Good Start: BBM already topping the Top Free iPhone Apps chart!

BBM #1
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2013 07:45 pm EDT

Here's an image I've been wanting to see for over three years now. We've been clamoring on CrackBerry that RIM should put BlackBerry Messenger (now pronounced as "BlackBerry should put BBM") on other mobile platforms, and if they did it would easily top the free downloads charts. If people weren't going to buy a BlackBerry phone, at least you could be at the top of the competition's app stores, right?

As I type this, in Canada and the UK BBM has already gone to #1 in Top Free iPhone Apps chart, and in the USA it's currently sitting at #2 (likely to jump to #1 any hour). It's a great sight for this BlackBerry fan to see.

Should we be surprised? Not really. These listings are momentum driven, and there's a huge pent up demand for BBM - six million pre-registrations is significant. What will be really interesting to observe is if BBM can hold this position at the top for the days and months ahead.

Of course, being on the top lists has a knock on effect to driving more downloads, as "normal" users check out the new free apps within the App Store. Being high up on that list is probably the best advertising you can have. iPhone owners click in with iPhone in hand, they have the urge to download something, and since it's free it's a easy decision to download on the #1 app. Hopefully it'll lead to many more downloads for BBM outside of the users that have been waiting for it.

On that note, reviews and ratings matter - so if you're reading this, love BBM, and downloaded it on an iPhone or Android phone, be sure to give it a 5 star rating and good review. Let's spread the word and keep the BBM downloads coming. I like seeing the number 1 next to the BlackBerry logo!

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Good Start: BBM already topping the Top Free iPhone Apps chart!


haters sure quieted down...

hehehehehehehehehe! >:D

stay quiet, you guys have been embarrassingly loud for far too long.

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I heard a long time ago that these lists are determined by those who pay for those placements. Is there any truth to that?

wp is BlackBerry's direct competitor, they shouldn't do that, unless Microsoft makes a native Skype app.

Agreed I say they should have a trade off. Skype for BlackBerry native that is up to date as android version, and BlackBerry will build bbm on wp8

Why does there need to be a trade clause? Google has a large selection of apps for iOS, yet you don't hear them saying they'll only release them on the condition Apple releases their suite of apps for Google Play.

BlackBerry needs to do what's best for BBM, not hold other companies ransom.

BlackBerry needs to do what's best for them, giving another reason for people to buy Windows Phone is plain stupid.

Also why would BlackBerry have tp pit resources into developing a Windows Phone app when Microsoft gives a shit about us and gave us an Android port?

2 DABs, a black Q10 and Red Z10(LE) :)

All Microsoft did by porting a horrible version of Skype was convince me it was no longer worth it to pay for Skype anymore. By releasing garbage, they lost a paying customer...

Posted via my Z10

Excluding a competitor is a bad way to run your business. It's the only way to reach out to people who don't want pure Blackberry. Doing so is liken to giving up on market share.

BBM is and has been #5 on twitter trends all day as well. Many people are using the post as an opportunity to say how much they love their Blackberry. This is a good day.

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Nice! I think we should now have an article explaining to iOS and Android users why they should BBM instead of using any other services.

Posted via my weapon of choice, Z10.

#letsgo #BBM4ALLL #TeamBlackBerry #standup lol excuse the hash tags this is going to be epic for BlackBerry. Just the beginning wait until BBM voice and video get added and the potential of Channels let's enjoy the ride

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

Not bad for a product that "no one cared about" from a "dead company" that is "going bankrupt"!!!


Got that right. I already have it on my Android phone wife's iPhone and parents iPhones as well as a few friends Android phones. Doing all I can to Spread the love of BBM.

...and hey iPhone and Android users, if you like how much better BBM is better than your messaging service is, wait until you try our phones...

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Good for ios and android users, but not for BlackBerry in Indonesia. told ya several times, many many bought blackberry only for bbm, when I said many, it can reach million users. They are ready to leave BlackBerry very soon now. Good job.

