Go social on BlackBerry 10 video highlights many of the reasons why I choose BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 10 Sep 2013 03:48 am EDT

While a lot of people have hopped onto Twitter and various other social networks and used the #IchooseBlackBerry10 hash tag now, I was recently informed of a fairly new video posted to YouTube that accurately conveys why I choose BlackBerry 10. As some of you may or may not know, I'm not a massive app user. I use my BlackBerry mostly for communication so that implies email, BBM, Twitter and yes, even the occasional phone call from Kevin to yell at me and a little bit of Facebook. 

Granted, a lot of that hits social but that's what being social is -- communicating and for me, BlackBerry 10 packages that all rather nicely into some compelling smartphones that are not only beautiful but functional as well. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Obviously too long for a commercial but it could be condensed a bit.

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Go social on BlackBerry 10 video highlights many of the reasons why I choose BlackBerry


I'm liking that slogan too. Connect at the speed of life

Twittertime :)

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Nice! I wish they actually clicked into a FaceBook message, Twitter message, etc. in the hub to show that it pulls up the actual "application shim" instead of launching you out to the app itself in a disjointed fashion like all other platforms. Until someone sees it they won't understand what the seamless app to app advantage that BlackBerry 10 users enjoy is.

Of course, I also wish there were an ad that shows how much more clicking and swiping around this type of interaction is on other platforms to drive that home like Microsoft's competitive ads.

Great idea! Just shared. With U.S. Carrier's AT&T and Verizon having Z10's for free right now on new 2 year contracts, I've actually gotten some people to check out the phone. Now their seriously thinking about picking one up. This video can only help pull them over the fence.

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Add is better than subtract. ;-)

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Took your advice K007A, I just shared this awesome video on my time line. It should help a bit.


No shyt huh!! But they can right that ship by having this ad air during the next Super Bowl. Maybe even the World Series or Daytona 500. They just need to get ad's like this out in prime time.

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I agree. This one actually tells the masses what Bb10 is capable of. I'd even add an online campaign with NFC links to give greater detail.

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Why d*m BlackBerry is unable to advertise on a simple and effective manner like this one? I've never seen in my life such waste of opportunity by a company that has probably the best mobile device and software. Why do they keep silent and dormant after all these bad news that came out everyday. Please be active. Better keep moving rather than keep dying. They deserve what they get. Unfortunately we loyal BBRYS don't but that's life.

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Works if you only work with well established social networks. Anything new is not on BlackBerry 10.

For most people, this isn't an issue. Get enough of those customers to buy, and then the newer ones will pay attention too.

I disagree. A large chunk of the young crowd is feeding off hyped products. They won't consider the platform if the new apps are not on it.

You can disagree all you want. Sure, such early adopters are important, but they aren't even the majority of the market.

Again, it's numbers. Once there's 20-30 million BB10 users developers will take the platform seriously. Not likely to see it before then, though.

The 10.2 sharing options that learn who you send to is the best sharing feature I have ever seen on a phone. If you haven't seen or noticed it yet, you will be excited when you first experience it!!

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Yeah i love my BlackBerry Z10, however ; I'm the only one of all my friends that has a BlackBerry. So I don't really get to use BBM or video chat


This is what I'm talking about, these are the type of ads BlackBerry should be pushing out,....... push damnit push!!!!!

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Thanks for sharing this. Connect at the speed of life, this was used for the Q5 ad right?

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It is a drag being a lone BlackBerry user in a sea of android and iOS devices. Very few opportunities to use the best software on the device.

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The demo of BBM is exactly how I imagine it being cross platform and being used in the work environment.

Since the announcement, I've always felt that the decision was more for the workplace primarily and consumer secondary. Whether you have an iPhone, GS, BlackBerry, or Windows, an entire team can effectively communicate with each other on the go.

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This is way better than the Keep Moving ads they have been using. They should shorten it to about 30 seconds and get this out there. Perhaps piece it together several different ways and make a few commercial spots out of it, each with a different focus.

That ad was made by BlackBerry? Shut up! That's too good! Finally! This should be playing everywhere.

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Not a bad ad but again they're only showcasing one BlackBerry 10 phone in the entire ad? Why? Show the Z10/Q10 at some point.

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Send this out to app devs of apps such as Instagram and Vine to show them what the BB10 platform is capable of.

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FB'd this awesome video w/ the #IchooseBlackBerry10 hashtag and the "Connect at the speed of life" slogan. Someone I know just immigrated to the USA from the Philippines and said he's switching to a Z10 :)

What does hashtags do in facebook??

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I want to know why this and some of the other YouTube plugs haven't been aired. Those are the ones people need to see

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Sorry to be the one to bring this up, but did anyone else notice the typo in the ad? It said "Can you" instead of "You can" when it started showing the screen share feature. I kept expecting it to end with "on your device?" but it never happened, lol.

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Great add, definitely a step in the right direction, if only they would make real commercials like this show casing blackberry 10 in action but also showing features.

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I prefer multiply to add, but I agree with the rest of your comment. :-P

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Very nice! Moar pleez! We should be seeing more adds along these lines. Keepp it up team BlackBerry!

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This should have been the BB Superbowl add. The one they used was stupid. Cute, if you knew what the phone was about, but otherwise, lame.


(which told you absolutely nothing about the device: "In 30 seconds it's quicker to show you what it can't do") COMPLETE WASTE of MILLIONS.) DUMB DUMB DUMB.

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