Test your observation skills and reactions with Go Seek for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 14 Sep 2013 11:46 am EDT

When I first saw Go Seek in BlackBerry World I wasn't that excited due to its description. However, later that day the developer emailed me and I then knew that it would be well worth checking out as they've had huge success with Word Soup which I reviewed a while back. 

The concept of the BlackBerry 10 game is to tap the fruit that the game tells you to. That clearly doesn't sound much fun so bear with me. At the start of each level you'll be shown the fruit you need to find. Then the level opens up and you'll see various items of fruit on the display. Tap the one your looking for and you complete the level. That still doesn't sound very exciting but it gets better. 

As you progress things get spiced up a ton. There are a few different variations of levels. Sometimes you'll only need to spot one fruit and on others there will be multiples and the faster you complete - the better your score. There are also a few levels where the fruits are just silhouettes, which makes for a challenge.

Where things start getting really tricky is when you have for example to find some apples with bites taken out of them. There may be half a dozen apples on the screen and they may all have a bite taken out of them, but the initial image you were shown may have had a leaf on top of it, where once in the level they all may not. 

It's kind of hard to explain, so if you can please check out the above video. The graphics are beautifully colorful and the game play is great. Go Seek is priced at £2.00/$2.99 and although my description may not do it justice it is a really great game. Give it a shot and sound off in the comments of any changes you may like to see in future updates. The developer will certainly take your views into consideration. 

At the time of publication it is just the Z10 that is supported. Hopefully the other devices will get a roll out soon. 

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Test your observation skills and reactions with Go Seek for BlackBerry 10


As the new marketing manager please support the developer.......

From crackberry is where we are going to save and make the new blackberry and we won't stop there, ,,,,, we will continue to work hard to make BBRY no.1 BUT to keep them are no.1

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If Word Soup is any measure then this should be a great game too. I look forward to checking it out.

Posted via CB10

The concept sounds like it would be quite engaging as you progress from easy to whoa.

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That either makes you very supportive of in-app/game ads or non-supportive of developers and likely a tool. Just sayin'

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It could also make him/her flat broke and unable to buy any apps for the phone his/her parents got him/her -- and not very good at making jokes on comments boards. Or, so/he could be trolling. Or, just a moron.

Can't run up the parents plan now can we. I've got a dedicated debit just for BBW so that I can support the wonderful developers we are graced with (as well as being able to have the latest and greatest apps/games). While there are some wonderful free apps/games, there are also many must-have paid ones that I just cannot do without.

Keep them coming guys and gals!

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Right now we have bigger issues to worry about. Purchasing apps and games left and right seems to be a waste of time and money. Think about how much money some of these people waste on games and apps

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$2.99 for a almost dead platform is out of control. In another 6 months everyone will regret putting money into their BlackBerry 10 device. I love my Z10 but we all know these smiles aren't gonna last forever

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