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yes and no, but whats different, like other device BB10 doesn't need BIS to run BBM right? Ouch forgot to mention, there are bunch of potential buyers that have better option than BB now.

People stopped hanging on to their BlackBerry for BBM a long time ago. A very small percentage of current BlackBerry users were staying just for BBM.

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Comes to my country bro, we are blackberry nation with around 16 millions user. What do you think if 25-35% users switch to other brand? its even more than BB device sold in last quarter.

That will be your/their choice. But please stop posting that Indonesia will make or break BB. Obviously Blackberry does not agree with your assumption.

its beating Candy Crush Saga!? Nice my girlfriend is addicted to that game... now if I can only get her addicted to BBM!!

That's a great place to be. It gets a ton of exposure. I know this from clients who were on the top 10 free app list.

Sorry Kevin, but I don't like your new avatar.

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It's a test! Feedback welcome. :)

I feel it's kinda like if I was dropped into GTA 5 as a character. Has a bit of Kevin / Richard Branson / Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) vibe to it. That, or 70's pornstar?!

I wonder what is left for BlackBerry device when the main attraction, the BBM is already available for Android and iOS. I'm seriously want to jump to new platform which is the BB10 devic e for my new smartphone but with this news the selling point for me to get BB10 device just turn sour. I would like to know you guys opinions about this as I would love to buy bb10 device but now, I just don't know.

I'm sorry but I don't think the best feature of BB10 is BBM. There are many other features that top BBM in BB10.

See my post above ... personally i wont trade my Z10 and my Q5 for android devices, but many users in my country will leave BB to android/ios once BBM goes cross platform.

In the medium term, this would have happened anyways. BBM is now a way for Blackberry to reach out to what? 100 Million people? With the click of a mouse. Right to their handsets. This is a powerful tool, and is almost costless.

Ok confirmed, 5 of my friends ready to sell his BB today (4 legacy, 1 Z10) - do you have five friends who want to buy BB today? I already have 1 legacy and 2 BB10s, no intend to buy another BB10 or legacy.

Unfortunately, leaning on BBM alone to keep existing users as a strategy had no future. They are risking the downside of about 70 million users by leveraging BBM to expose their platform to potentially 100's of millions if not a billion global smartphone users. That is the upside, and that's what they are going for.

The idea here is that their will be a net gain in users in the longer term.

Actually yes. My HTC one does swipe, predictive type and HDMI. iOS devices have outputted to HDMI via a dongle for a few years now.

Flow and the BB Hub don't really do much for me.

Until now, BBM may have been at the bottom of the list.

Now I can have all the benefits of BlackBerry and BBM will become relevant again.

BlackBerry is the best smartphone for my needs. Probably not for my grandmother.

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I bought my Z10 to use BB10 BBM on multiple platforms increases it's value because I can communicate with more people.

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I personally think BB10 just works better than android and iPhone and that is why I use it. It is not BBM

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BBM for BlackBerry had way more features than iOS / android like wifi calling, video chat and screen share

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The fake app forced users to rate it before it would allow them to "launch BBM." People wanted BBM enough that they did it.

But how does this make BlackBerry money? That's the burning question.

I hope BBM Voice and Video are introduced later as in-app paid extras. BlackBerry need a revenue stream from this or else how does it help?

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Exposure up front, puts them in the limelight a bit. Some pockets in some Countrys don't even know the platform exists.

I knew BBM was going to move up there. I love BBM. You don't need your phone number to sign up. Some messenger apps you must give away your phone number to sign up. I wonder what they're doing with people phone numbers.......Huh!!! (selling it to advertising agencies, bill collectors, snoop doggies and all kinds of creepy agencies) Yup, I give BBM 5+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ rating. I love BBM try it, you will love it. By the way, welcome on board fellow newcomers :)

Currently my favorite quote is "You argue which is the best smartphone, but you can't argue which is the most SECURE!"

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If this can continue for weeks it would be great. It is a good start indeed. Hopefully they start to make money on these other platforms sooner rather than later.

