Going to the Glastonbury festival? Get the official Android app on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone

Glastonbury App
By James Richardson on 25 Jun 2014 05:22 am EDT

Here in the UK now the summer has arrived its festival season. The biggest and most well known has to be the Glastonbury Festival which this year takes place from June 25th - 29th in Somerset.

With so many of us now being reliant (or addicted) to our smartphones for social communications I suspect that most folk will be taking their phone with them. For us BlackBerry 10 users we can plan our time at the festival thanks to the official Glastonbury app which has been created by UK 4G network EE.

It may be the Android app and you'll need to download it from one of the third party stores but at least we have an option and it works just fine - barring one section. It's full of great content so if you are going to the festival you certainly shouldn't miss out on much as the full schedule and list of bands/performances will be in the palm of your hand.

Where things get a bit frustrating is with the 'Maps' section of the app. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on BlackBerry 10 as it requires Google Play Services and as yet that's something we have to do without.

If you're hitting up Glastonbury the app is well worth having on your BlackBerry 10 device. I downloaded it from Snap and if you need further instructions on how to get Snap on your BlackBerry you can follow the link below.

How to use Snap to download Android APK's on BlackBerry 10

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Going to the Glastonbury festival? Get the official Android app on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone


Your right, but there are tons of them and as such there will always be something for cb to write about.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

Yes, but sadly andriod apps will probably become the norm for what people in the future THINK is a native app.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

AND CB didn't mention the Official Download Festival app (Android) before that started :( shame there isn't a Sonisphere one either

Posted via CB10

Can I just point out how incredibly awesome the Sochi 2014 app was in native Cascades? I realize this festival doesn't have the budget of the Olympics, but Cascades worked really well to allow users to quickly access the necessary info.

Dam you Google Play Services!!! Arggggh!! LOL

But seriously,I wish fewer devs relied on them.

Unfortunately, Google has made a great and easy to use suite of services that--as of now--have no rival that offers the same level of functionality. :(

Posted via CB10

This is how the big fish stay on top, and suck others in alive. Until the Internet becomes one HUGE Google Application.

Pasted via CB chen

Why is it that am stuck on level 395 in candy crush and an on a higher level on the pc. I just downloaded the app through crackberry and I can't go further than 395

Posted via CB10