This gold plated BlackBerry P'9982 will set you back about $6k

By Adam Zeis on 19 Dec 2013 02:10 pm EST

As if $2,400 wasn't enough for your "basic" BlackBerry P'9982, it looks like a gold plated version is available for almost triple the price. We've seen plenty of BlackBerry devices get the gold treatment in the past so this one really comes as no surprise, but it's safe to say that most of us won't see this one under the tree on Christmas morning. 

As seen in the image above sent in from @supplier2stars, the device is sporting gold plated trim but remains unchanged otherwise. If for some reason you have money to burn it will set you back about £3895 (about $6400 USD) so it's safe to say it's a bit out range for most wallets. For that kind of cash you could pickup around two dozen Z10s to give out for Christmas -- probably a much wiser investment.

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This gold plated BlackBerry P'9982 will set you back about $6k


I'm a hard core BlackBerry fan just not a fan of this phone. I'm one of the very few from all my close friends and regular friends that waited patiently to upgrade to the new BB z10 phone when it was launched on Rogers network February 5th, 2013 instead of jumping ship to go to an iPhone or Android phone like many did. Don't blame them BlackBerry had nothing out that was competitive to what an iphone or android phone could do.

All my friends are so impressed how loyal I am to BlackBerry, how much I promote the new BB 10 phones. Some even think I work for BlackBerry in their marketing department lol.

Plus I also invested in buying BlackBerry shares when they were at $11.80 higher than when I originally was suppose to buy them at $7.00.

I ve been following BlackBerry very closely on the Internet and news daily since November of 2011.

My first BlackBerry was the torch 9800 back in Sept of 2010. I bought the PlayBook 16GB when it was $199 or something back in December of 2011.

I may not be the longest BlackBerry fan like some of you on here but I am a BlackBerry fan!!! :)

That sounds like I wrote that story only I've been using BlackBerry since 2007 and I'm on Telus. I agree with you 100%, it's a status symbol to spend $6,000 on any phone and nothing more. I'm sticking with my Z30 which is $129 on a 2 year plan.

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It's obvious it is marketed to celebrities. Can't be mad at BlackBerry margins on these devices though lol

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Seriously??? LMAO!!!!

I can honestly say it doesn't even look that nice! But the Gator backing would be awesome!

Hey folks, the plural is 'Z10s' and not 'Z10's'. The apostrophe marks an instance of possession or contraction, but never a plural.

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The poster means this:

I have two Z10s.

Swiping up is a key feature of the Z10's keyboard.

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More like 30 Z10's. They were on sale for 199.00 unlocked! BlackBerry for life!

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It looks slightly used,is this batch of phones the one that all the executives had to turn in when they got canned?BB gonna make a killing,Ha ha

They sure are. Hopefully all decison-makers involved have been shown or are being shown the door....

Focus bbry. Focus. Try it... and maybe you'll get back to 3rd place.

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With all the suffering happening around the world, just the fact that BlackBerry makes these is a disappointment. How about a Porsche phone with a laser cut face of the child who can now be educated and feed their family due to the extra money paid for the handset?

Where's the Product (red) (or is is (product) red) version?

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Anyone who gold plates any device / piece of technology that will be obsolete in 6 months is off their head. With a couple of dbrand stickers I can make a gold or Porsche look-a-likey for $20 or so.

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There is a guy on Kijiji who has a P9981 that he can't even get $600.00 for now. It was at $800.00, but now he said it's not for sale, only trades,lol.

He can't even give it away or trade it, how is anyone going to get $1500.00 used for one?

Anyone buys this needs to have their head examined. Nothing like a general, run of the mill Z10 to appreciate as your workhorse.

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Anyone that buys a car that can do 200 mph and costs more than a million dollars needs to have their head figure out how they can have so much extra money. Same for $6000 phones.

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Why couldn't they make the z10 like this with the colours, like the iPhone 5s. It Prob could've sold more units, and actually give it the premium feel BlackBerry think it's z10 has

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Never fear mouseketeers! I'm sure BBRY is going to take the $ from these and start paying dividends on their worthless stock. You just have to be patient. Wait..........wait.......................keep waiting, the check's in the mail.

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I always like the the Porsche design models from blackberry. I never purchase one because it always had the specs of the current blackberry I was using. If this model came out around the same time as the other models it would have been the option for me because I like design. Yes, the user is paying for the name "Porsche". Once you play with device you will see why it has a price so people can't wrap their heads around. Some people are getting upset at the price. If you are concern about the price then this is not the phone for you. I had a chance to look at one up close at lunch one day. I like the design but that is the only thing that separate my q10 and z10 from this model. Hands down the design is sweet!!! Most people that I know that have these units got them from their employer. I think I would get one if I did not already have the z10 or q10. One guy says he only buys the Porsche design models from BlackBerry. He keeps it until the next device comes out and sell his use device to pay down the cost of his new device. This device may seem costly but for people who keep their devices for 2 years or more it is not. My concern with BlackBerry is why do they release this model after and not at the same time as the other models. I think I will pass on the Porsche design and get the z30 for me and the hubby.

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Hello, i have to say, you work hard and you often have great scoop... BlackBerry has fantastic smartphone but the pictures could be much better... All you say is destroyed by the picture's poor quality... Out there, there are a lot of sniper ready to shoot BlackBerry and for those whom doesn't know BlackBerry, they see a product not very compelling 'cause of bad picture.

With that money i rather buy a Z30, Q10 and Q5 for my collection! Oh and a black Z10

Sent from the mystic white Z10

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I'm not normally one to poo-poo something, but nearly $4000 to gold plate the bezel is robbery. It cost under $200 to gold plate the bezel of my 9900 and I have about 2 hours into labor involved. Huh, maybe I should start making a $3800 profit by selling them?

Lighten up people. Certainly you'll never be able to afford one of those babies,Nor will I. So leave it to the millionaires and billionaires (until the economy collapses! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!) to buy it and enjoy, abuse, torture it blackberry style. :D

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I pay one Balck Breey Porsche designe gold 9982
Form Dubai mall
Happen same thing not good
This Mobil not good the company say this Mobil limit
You see Mobil limit husk after 5day afteri pay it