Good News / Bad News: Bold Delayed; Thunder Booms

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2008 08:25 am EDT

Good News / Bad News

Let's start with the bad news. According to the Boy Genius, it seems the device we are eagerly waiting for, the BlackBerry Bold, may get its release date pushed back to September for most carriers (maybe a couple will get it sooner).

What's the good news you ask? Well, it seems the other device we are all waiting for, the touchscreen BlackBerry currently referred to as the Thunder (though more and more incoming intel is suggesting it will actually hit the market as the Storm - the first time ever a BlackBerry smartphone's codename becomes the product name), is top priority for the boys and girls at Waterloo and we can expect a mid-October launch. That's a few weeks sooner than previous rumors. 

Here are the details from the BG:

We’ve been told that the Bold might have been pushed back yet again. What’s the whispered launch month now? September for a lot of carriers. That’s not to say it couldn’t launch sooner on a couple carriers, but that’s what we were told. It looks like there are still some problems with the radio code that have to do with network roaming, searching, etc. The Bold software has not even gone GM3 yet, and with weekly builds still coming out, there’s nothing to be shipped at this point in time. The hardware side is done, but as usual, these units are waiting for the final flash to start FedExing. Now, what about the BlackBerry Thunder? We’ve held on to this information for a bit, but now that we’ve confirmed it with 2 independent sources, we’re ready to run with it. Here are the most confirmed Thunder dates: a huge marketing push in the U.S. starting in September, and device release in mid-October on Verizon. We said November because we were betting on a couple week delay which, knowing RIM, certainly wouldn’t be out of the question. But, we’re told RIM is fully active in doing everything they can to get the Thunder launch-ready, even putting it above the Bold in terms of prioritizing.

Bitter Sweet news I'd say. I just hope Rogers is one of the carriers that does not delay the Bold's release. I'm still hoping for that July 25th announcement. I wants it NOW! 

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Good News / Bad News: Bold Delayed; Thunder Booms


Bad news, bad news if you ask me. I kinda need a new phone and the Bold is at the top of the short list.

I wonder if the priority being given to the Storm/Thunder and Verizon has anything to do with politics arising from, what appears to be, the priority AT&T is giving the iPhone.

Concerning the Bold, what release date were we expecting before this?

Answer: A late July/August for Rogers and AT&T and September at the earliest for anyone else. Am I mistaken because this is the impression I was under?

Yes, the Bold was delayed, thats why its not here now, but even so, we were expecting a September release date from all buy a couple carriers, weren't we?

Does anyone know if at&t will get the Storm?, or maybe they won't because they already have a touch screen device....iPhone...hmmm

I wish RIM would just tell us whats coming instead of all the rumours & speculation. Why officially release the Bold if the Thunder is now given priority ? & what now of the Kickstart & Javelin...would RIM release 4 New devices between now & end of year ?

I'm looking forward to the Javelin & Thunder...if they are are going ahead as we've still not been told officially,

Well, RIM just lost a customer. I've been debating getting the iPhone and the Bold since May when I became eligible for an upgrade. I guess this delay makes my decision much easier - I'm getting the iPhone. Maybe in two years when I'm ready for my next upgrade RIM will be able to deliver.

guess you really didn't want the bold, especially if you know your going to be using said phone for the next 2 years.

Okay, so it's being delayed 1-2 months. I'm sure you'll be a lot happier with a device that works properly and may come out later, than a device that was rushed and half-way works.

I'm still liking my 8320 but really want the Bold, but i'd rather get the Bold when it's working up to par.

I just spoke with my local Rogers rep here in Halifax, NS. He told me the release date is July 25th, and he will have stock likely around the 23rd. As the top person on the list I can't wait.

Just one more week.


Which location, since I'm in Halifax...maybe me and you should meet up and raid his Bold supply lmao!!

I like that comment. That's funny.

I'd definitely say a lot of "good rumor" comes from BG. Not sure you can classify rumor as news though. And when a good rumor comes out, from BG or elsewhere, we have to post on it or we're not doing our job. So we're not an "according to bg" site... more so we "bring together" all the latest news... and that means if BG is dropping lots of bombs, then yes we're reporting them, as we are the news from other sources. And from time to time when we have credible sources we drop our own into the mix. You can find lots of instances of that on the site if you browse through a year and a half of blog posts.

