Goal for BlackBerry 10 - keeping you up to date in the football (soccer) world

By James Richardson on 15 Aug 2013 03:41 am EDT

We've seen a few football (soccer) applications for BlackBerry 10 but Goal looks to be the best so far. Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones - the app will provide you with a whole host of information, not just for the UK and Europe, but for worldwide news too.

With the football season kicking off here in the UK, now is the perfect time for you to download the Goal app - plus It's free, which always goes down well.

Upon opening the app you'll be presented with the latest breaking news but tap the 'Home' tab and there's a bunch of sub categories to dive into. Selecting 'News' will prompt you to select a section and these include Exclusives, English Premiere, Transfers, Rumors, League Cup, Champions League, Europe League, Go Global and Features. Once in the one of choice all the stories are listed with a nice image on the left of the display. Jump into the story for all the details and you will also be given the chance to share the article via BBM, Email. Facebook or Twitter.

The 'Live' section will clearly only be handy on match days but if you can't get to the TV you can at least keep up to date with your favorite team right from your BlackBerry. The 'Standings' section will let you view all the teams positions in the particular leagues and once again you are given the opportunity to choose the league you wish to view.

Last but not least is the 'Favorites' tab and here you can select the teams that you want quick access too. The way this works is that once you have chosen a favorite team they will appear at the top of the list when you select the favorites option, therefore filtering down relevant news for that club.

I don't mind admitting I'm not a football fan, but I do know a great native BlackBerry 10 application when I see one. If you give it a try let us know your thoughts in the comments. I'm sure the developers will welcome any feedback you may have.

Features include:

  • Real time access to all goal.com breaking news
  • Live match commentary from 10 leagues around the world and major tournaments
  • League standings from the world's major leagues
  • In app customization to set up ‘favorite club'
  • Transfer zone updates
  • Live Twitter feed
  • Share by Email, Share by BBM
  • Plus even more!

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Reader comments

Goal for BlackBerry 10 - keeping you up to date in the football (soccer) world


I loaded it and then deleted it. For results and tables I use futbol as it does the lower leagues in The UK as well.

Posted via CB10

I gotta go with Soccer Ticker. Tried the whole Android side loading thing. Just didn't feel right. Ticker is actually a nice one.

Posted via CB10

It sometimes happens with the link Crackberry give to us. You can solve it by searching the app in bbw yourself. Than it will be available.

Posted via CB10 - @M_Hutsebaut

Unavailable for this device...Z10...really? Way to go!

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

Why is it unavailable for my Z10? Anyway, there are a couple of good football apps, like Soccer Ticker and the official La Liga app which is just amazing.

Posted via CB10

It said not available for my device after I hit the link even I used it for couple weeka before it's posted here

Posted via cb10

Fotmob is the best app for live scores. Especially because you get notifications of the match(es) you have chosen.

Posted via CB10 - @M_Hutsebaut

It's not available for my device from the link, but if you go to the app directly, it will allow you to download it.
Going to do that now.

Posted via CB10. See my BBM Channel C00045D82

Im still waiting for a native scoremobilefc. Hands down best football app for news and real time alerts. For everything else, read ricky cash's blog and die happily. What a nut of a gooner.

Posted via CB10

I'm UK and had this downloaded for a while with no issues. Good app for the main leagues. If it had goal highlights I'd be happy to have this as my sole football app

Posted via CB10

It is weird if you go with CB link it shows unavailable but if you search for it then it's available!!

Posted via CB10

+1 for FotMob. Best futbol app on Android and if it works fine side loaded then it's perfect

Posted via CB10

I used Goal too, but since they updated it it always saved the images of the articles on device or sd card. Also the articles often were not very well formatted.
SoccerTicker is the app of my choice now.

Posted via CB10

+1 tired of spending time deleting the photos, especially because they sync with blackberry link. Nothing in settings to turn this off. Checking out Soccer Ticker now.

Overall I don't think any of the mobile futbol/soccer apps are that good. Surprising given the largest following fan base on the world. All agree?

Goal isn't actually built using Cascades. Have you guys heard of Soccer Ticker? It is newbie, but a damn good football app. Native, free, and lots of good stuff.

Posted via CB10

Its available in app store. The problem is they don't cover all the leagues, all the major tournament competitions, or internationals like WCQ or friendly.

Crackeberry Team....

I have Goal.com, nice app, good news etc.

However, there is a glitch with this and I'd welcome other users feedback.

After viewing several different articles, I later went into my 'Pictures' tab and discover that after reading each article it had downloaded and saved the picture from that article. So I ended up with saved images. It didn't make me aware of this or prompt me to do so. Can anyone explain why this is? Would love to know.

Posted via CB10

I got my scores and updates from Soccer Ticker. It's spankin' good native app. My to-go app for sure.

One thing I like about Soccer Ticker is that it's really good with spitting out updates. Them developers are really fans. Thanks for keeping it free for sure.