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Going on holiday or a business trip? You need to check out BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Mar 2013 12:42 pm EDT

Whether you are a frequent or just an occasional flyer - BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10 is a must have application to have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. In fact I don't travel very often but there are some handy features within the app such as the currency converter and world clocks that I refer to on a regular basis.

But when it is time to fly the app really kicks into action. As you will see below there are a whole host of superb features within BlackBerry Travel. With the ability to add multiple email accounts to the app you can be sure that which ever account receives the flight details the app will pick it up.

Notifications work like a dream and you will receive plenty prior to your trip. Not only to remind you, but you will be given access to the full flight details. I've used BB Travel on older BlackBerry devices and I certainly wouldn't fly without it.

  • Trip Status Sharing – It’s now even easier to post your trip updates on BBM, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With Trip Status Sharing, you can keep your friends and colleagues up-to-date on your travel adventures immediately as they unfold.
  • Flight Status Sharing – BlackBerry Travel has always kept you up-to-date with real-time flight statuses and with BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10, you can share this information with your colleagues, friends and social networks. If your flight is delayed, canceled or changed terminals, you can easily and quickly inform others and make sure they know when and where to pick you up from the airport.
  • Price Alerts, Change Offers and Upgrades – The new Price Alert service with BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10 helps ensure you’re always getting the best hotel deal. It will put your mind at ease and automatically notify you if there’s a better price for the hotel room you booked, a comparable hotel for a cheaper price, or if there’s a much better hotel for slightly more. In many cases, you can cancel your original booking without penalty and re-book the better deal through BlackBerry Travel.
  • BlackBerry ID – With BlackBerry ID, you’ll never have to login to BlackBerry Travel again. You’ll have instant access to all of its features as soon as you launch the app. Even on your first time using BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry ID will automatically fill in the registration form for you.

BlackBerry Travel is free to download so go and grab it now. It's a real gem.

More information/Download BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10



Love this app!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo


This is a must have app.

Posted via CB10


Love this app!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo


Great App that it needed to be said twice.


I simply love this app.

Posted via CB10


This app was great on the 9900. I can hardly wait to try it out on my Z10.

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for this device.

Germany / SLT100-2

Posted via CB10


Great app but not available for 94% of the world's population.
I travel a lot and can't use it on my Z10.
Can't use the micro sim to switch back to my 9900.
It really suckz.


Not available for this device

Posted via CB10


My must have go to app when I get my Z10 Love this app on my 9930


I hope u not live in Asia, Afrika, Australia, Europe (except monkey island) or South America.


Awesome!!! Apps are being churned out at some rate...keep bringing them on blackberry!!! bb forever!!!

Posted via CB10


Must have app. I love it

Posted via CB10


Lovin this on my ZED10 :)

Posted via CB10


WTF!!!!! Not available, is it a joke?

Posted via CB10


Could you guys reach someone at blackberry and let us know: when this app will be available in Europa (Italy) and when blackberry maps will be fully functional as well? I'm as much mad at blackberry for this treatment as I love the brand and their products! :)

Posted via CB10


great app but won't sync trips with my default calendar, it'll automatically choose the local calendar. I haven't been able to find a solution


Good app, but you'll want to disable the auto scan until they update it with a fix...HUGE battery drainer with the scan running in the background.


I'm in the UK and it's downloaded and working absolutely fine for me.

So either I got lucky, or the rest of Europe didn't get any luck

Posted via CB10


"I certainly wouldn't fly without it"
hahaha that's the funniest thing I've heard in a while!
its a great app but really??

Wife: "Shall we go somewhere nice on holiday?"
Husband: " I'd love to, but u haven't been able to download blackberry travel... I think we will have to give it a miss this year"

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for this device.

STL100-2 // Denmark... // Hi3G (Three Denmark)

Find it strange, why It's not possible to release simultaneous in all countries...

Posted via CB10


Why not make it available to everyone? BlackBerry maps not available in my country of residence. BlackBerry travel not available. Hope BlackBerry gets some sense soon and launch its services worldwide rather than in selected countries.

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for this device. Very frustrating. You guys at blackberry suck

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for this device.

Posted via CB10


At least the English version should be available all over the world...

But for a company like BlackBerry it should be a no problem to release it worldwide

Posted via CB10


Downloaded it here in the UK on Vodafone to a BlackBerry Z10! Don't know why it wouldn't work for all the other people in Europe!

Posted via CB10

Alexander Ledochowski

Please don't forget the rest of Europe.... missing Austria...

Posted via CB10


Best app ever! Just happy that I didn't have to travel before it became available. It's THAT good in my opinion. :-)

Posted via CB10


Just a question. This app doesn't take into account my Hilton hotel card or Emirates Skywards when booking right? Meaning there is no connection to those (by setup) or for OneWorld?


Still not available for Z10 said my BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10


Love this app, but it's draining the battery when the settings are set to scan emails. I hope they fix this soon

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10


Crackberry, you should add onto your article title '... once you live in Canada, USA or UK'. BlackBerry have decided that its customers outside of those countries are second class customers and not deserving of the app at this time.


