Gokivo - new free voice guided navigation app for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 17 Jul 2012 09:51 am EDT

Another free voice guided navigation app has arrived for BlackBerry smartphones. It goes by the name of Gokivo and seems to tick all the boxes.

Like a few similar applications, Gokivo doesn't store the maps on your BlackBerry but instead downloads each route as you need it. I took the app for a drive last night and it performed just like it should. With a nice choice of colors on screen it looks good too. In addition; POI's are built in so you can ensure that local amenities are always at hand.

We will have a full review of the app here on CrackBerry but in the meantime if you want to give it a try yourself you can download from the below link. We would love to hear your views.

More information?Download Gokivo for BlackBerry

Reader comments

Gokivo - new free voice guided navigation app for BlackBerry smartphones


Murst. How is this any different than Blackberry Traffic? Doesn't Blackberry Traffic offer routes and read directions aloud.

Blackberry traffic does not have a map. It also works on OS 5 devices, like my 8530.

This app looks interesting but it will not work for me, since it is for OS 7+!

Correct. I tried to install it on my 9810 (OS 7.1+) and said it is not available for my device. I went to the website and also found out it is fir the UK only. Seems like a good app though.

doesn't have Canadian maps .. only works for UK downloads I would think .. where's the Canadian/US version? 8-(

Like everything should be made for Americans, geez. Probably first to say, "Sucks to be you!" when we get apps that Europeans don't as well. Get over youself.

I'm disappointed as well, but there will be apps that are for the European audience just like there are ones for the North American audience.

I think it looks cool, and hopefully we will see some NA support in the future. I say Kudos to the app developer.

It would be good to mention that it's only available in the UK, so that the rest of us don't get frustrated trying to find it! :-) I wish a free navigation app with maps would become available for the US so I could quit paying... Regardless, this looks like a great app!

Their website is confusing, but the version available on App World is the only version now supported by Gokivo. It's only available in the UK, it's only available for OS7 devices, and it's completely free with no trial period or monthly subscriptions.

I've been using this app for a few days now and I think it's a great navigation application. A bit confused because it definitely says free, no mention of a fee.

Try telenav. Its freakin $10 for a whole year. I realize .80 a month for an excellent turn by turn voice navigation app is too much for many. But for everyone else, its a winner.

again not available here :(

Since I upgraded my Bold 9000 to 5.0 and above with my 9900 I have no navigation on my BB. It was than, as I first realised the bad support/importants of BB compared to iOS and Android to the carrier (as I got a free OS 4.7 Version of Telmap Navigation there).


This just blows, although BB traffic is pretty good, a MAP is much needed! And this review is great if you live in the UK. :P

Works a treat, why does the app need access to your personal information? Do they sell it on then offer the app for free?

Off topic, but does anyone know the name of the theme in the pic? I've been trying to find one with blue indicators and PB icons for my 9790 with no luck...