Gold & Co. London 24kt gold plated Porsche Design P'9982 goes on sale tomorrow in Dubai

By Bla1ze on 21 Dec 2013 05:15 pm EST

We've already seen one gold plated Porsche Design P'9982 pop up but Gold & Co London are gearing up to be the first ones to offer the device on a somewhat larger scale. Going on sale tomorrow at the Collectors Palace location in the Dubai Mall, the 24kt gold plated Porsche Design P'9982 by Gold & Co is limited to only 99 pieces. No pricing details are available at this time but we're going to go out on a limb and say it's no small pocket change. So, anyone lining up to get the FIRST one? ;)

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Gold & Co. London 24kt gold plated Porsche Design P'9982 goes on sale tomorrow in Dubai


I'm not a fan of the porche phones but I think I would rock this one (if only I could afford it).

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The item is 'gold plated' worth a few $$. In-expensive made-to-order gold tone name plates stick on any phone!

This is a great idea if BB can sell another 99 units.
The way things are going for BB, this is a good size order.

No but they might take a cheque.

Couldn't resist Canadian spelling humour.

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Someone spending that kinda money is very likely to be specifically looking for all that branding.

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Yup agree. They should get the phone for free with all that branding. Might as well be a walking billboard

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Too much branding I just would want it to clarify it's 24 carat gold and blackberry. Looks tacky sign the gold & Co displayed too prominent.

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Why would they ruin it with the gold co branding...needs to be white gold. Yellow gold looks like crap IMO.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but white gold is just a marketing term for a grayish gold alloy that appears white because of a rhodium plating. This phone is plated in fine (pure) gold.

Sorry to burst YOUR bubble but (pure) gold is way too soft to put in anything used in everyday use. This phone more than likely contains no more than $200 of gold 'alloy' plating. And even IF someone could afford it. This thing looks WAY too tacky.

Isn't Kevin going to get one to match his Gold know the threads to berate him will start if there's no official announcement. But he should probably get 2 just incase

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Wouldn't mind one! It's kind of a status symbol in the middle east countries.

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I don't see what's wrong with advertising channels? Many other people do it as well. How is his channel silly?

Inbred lol

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I got some golden glitter nail polish from walmart and painted my Z10 with it. Mine glitters.

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Unless the phone gives blowies my z10 does the same thing. Looks nice though

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Lol... that thing is horrid. the only status that yells out is "I have money to burn and no taste in fashion!" I wouldn't use that if it was given to me.

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I'm going to buy one :D
But don't like the logo but np I like to have something limited edition :) :)

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A curiosity unique to BlackBerry, if for nothing else than just for the bragging rights then every little counts.

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Blackberry should make more then 99 then there be rolling in the cash ;)

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Not something to buy.
Can be a good auction item.
Checking it out on my next visit to Dubai Mall.

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Investors item, buy, then a while later auction off at Sotheby's. Lucky if you get no. 1, or 99.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

While I am not against this phone per se, hell you have that kind of dough and want to spend it on a gold plated smartphone more power to you, I just don't think this is the right move for BlackBerry, that is if they still want to reach a wide base of customers.

This only plays up that perception that BlackBerry is out of touch with the everyday consumer and maintains that image that BlackBerry only caters to a specific clientele.

Sad thing is that today I was reminded again the reason I choose to own a Z10. Honestly I just used my friend's IPhone 5S for curiosity, to make a call and text and after being used to the BlackBerry 10 OS for this past year, I could not believe how crummy the IPhone itself was and how boring and stale the current iteration of the IOS looks and feels.

I watched a few YouTube clips...and wow the image quality was not that impressive and the sound was horrendous, never mind the size of the screen that has never really changed since the first IPhone was released. And for what Apple devices you'd expect more!!! Never mind that Touch ID bullshit feature which has proven to be more of a gimmick than anything else. Pretty much every friend that I have who owns an IPhone 5S does not use the finger print ID scan feature...

Yet instead of playing on its strengths, BlackBerry still wastes time and capital it does not have, on side shows and distractions like this plated...geesh, how about diamond encrusted?

Unless they've missed yesterday's news...things have not progressed one bit, and they've lost more money than last year...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Not getting it on my salary. And not sure I would say "going on sale" but more like "available for sale".

Going on sale would imply that not only is it a good price, but a discounted and awesome price, which I'm sure, will not be the case.

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Does it make coffee in the morning? Seriously!! BlackBerry need to focus on what's important.. I'm sure that there are some folks in dubai who can afford it easily, but they need to improve the base first!

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I would prefer Platinum over Gold.

Still looks nice. Will get one when can afford.

~ it's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry

Gold never looked, looks and will never look good on me. I would take one in pure platinum immediately if I could afford it in another lifetime or two.

Releasing this phone shows that BlackBerry is diversified by catering to all segments of the market.
Good move IMO. Though they should be putting more emphasis on the middle class consumer market. Price those BB10 devices right and they will SELL well. Create hype for BB10 just as it was when it was launched and they will move healthy inventory.

it's pathetic and stupid. better for the money to help children in Africa. what wrong with you people?

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Here in Dubai, buying these kind of Phones including Vertu is part of their status symbol.

Some people who cant afford this including some of people here doesnt seem to understand.

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Porsche No way, same as their cars too much Bling. Now if it were Aston Martin that would be a whole other Ball Game

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I just ordered mine through Amazon Prime Supreme Pro Plus. You never heard of that? Well, it's a service Amazon have, in which your order gets delivered by gold-plated drone, a year before you place your order. Costs more than the handset though, but when you're making £10 million per minute, it's a bargain.

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If I cared to impress somebody else, I can see buying this phone.

But, generally one of my servants carries my gold phones...

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I got you ,but if I had ,like so many of the Princes in the region have,27 wives ,what would you buy them as a phone? It's like ,how would you feel being out in public with anything less than a gold London branded phone to communicate with your ,Babykins?Ha ha !!

Really....blackberry come on. How about a little more focus on app development and marketing and less on stupid porsche phones nobody can afford. Funny how nobody seems to know why blackberry is tanking.

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It will not make much impact unless Etisalat the main service provider retails it through its outlet . Awareness is the key issue!!

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It's ghastly; looks like a walking billboard.

So what's the brand of this device on the front? "Porsche Design"? "Gold & Co. LONDON"? or "BlackBerry"?
The same goes for the back.

Some would prefer understated elegance.
This one is not.