Good News: BlackBerry Q10 apps will immediately work on the BlackBerry Q5

By Bla1ze on 7 Jun 2013 01:36 pm EDT

Yes, I know. That's a bit of an obvious statement considering the screen resolutions are the same 720x720 however; it's actually quite important to remember. I say that because, unlike the releases of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, there won't be any wait time for apps to be transitioned over to the BlackBerry Q5.

That device will make use of all the BlackBerry Q10 apps that are already available, an important fact for those concerned with the amount of apps available upon purchase and even more so important for developers because there is no effort on their part needed to ensure compatibility.

As highlighted in an email sent off to developers, any app that is noted to work on the BlackBerry Q10 will be automatically switched over to show as supported on the BlackBerry Q5. If you're a developer and for whatever reason, do not wish to support the BlackBerry Q5, you can login to the BlackBerry Vendor Portal and change your preferences.



Now if they could just make it that way for the PlayBook, as I sit here watching the apps go by that it won't run.


holy crap, I forgot about the play book!


Sorry to say, so did blackberry (lower case B, the 'company').

Dave Bourque

Of course they should all work.


just to clarify, the email doesn't say they will be automatically switched over to support the Q5, it tells the dev how to alter their product listing so that it can be seen by the Q5.

Don't mean to sound picky, just don't want a dev to think they don't have to do anything when they do (although its literally a 1 minute job :) ).

jojo beaconsfield

Read it again, they will be automatically transferred and if the dev doesn't agree he may opt out.


I didn't get that email for some reason :o

jojo beaconsfield

Why wouldn't it be any other way?After all, aren't apps what people want, and buy phones for,can't miss the boat twice!!


But Say It's latest update included Q5 support in the change log. Wonder what that was.

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They probably did it themselves rather then wait for BlackBerry to automatically do it

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Didn't SayIt's last update include Q5 support?
Did they maybe do it themself before BB did it?


I never had any doubts, but thanks for the confirmation.


why the hell wouldn't they, same os, same screen size.


Different hardware.

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What are the options for screen sizes with the A10 rumored device. We need rene Ritchie to do one of his epic screen size possibility articles like he did with the iphone 5 and rumored phablet iphone. I still till think they should stick with the Z10 size and just upgrade it all around. Thicker if needed

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Bb keyboard gets old....come on BB....even my old folks use all screen z10.

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Good for your parents, however I have 5 family members who all refuse to use all touch. Ages range 21 - 47. Just because it isn't applicable to you or yours doesn't mean that's how it is for the world. Glad they're giving options, would prefer options rather than none.


I disagree. I started with Palm, moved to BB, purchased 4 Android phones, bought the Iphone 5, And a W8 phone. I love me some Android but you better believe my next purchase is the Q10 on Monday. Keyboards may be niche to you but you can't top a physical keyboard. I miss typing without having to look at the screen. And no screen gives you feedback like the real thing


Business users prefer the the hard KB for text/email for faster and more accurate typing.
Personal users prefer the larger screen, hence, virtual KB.
The small screen required for hard KB takes away view room for games and photos.


Well good thing there is choice, isn't it? Keyboard lovers like myself can either get the high-end variant with the Q10 or save some money and go with the Q5.
People who want to "go with the time" and hop onto the full-touch train can get the Z10 or wait for the Aristo later this year. Good thing Blackberry delivers solutions for many tastes.

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You are very wrong.
I used Z10 for over 3 months. Contemplated about switching to Q. After just a day spent with Q, moved the Q to be my main device.

Sure, i still use them both (with a multi sim it's so cool), but only so I can play games and read web-pages that do not have mobile version of the site.

Keyboard rocks!!


I guess if I'm not you I have no right to exist: judgmental d**k!


This will be perfect for companies like my old one.

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Will we be seeing a q2.5 device now?

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Is it just me, or does that red Q5 look really fine in this pic!

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Why is this news? Seems like Crackberry celebrates every little thing, even things that should be a given.

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It's good to know BlackBerry World is getting ready for Q5 and informing developers that their Q10 apps will be ready for Q5. That means Q5 is coming really soon.

Winston Loh

Great news...more choices!

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The Pootermobile Wallpapers app will be available for the Q5 ;)

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Good to hear!

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