Goal.com for BlackBerry Playbook - Stay up to date on all your favorite soccer teams

By Bla1ze on 30 Sep 2011 02:59 pm EDT

If you're looking to keep up to date on all the happenings in the soccer world (football, depending on where you live) the folks from Handmark have you covered. They've teamed up with Goal.com to being the Goal.com app to the BlackBerry PlayBook and it's pretty slick. The layout is nice, the content is great and the app overall just works mighty fine. When it comes to built-in features, it's no slouch either:

  • Breaking news, fully illustrated with high quality images
  • Live match commentary with play-by-play details from 10 leagues around the world and major tournaments
  • League standings from the world’s major leagues
  • New ‘My Teams’ menus and content – Bringing you the news you care about quicker with customized content related to hundreds of clubs around the world.
  • Transfer zone updates 
  • Live Twitter feed
  • Regular updates, meaning the app is ready to read when it’s opened

They've included some Facebook integration into the app, making it capable of sharing news to your Facebook account. If you're a soccer / football fan, this is the app to have on your PlayBook as it offers a complete package. Best of all, it's available for free in BlackBerry App World right now.

Download Goal.com for BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Goal.com for BlackBerry Playbook - Stay up to date on all your favorite soccer teams


yeah, first ;-)

Downloaded this app a few days ago and its fantastic. I use it for the dutch soccer league. I like it because news also comes in dutch language! This free app is a must have for soccer fans.

Yup. Awesome app, highly recommended for any footie fans out there. The other bonus here is that it also includes the euro competitions in addition to the league. That being said, I can't get an update on the Europa standings.

Seems like I can't get it to give me the standings... it says "there is currently nothing to display for this news tab"

Finally! I'm diving straight into this one!!! British and living in Canada....when I'm away from my satellite tv, this is the app to have!