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I wonder if BBM video and voice will be a paid service for these platforms eventually. I assume that this and Channels could seriously monetize the service

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The problem for BlackBerry is Hangouts & Skype. Both of which offer those features at no charge.

It will be very difficult for BlackBerry to monetize BBM.

I like my z10 a lot. I have an iPhone and galaxy (which are awesome too) but as a work/personal device it is the best..

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Iphone friend says what's the difference between texting and bbm? Need more reasons to convince him.... says I have unlimited texting so what's the point

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It's like asking what is the difference between emailing and instant messaging haha. Both get the same thing done but one is way more fluid and quick.

It's free to try so why not just download and test it out? It's not like they have anything to lose, worst case scenario they don't like it and delete it lol

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Two letters..."D" & "R!" The only instant messaging service that truly tells you when your message has not only been delivered, but READ!

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Anybody here knows how long to get off that waiting list? My friend who downloaded the ios app can't wait to Bbm everyone. Haha!

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Glad there are finally some good news for BlackBerry. I hope this works out for them and that this will be a first step in the right spite of Thorsten Heins Ketchup, Pringle Watsahisname and Fairfuck Financial!

I finally got my hands on a working Z30 demo unit at a Telus store. The phone felt familiar yet different enough . I got to test BlackBerry OS 10.2 and I liked it. Not a huge difference from the current system but definitely smoother and more refined. I like the dark/black background, definitely easier on the eye and battery life enhancing. The other features are pretty similar, just more enhanced, like the BlackBerry Priority Hub. The only thing...the keyboard looked smaller both in landscape and portrait mode...or maybe it's just my imagination.

It is definitely a nice piece of hardware. It is surprisingly light for its size and it felt better in my hand as supposed to the Galaxy S4, which I also tried. By comparison the IPhone 5S feels like crap, I felt like I was holding a piece of metal in my hand, which I hate. The IPhone 5C is a cheap piece of crap, it sure felt that way holding it in my hand after the Z30. As for the Nokia Lumia 1020 (the one with the 41 pixel camera), it was heavier and bulkier then the Z30. Keep in mind I have no idea how the Z30 would be like with a case...

The Z10 is noticeably smaller than the Z30 and the perfect size for my hand. But I cannot say that the Z30 felt awkward or weird in my hand. The only thing, if you don't have long fingers or a large hand texting or using the phone's features one handed may prove tricky. Definitely not as easy as with the Z10.

I can honestly say that if I had the choice of the Z10 and the Z30 earlier this year, I would have definitely chosen the Z30. But I paid full price just a few months ago for my Z10 and I simply do not have the money to purchase a Z30. The Curve 9360 which I purchased last year, is now boxed somewhere...and I'm still nursing my PlayBook inflicted all in all I've invested quite a bit of money in BlackBerry products in the past year and a half...a company whose future is still pretty uncertain at this point in time.

My carrier (Fido) does not even offer the Z10 and Q10 anymore, the Z30 is not even in the picture. I would have to buy the phone from some other retailer or carrier at full price, unlock it and then take it to Fido...sorry but that too expensive for someone like me. As I said...a shame I wish I had this choice earlier this year, instead of the Q10 and Q5 which never held my interest and look like they where designed and created on the shortbus...

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Haha, the first paragraph, yeah! It was a good paragraph but I'm wayyy too excited to read that much!

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Am I missing something. Yea its great publicity for a blackberry app, but is it actually going to help bbry at all? Pardon my ignorance I'm just confused over all the positivity from the bbry community. We all just glad to be able to chat with all our friends with iphones?

Z10 reporting in.

Puts them in the limelight and keeps the company relevant. Plus, BBM is encrypted, which means wire transfers and all kinds of possibilities.

BBM seems to be more popular on iOS than on Android.. But I'm glad to see people are downloading it. The only problem I see is that people are already invested in other messaging services right now and will have to convert contacts and services to BBM.. some people don't want to do that.. But I think over time, people will realize how much better BBM really is!

