Time for some putting action with Golf for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 May 2013 03:22 pm EDT

The game is called Golf but it's more of the putting style to be honest - it's awesome though! You have a selection of 2D courses where you need to try and putt the ball in as little amount of shots as possible. Directing the ball is achieved using an on-screen arrow attached to the ball. Then you need to decide how hard to make the putt. Over on the right of the display is your power bar that will dictate this.

It all sounds pretty easy doesn't it? Well, things get a little more tricky as you progress through the levels. As well as the courses themselves becoming harder there are these green triangle type things which hinder your putt. They slow the ball down or send it in a funny direction. Those combined with water hazards and bunkers mean you really need to think about the best way to tackle the course.

And that about sums it up - simple yet a load of fun. The game is an Android port and not native BlackBerry 10 but it works like a dream. 

Golf is priced at £0.75/$0.99 and that's good value for money from my experience with the game. I must warn you though - it does get a little addicting!

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Time for some putting action with Golf for BlackBerry 10


Is there any way I can remove the google android stuff in my Z10? I tried removing it from File Manager and it would not allow me to remove. I want google out of my phone! They are the biggest spies in the world.

you try wiping??? they're notorious for leaving junk on your BB device after deleting sideload/ports,,, some people love 'em,,, not me,,, native or not @ all...

James, one suggestion:
Would be nice if you mentioned the dev in your articles, plus maybe couple of their best-known other offerings.

This is how you CB10, son!

Sorry, James, but I did get quite a good chuckle at this demo. I do appreciate your posts, as I've gotten a few games after watching your demos. Keep them coming!

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Native, Port, Third Party, WHO CARES!?!?! Just SUPPORT THE DEVELOPER and DEMAND IT BE NATIVE in the REVIEWS! If you don't do that... YOU WON'T EVER GET A NATIVE APP!! Think about it. DOn't be so damn cheap!

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