Goal! Capture FIFA fever with the ScoreMobile world football bundle

By Ryan Blundell on 10 Jun 2010 09:14 am EDT
 FREE ScoreMobile World Football Theme w ScoreMobile FC App Bundle!

You better have June 11th marked in your BlackBerry calendar; it’s marks the start of the FIFA 2010 World Cup! Last week, Bla1ze let us know about the free World Cup 2010 app that was made available and here’s another option for you to get your head in the game. The Score (behind the widely popular ScoreMobile application) and theme crazy Motek Americas Inc, have joined forces to present an impressive FIFA bundle; The Score Mobile World Football Theme and ScoreMobile FC application. The hidden dock theme allows FIFA and other leagues news to be streamed directly to you. Other theme features include:

  • Soccer balls on top left and right increase and decrease based on strength of battery and wireless signal
  • Red Card icon for new message alerts
  • Rotating soccer ball hourglass icon
  • Additional options to customize your Country with wallpapers for all 32 World Cup teams!

Additionally, ScoreMobile FC app lets you check out stats, scores, video commentary and more.

Reader comments

Goal! Capture FIFA fever with the ScoreMobile world football bundle


The same happened with me when I went to Appworld its not available for the Storm with Verizon and there's only day left for World Cup kick off ... What a double bummer.

Thanks decypher44 - I was able to go to the dev site and gett the email sent to me that said it was the link for the app and the theme - it installed the app but not the theme?

This is how it worked for me:

After it installed the app, the theme notification thingee popped up and asked me if I wanted to activate it. It was a one-download, two-step approval and done.

Is there a way to download to download scoremobile FC only withouth the theme and withouth having the blackberry app world?


Anyone else having problems running this app on 9700 att...I keep getting "no data available" Connection method: BIS??? Please advise...thanks in advance

I am getting notifications regarding upcoming games. these are not treated as SMS, right?
it did screw up my apps and scattered them all over the place.
otherwise it looks very cool :)

This is what i don't like about the app. Even if you delete them they will reappear after a restart of the device. Plus this app is a big battery drain even when you have it closed (i guess due to the notifications??)

when i load it up it says "no data available" and when i try to go to the settings to change my connection method it wouldn't even open the settings. none of the options seem to work including the quit option, and pressing the return key won't do anything either, only way to quit the app is with the "hang up" button. its as if the app just becomes unresponsive, did a battery pull and retried to get it working but nothing seems to work. any one else having this problem? its not really a huge deal because i have the source mobile app anyways, just kind of a piss off...

Chris from Score Media here.
We are working on getting an OTA up in the next couple days.
As far as the app scattering, I will mention that to our dev team and see what they can do for you all.
As well, please remember that you can still follow the World Cup on ScoreMobile, as well.

Anything else, please e-mail me or my colleague Adam at mobilesupport@thescore.com

How do I completely remove this application, the skin, and the navigational changes? It took over the entire phone and changed literally everything.

That probably has to do with the theme and not the app itself. Try changing the theme back to whatever you had before and that should sort out the rest of your issues.