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Golla Wallets for your BlackBerry - Carry your device & basic necessities in style

Golla Cut & Gavin Wallets
By Kerri Neill on 25 May 2011 01:27 pm EDT

I admit my BlackBerry is rarely out of my hand. On those rare occasions that it is, it's usually in my back pocket or my purse. Now that my kids are getting older and I'm not required to carry a multitude of toys and assorted baby paraphernalia, I've been looking at the variety of cases available for the multitude of BlackBerry devices. On most days, I just need something to hold my BlackBerry, Driver's License, debit card and some cash. Back in April, Michelle showed us two of the Golla Smart Bags, the Sabine & the Riley. While both come in a variety of colors and are great for carrying your device and a few items with it, neither seemed to be able to hold everything that I needed it to. I really loved the overall style of those bags so I decided to see what else Golla had to offer. My search led me to the Golla Phone Wallets.

Golla Cut Phone Wallet $16.95- First up was the Golla Cut Phone Wallet (Case size: 85 x 130 mm / 3.35 x 5.12 inch). This wallet has the following features:

Golla Cut Wallet
Durable cover material with a sporty feel
    • Pro - Patchwork pattern on the flap and basic black color make it gender neutral. The smooth exterior material is very soft and wipes clean easily with just a damp cloth.
    • Con - Little metal decal can catch on pockets and such
    Extra slim vertical design
      • Pro - very slim and slides easily into pockets
      • Con - the slim design makes it an extremely sung fit once your device is inside that it doesn't allow you to utilize the 2 card holders
      Built in belt loop
        • Pro - Tested various belts of different widths and found that most slide through no problem with a very secure close to the waist fit.
        • Con - I rarely use a belt so not a big selling point for me
        Velcro closing on the front of the bag
          • Pro - easy open
          • Con - easy open which means easier for your device to fall out
          Cut off left corner for earphones
            • Pro - Great that it has this option and yes, it does make it easy to use earbuds while the device is in wallet.
            • Con - Aside from putting the earbuds inside with your device (which there isn't a lot of room for them), there is no place to store them. Would you really need this option if you can't carry them inside the wallet?
            Two slim front pockets for credit cards
              • Pro - Perfect size for debit/credit cards and licenses
              • Con - Again, once your device is inside, there is hardly any room to slide your cards into the two slots.

              Overall the wallet worked but didn't have a place for me to keep any cash or change. I could see this wallet used by someone who needed it more for an MP3 player with maybe just their ID in one of the slots.

              *Currently this item is unavailable and I don't have any information on if or when it will be back in inventory.

              Golla Gavin Phone Wallet $16.95 - Next I tried out the Golla Gavin Phone Wallet (Case size: 130 x 85 mm / 5.12 x 3.35 inch). This wallet has the following features:

              Golla Gavin Wallet Open

              Durable cover material with a sporty feel

                • Pro - The black color is gender neutral
                • Con - The dragon design on the front may not appeal to some
                Extra slim horizontal design
                  • Pro - Nice slim profile which makes it easy to slide into your pockets with plenty of room for your device. When using the 9670, I could even keep my Jawbone Icon inside as well.
                  • Con - Not a lot of padding if one drops their wallet nor is it very slim when you put some of the thicker devices inside especially when they have a case such as the OtterBox cases
                  Built in belt loop
                    • Pro - Tested various belts of different widths and found that most slide through no problem with a very secure close to the waist fit.
                    • Con - I rarely use a belt so not a big selling point for me
                    Velcro closing on the front of the bag
                      • Pro - has a Velcro strip on both sides of the wallet so even if one side caught on something, your device would still be pretty secure. Obviously they used Velcro over magnets in case you do place credit cards or other magnetic strip items
                      • Con - Smaller strips of Velcro makes one wonder if over time they won't close as securely as when first purchased.
                      Zipped pocket on the back for cash, coins etc.
                        • Pro - Plenty of room for folded bills and coins even with device inside
                        • Con - material covers the zipper so you actually have to pull the tab of the zipper out before unzipping (similar to when your zipper tab gets stuck in the very bottom of your jeans' fly)
                        Three slim front pockets for credit cards
                          • Pro - 3 slots (versus the 2 in the Cut Wallet above)
                          • Con - If you put more than a couple cards in each slot, front flap has a slight gap and Velcro is not as secure
                          Soft lining material to protect the screen of the device
                            • Pro - your screen will not get scratched, enough said
                            • Con - it's a nylon lining which in my experience seems to wear and tear after time

                            I actually loved this wallet. I could fit everything I needed into it when I didn't want to carry my purse. My husband used it for his devices here and there and my son has been asking for one he can use. 

                            My husband went from carrying both of these...Old Wallet & 9650
                            To only carrying this
                            !Golla Gavin Wallet Full

                            There are several different Golla bags available from that vary in price range so I'm sure you'll find one to suit your needs, budget and style.

                            More information/purchase of Golla Cut Wallet
                            More information/purchase of Golla Gavin Wallet



                            I'd rather carry a purse and be called Nancy. But to each their own. Nice review however.


                            Could be nice for the playbook. Don't need it for phone.


                            Who checks their phone so rarely that they can put it in a wallet than u have to 1. Take out of your pocke up 3.take phone out of wallet. Prefer just to pull out of pocket and look if its not already in my hand


                            I bought my case at Btw, they have good deals