Keep Crack'n!

Those who are complaining, it's kind of your fault. To my knowledge, I don't think RIM even came out publicly and said the Bold was going to be released on a certain date. Even up to now, Boy Genius talked to a source and does not necessarily mean it's reliable unless his source works at RIM. You took rumors to seriously and now acting like RIM betrayed you.

This doesn't bother me. I'm not getting a Bold when it comes out anyway. I'll go longer with my 8300. I'll sit back and watch for any problems presented to the early adapters!

Price is the primary factor because I don't have an upgrade until next year on ATT.

I cannot say the same for OS 4.5. I'm getting that the moment it is released for my phone. If that EVER happens! lol...

Kate Hudsons BOLD seems to be working fine!!! John (the tool) Mayers BOLD seems to be working fine!!! and I'm sure countless of other "important" peoples BOLDs are working fine also!!!

I call BS on the Boy Genius!

The Bold will launch 25th July in the UK on Orange. The demo models are already in Orange stores.

Also, good to go for Rogers I'm told!

Kevin called it right as usual - Boy Genius not looking so bright now!

I won't have the money for the BOLD until September, so this really doesn't bother me all that much. Besides, there was never real confirmation that it would be out before then on US carriers anyway.

Now, if I could somehow get my hands on a Rogers Bold (assuming they work fine), I may have to look into it...

I hope rogers does not release the bold in September. That means we will MISS OUT on the promo plan they are offering. The plan of 6gb for $30.00 a month is only good till Aug 31st. Keeping my fingers crossed for a July 25th release date.

It's called the retention team...use them..abuse's what they are there for lol!! Just be nice when you do it, otherwise you will get nothing!

Based on the BGR review, the software for the Bold has quite a bit of work needed to make it production quality. Disconnects, battery usage, restarts...these are not things to take lightly. A new device is always fun to talk and dream about, but nobody wants to shell out $300 and a three year commitment on a handset that is riddled with problems.

Then there's the marketing aspect. With the iPhone getting so much press, it would be a really Bad Thing for the Bold to be introduced with a bunch of bugs. If it take an extra month or two to get the software right, it'll be worth it.

According to my att business contact - "There is no specific release date for the Bold, but it sounds like it will be end of August-September timeframe."

Tabarnak! Rogers, say it ain't so...

Kevin, can you tell us the Rogers birds are still singing about the 25th?

Why do people feel the need to spew hatred on this website? Why talk garbage about BGR or the iphone? This is the Crackberry site. Why would you visit if you're only here to complain or talk about how superior a rival phone is? What do you stand to gain?

Biggups to the Crackberry crew, Kevin included. I like BGR but this is definitely my favorite site, and if it weren't I'd still appreciate a good site instead of wasting my time posting about another site.

I guess the bold being pushed back isn't such a big deal since I won't be able to get it until September any way, but I really want the Blackberry Storm. How likely is it that it will crossover to other carriers or will it just be like the iPhone staying with AT&T?

By the time the BOLD is released, I'll have another upgrade available. So, me and my Curve are watching and waiting:)

Oh man! what a bummer! I hope its only rumours. Like many others, I'm impatiently waiting for the new Bold and sniffing for news everyday.

Oh god dont do that to me!

Guys, I need some help here. I have been planning to switch from my Nokia N95-2 to Blackberry for a while, having done all analysis work, and having targeted the upcoming Bold, right when everything seemed to be in place - the bitch gets delayed! My questions are:

1. Should I go with the new wifi curve?

2. This could be blasphemy on this forum, but how does Nokia E71 compare with curve, or Bold?

I really dont feel like waiting for an indefinite period for the Bold. Just to add, iPhone is a beautifully packed turd - used it and hated it.

A Vodafone UK rep told me that they moved it from the end of August to the 3rd of August - wassup with that?

I heard July 25th as well here in Calgary from a store.

I also went to the launch party they had in Calgary a few days ago and the RIM rep said that it was the end of July, but didn't give a date. The best thing about the launch party is that everybody that went got a voucher for a free bold once it's available.