier to navigate. Available in the CrackBerry app store for all devices running 4.7 OS and up for $4.99. As a thank you to the CrackBerry community for their support, the developer has offered up 200 coupons of 50% off each. These are first come/first served, so get it while you can, using the coupon goodvideo. The coupon code will only work in the mobile app store or superstore client. 

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Good Video Browser – A New Way to View Your Vids – 200 50% Coupons, Get Em While They Last!


You don't win it. You just go buy it now.. Use the coupon code. There are 200 available.

Yep, i bought this app, very useful for me. Easy way to find interesting video and then send it or view properties etc.

Its funny to see how many people just want free apps that they don't take the time to read the full article before they make their comment!!!


And this does look like a useful app. RIM didn't make finding a video easy. Doesn't help that they aren't even numbered or listed in the order you take them. Duh!

As useful as the app is, if you have videos that you have downloaded or transfered from another device, they will not show.

The dev team has already emailed me, letting me know there is an update they are working on which will solve that and allow for other vids to be indexed. :)

do you have the dev team's email address? I have a suggestion for their next update . . . if they're willing to take suggestions . .


I wondered how I was able to use a discount code more than 30 minutes after it was posted on the CB site.

Now I know.

As my grandma used to say, "If it'd been a snake, it would've bit you in the ass."

ya..I didn't think I'd make it in time to get in on the codes...but I did! So I went back and read over these comments and saw why! Yay! and AhahahA!

Very nice app. Hard to believe RIM has doesn't anything like this instead of the file name with the date.

I've been waiting for an app like this. Works pretty well. Could use a few tweaks and improvements which I'm sure will come with updates. Is the developer taking emails/suggestions for future updates??

Overall, good app and well worth the few bucks. Good job!

I hated every time I had to look for a vid! This makes it much easier. And to think that my wife's little Samsung Rogue has this feature built in. Thanks for the coupon code. :)

Please contact support with more detail.
Make sure your vids are stored in one of the following folders:


Only MP4 and 3GP files are currently supported.

whom ever said Blackberry owners were intelligent lied. this just further proves how people are just buying BB's just to look important. Look at all of those people above that did not read the post and was looking for a freebie

Now this is something I would love to have. I also think it should be something that is part of the OS in the first place. Hook me up plz

Apparently, videos have to be in folder Blacberry/Videos for the "good browser" to see them. Unfortunately, once I moved my vids to the correct folder I wound up with one thumbnail showing "This preview approved for all audiences" and the other 4 are all identical black rectangle. Glad I got in on the 1/2 price deal. I'm only half as disappointed as I would have been if I paid full price.

Wow! These freebie chasers are amazing! Well over a million CB members and there are still some of the 200 codes left!?!? I just downloaded it, it works, but it needs some options & customizations.

I am kind of concerned regarding these members mental state. They believe they can win this, are begging for coupons, or think they need to post within the 200 mark to "win". Pathetic. IMO.

And it seems to be still going on regardless how many other members provide clarity. lol.

please go to Menu > About > Email Support and give us a bit more detail. Your OS version, if you have videos taken with the native vid camera app, what you see happening.


MP4 files are now supported
Encrypted media supported
Files are also scanned in the root folder of the memory card


I have to admit it's kind of funny/sad that people are just blindly posting a comment trying to win something they can just go ahead & use. I admit I learned the hard way when I first joined this site that you have to read the articles, I signed up for a contest & actually won, too bad it wasn't compatable for my device :-( Never again will I make that mistake, I always read through the entire thing! This app seems like a great addition to your Berry, especially since I'm already seeing how they're updating it to make it better, definitely going to keep it on my radar to see how it pans out over the next few months.

Half off and not even half my videos show up. What a waste of money! Great idea. Not so great an app. Just more $ wasted on a blackberry. Oh well.

Please contact support and we'll figure out what the problem may be on your phone. Works great for the rest of us!

this is a great thing...i always wondered why that was standard or at lest the option to view them in a thumbnail list wasn't available..but this takes care of that.

Please make sure your vids are in one of the 3 folders:


I think this app is not part of the weekly contest,These are first come/first served, so get it while you can. I noticed a lot of entries LOL I ain't buying jack until I get my new blackberry thought I point this out to my fellow addicts.

I have a couple of xvid movies on my 8900 which play ok on the device player. Will there be an update available to allow these to play thru the program and show as thumbnails for future?

what is the file name extension used for those files? we are coming up with an update that could support this.