I love the new "waiting List" they created. Creates a level of special invite and doesn't overload their servers at the same time. smart plan they came up!.. already messaged all my friends to get it!

Wonder how certain sections of the media are going to put a negative spin on this

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Good news, but what does it mean?

How many Apple-made applications are on BlackBerry's platform? Zero.
How many Apple-made applications are on Android? Zero.
How many Apple-made applications are on Microsoft 8 platform? Zero. (No iTunes for Windows 8, and that tells the story in itself)

BlackBerry's crown jewel is no longer an exclusive BlackBerry platform feature. It just got commoditized and since it's being given away, where is the monetization?

Google puts every Google application it can on every device and platform it can because it sells advertising. Every click on any Google ad means $$$ for Google.

The only people that can appreciate the beauty of BBM are old BBM users that threw away their BlackBerries for an iPhone or an Android device.

Nobody else will even care.

Nope. Will not throw away just bcoz BBM4All ...
If I have option I will purchase 1 more gadget and it's Z1 Sony
This Z10 I will keep or worse come to worse I swap with Z30 :D

It means that BlackBerry gets some notice, as does the OS 10 UI of the app. Perhaps, then the BBM user asks to see a new OS10 BlackBerry at a mobile store!

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Doing my part in spreading the word by sending everyone in my contacts list the link. Hopeful this eventually helps BlackBerry in the form of actual phone sales.

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@ Sosumi11, Even If "old BBM users" are the only ones that care, it's still a win for BlackBerry, since thousands migrated from BlackBerry to iPhones and Androids. The idea, is to remind and convince them BlackBerry is still worth consideration, when purchasing a new phone.

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The point is people are investing in ecosystems. Once a person bought hundreds of dollars of apps on their iDevice(s), why would they start from zero and a good chance of not getting the apps that they had before?

Having access to BBM contacts to people that still use their BB's is great, but now that you can get a free app on any device, why would you want (or need) to buy a BB device and give up everything else?

Plus Apple is very close to merging iOS with OS X (both Unix based). This is the secret sauce that even Microsoft can't figure out. BlackBerry is almost powerless in a desktop world.

Microsoft is pretty much there. Windows 8, 8RT, Windows Phone 8, and Xbox One all use the same Kernel. It's really only a matter of time before the app stores are merged. Really only a matter of time.

I've used whatsapp to keep in touch with non BlackBerry users. How do I delete my whatsapp account so that I am no longer counted in their stats?

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Great news they've finally started rolling it out. And from the looks of it word of mouth has done a good job of getting ot to #1 on some download lists. A little help from BlackBerry in the advertising department and it should be set. Let's hope that happens this time around with this. #bbb4all

Posted via CB10 using my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

So I've put a few comments in this thread but one I have not posted is how BBM makes money expanding BBM cross platform. Does BlackBerry receive a percentage of profits somehow per download? And also, since the application is free, does BlackBerry make money on this, or is the whole purpose of this to control devices on BES? Please help me understand this. Thank you.

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I think once you get people to sign up then you could advertise directly to them. Not only that the blackberry name hopefully become in style again. That's all this stuff is is perception. Not who's better.

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It's trending #1 on iTunes free Apps. If BBM becomes successful we have iPhone users to thank. As The Google play store has too many fakes and not many phones run ICS or later.

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BBM, with BlackBerry security intact, is the killer app. Still. It is all about relationships, and SMS is weak. IMHO.

BBM just tweeted the next 5 million are good to go. So that's 11 million new users in half a day. Yup, everyone hates BBM... ;)

Loving the new app, but disappointed that I couldn't get my old contacts from my blackberry id. I only moved to ios a year ago. Would loved to have been able to fire it up, sign in and get started where I left off.

Finally some good news! I was getting tired of all the negativity :) we still got it! Go blackberry!

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Wow - those are the top 14 apps on iOS? I see Candy Crush in there which is supposedly a meaningful part of people's lives (I don't know it or care to personally) but none of those apps seem significant to me. Hard to believe that people really think BB10 is deprived.