It sounds like there is an issue with battery drain. Glad I can't get it yet. Maybe US, Canada and UK are testing it for us and we will get the working version ;-)

Posted via CB10


Why not for Asia region

Posted via CB10

Ernest Che

Why it is not available in Emirates?

Posted via CB10


I love it. My battery hates it. Need to turn off the auto refresh I guess. That is a shame.

Posted via CB10


Does anyone else have trouble getting all flights monitored? Some are, some aren't. I don't see a way to get a specific flight monitored.

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for the device!!!!!!

Really? Am I on a third planet or what. BlackBerry is making a fool of itself launching half cooked apps that can't even get downloaded

Posted via CB10


BB Travel on my Torch 9800 was available for Dominican Republic since day 1... what's wrong with this one???


so happy to see this on BB10. It was my go-to travel app. Love it.


Very funny. I'm from Germany

Posted via CB10


Not available for my device.... :(

I don't understand this BlackBerry policy of having oficial apps only available for some users.

Guess a sideload will be needed...

Posted via CB10

Tim Smith2

Ok in the UK but about to un install it due to massive battery drain. Loaded it at 11am this morning after charging overnight. It drained my first battery by 7pm, spare is now less than 50%.

Will not bother again until this is fixed. Shame as it is a useful app at times.

Posted via CB10


Ok, trust me when I'm saying this ( I had enough with this company) I'm really considering selling Z10 , nothing is available in my country!!!!!! 100K apps!!!! Yah right all the good apps will not work with me, keep it up Blackberry, you will lose your customers database and lose me again.

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for this device.

Australia / SLT100-2

I can tell you, Blackberry, that if you continue with this kind of crap I will buy another brand of phone. I don't need this constant unthought out crap.


Excitedly installed it this morning and it cooked through my battery. I uninstalled. Is the extreme battery drain ongoing or is it just during the initial setup? I need this app but not at the expense of having to charge my battery constantly.

Posted via CB10


Not available in singapore. This is rubbish BlackBerry! Get your bloody act together!

Posted via CB10


Sigh! The iPhone now becomes my main phone as it is doing my itinerary management. What is happening Black Berry?


So happy to see BlackBerry Travel for the Z10. This is one of the apps that no was really missing.

Posted via CB10


Not sure how to get it to put flights into my default calendar and not local calendar.

Posted via CB10


Best app

Posted via CB10


Not available on this device STL100-2

Posted via CB10


Amazing...still not released for the ME...

I'm looking for an app like this due to work engagements...

Posted via CB10


I am not able to download, it says not available for the device and I am using a Z10? Is it only available in certain countries? I am from Singapore but in Thailand now. Please advise.

Posted via CB10


I can't find it in App World #BBV10

Posted via CB10


Business centers are shifting toward Asia and the ME and an app like this is a basic necessity in these regions...

Posted via CB10


Try Skyscanner as an alternative to BlackBerry Travel whilst BlackBerry get there s*#t together

Seriously though, I don't understand why it's not available in a lit of countries or unavailable on my device

Posted via CB10


Too bad it works better when there is roaming data. And if not, you rely on wifi, and it's not as powerful anymore. :(

Posted via CB10


CMon BlackBerry Traffic your up next.......


Unable for this device....

Posted via CB10


One of my favorite apps on BB10. Love how it pulls my flight data automatically

Posted via CB10


I am using BlackBerry z10, updated my software to version now when I try downloading blackberry travel it says unavailable for this device. Please help I really love this app. I am in south Africa if that helps. T

Posted via CB10


This is an app I'm very happy to see on BB10.

Thank you, BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


Vital app!

Posted via CB10


Not available for this device Z10STL100-1

Posted via CB10


This apps is unavailable for my device. What can I do?

Posted via CB10


Come on you can't be serious not releasing this app for everyone. Even if there would be no translation available a global english version would still be ok.

Posted via CB10


I hope someone from BlackBerry is reading the comments.

A basic business tool like this should be available everywhere.

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for this device
STL 100-2 Vodafone Italy


Says unavailable for this device?

Posted via CB10


It's only available in 3 countries... wtf!?!?
And of course, as usual, not available in Switzerland... music and movie in BlackBerry world also no available... blackberry, hurry up! DO something!!

Posted via CB10


Not available on my STL100-2 - vodafone Italy


Unavailable for this device. Any help?

Posted via CB10


i get unavailable for this device i use (z10) !!! any info gentlemen

Posted via CB10


See 50% of the comments above you (only available in USA, Canada and UK)

Posted via CB10


Australia is missing out again...? or is it coming next year?

Posted via CB10


I enjoyed using this app on my BB 9800. When will it be available in Australia?


I would love to try this app... but it says not available for this device.. Z10! In Indonesia

Posted via CB10


Finally, available in Italy.

Posted via CB10