Go Music brings your Google Music to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 16 Apr 2013 09:51 am EDT

With the absence of Spotify on BlackBerry 10, I've been in search of a solid replacement for my music. I'm holding out for Rdio at this point but I recently came across Go Music which is tiding me over just fine for now.

Go Music is a Google Music client that lets you stream all of your music on your BlackBerry 10 device. You can access your entire music library for streaming on the go and even access your playlists offline.

If you're all-in with Google Music or just looking for a good music client on your BlackBerry, Go Music is where it's at - it's simple and just plain works. Keep in mind that it isn't an official Google app and it does have a few bugs, but updates are in the works so don't worry too much if it isn't perfect. 

You can grab Go Music now in BlackBerry World for $0.99

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Go Music brings your Google Music to BlackBerry 10


Definitely going to try this out! I have Goog Music and that app has been p*ssing me off lately.

Why on earth does the developers here on BlackBerry and iOS always charge money for a stupid app while on Android most apps are free of charge???? Just wondering out loud!

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I think it's a pretty sweet app, wouldn't call it stupid.

And if you made an app, wouldn't you want compensation for the time you spent developing it? :) 

It's only fair they charge for the time it took to get the app up and running don't you think?

Your complaint youd be valid if Google released a paid app, but third party devs bringing services in that otherwise would not be available... Yes. Let them charge.

Why why why do we have to pay someone for the work they do?!?

Good grief man....BB users want devs to flock to the platform but you don't want to pay for the work? Good luck with that.

No, first of all when I said stupid I didn't mean this app, number 2 no I wouldn't ask any money for a app that I would of made! People enjoy more a free app then a paid app

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Please go out and create an app similar to this one and offer it for free in BB World. My guess is you won't.


and what about all the money you sink into developing a premium app people actually want? Shouldn't you get compensated for that investment?

Should probably add the fact that google music is not available in all countries to the above post.. I went and bought this app only to find out when I went to create an account that Google music apparently isn't available in Canada.. not too worried about the .99 cents, but for others make sure you are able to sign up for google music BEFORE you buy the app.. http://music.google.com

Also the dev has the app listed as available in all countries in blackberry world.. the app may be, but if the service it's tied to is not, then it isn't!

You can sign up for Google Music using a proxy or a service like UnblockUS. Once you have created your account using the proxy, Google Music works no matter where you are. Just need the proxy to sign up for the service. I am in Ontario and using the service, so can confirm this.

I actually just did this today. Use tunnel bear to get to the website, tunnel bear is free for 500 mb bandwidth (more than enough to sign up). Then use your canadian CC with 90210 as your zip. It will clear it and you'll be good to go. It doesn't charge your CC at all, as long as you aren't trying to buy stuff.


And once you used to the proxy to sign up you are able to install the desktop app and it syncs without a proxy? or do you have to use the proxy every time you want to access it and sync your library manually?

Fake the credit card's ZIP code. Google Wallet doesn't do more than a basic check and doesn't verify billing address at account setup, so you could put your billing address as,eg, Schenectady NY, ZIP 12345 and it will work.

You cannot buy Play Music content, but you can use it as a locker. It only requires the proxy and card number for Play Music account creation.

Keep in mind you're violating Google's ToS for this, and they could decide to wipe you Play Music account at their discrection

I am the developer. I did add in the description about setting up a Google Music account if you don't have one. And the reason I make it available in all countries is because you could be an American traveling the world and you would still want access to all the apps available for your home country. I think this may be the reason Google only checks what country you are in when you first sign up, because the rest of the time you use the service it doesn't check.


Nice app. I like your selection of music in the screen scrapes also. I will try it out once I get my BB10 device. Do you know if it can be ported back to the Playbook easily?

Dude, there are ways around this. I'm in Calgary and I've been using Google Music since it came out.

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Will Canadians quit complaining. We understand but take it up with your country and Google no one besides them I'd making you unable to use this app.

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This Canadian never complained about the service not being available.. that's certainly not the dev's or crackberry's fault.. I complained about the app being listed as available in all countries when it isn't.. causing people to buy it before realizing they can't use it which IS the dev's fault, and I complained about crackberry not noting in the above post that the service is US only, knowing they have international readership.

If a proxy works well as a workaround as someone is suggesting above, then that information should be added to the post as well.

Yes, when you look at your playlist that you want to have offline, check the vertical ... button on the bottom right and it has the option to download the playlist and it stores the songs in the music directory of your phone.

Let's get it straight, I might even buy this app cuz its a very good looking and good idea and useful app but what I was asking about the charge on apps I was talking about real not useful apps that the developers are charging a big price of it while much batter apps are completely free in the Google Play Store for Android!?!?!

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Google's Android app is free, because Google developed it. Go ask Google to make the same free app for BB10 and let me know how that works out for you.

Meanwhile, this developer developed this app for us, which - quite frankly - is better than the Google version, and wants to charge a whopping buck to compensate him for his time - and you think this is outrageous?!?


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I can`t see why any app should ever be free, unless it`s facebook, or an app from your bank or some other service you pay for.. developing apps is a lot of work, whether they are doing it as a full time job or as a hobby the dev`s deserve to be paid. If it`s not worth the price they are charging don`t buy it.. the fact that you are complaining about the price means you want it.. well then reward the dev for his hard work and pay the money..

I always laugh at this.. 99% of apps are under 5 bucks.. I think the most expensive one I ever bought was 20 bucks.. it's not like we are talking about paying 800+ dollars for photoshop suite or MS office professional..

It its available to Verizon. I am the developer and I have a Verizon Z10 so I made sure it would come to Verizon Z10's :)

It works fine, but does need a lot of work. Hopefully the dev gets enough support and puts out an update sooner than later.

Does anyone else's app world randomly display in Spanish? Luckily I can understand some of it.

Today I walked up to my boss and told him I'd work for free because I know he would prefer that.

Back to reality I don't mind spending the money. The more we spend the more developers will come. Why in the world would they develop for a platform which requests all apps be free? No sense.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

Just downloaded the app! Well worth the $1 cost. My only question is whether the app is storing music on my device or just streaming music. I've looked under settings and there are no options for storage. Hopefully it's not storing the music on my device or this app wont work for me.

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When streaming music the app will only store the current, next and previous songs you have listened to (currently listening to). As you move through your playlist it deletes the songs that aren't a current, next or previous song.

Just downloaded and it uploaded my 5000+ songs. I checked my storage and there's no change

What moves you, my Z10!

Side loaded all my music after digitizing my entire CD collection because I'm not lazy, not saying people using music apps are lazy, I'm just saying that I'm not, LmAo. I purchased music on CD's all throughout the 90's and have them ripped to a hard drive. What's all this nonsense about needing Spotify? What's that? Seriously. Aside from that, the music I listen to isn't popular, so it's easier to just use the tunes u own already.

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What about amazon mp3 player app? I purchased a lot of music from them. Would live to have it all on my z10. I have the side loaded version and it's pretty good, but I want a native made for BlackBerry App like I had on my other blackberry's

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Hey dude, you above... you don't have idea the amount of apps I wish I could have, even though I have to pay for it...

This is great since I have some music on Google Play, but maybe for now I'll just stick with the 700+ songs I currently have on my Z10.

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I would agree that it sucks we have to pay for this. However, I just uploaded 1,866 songs in my Library for my Q10 which has better speakers than any Phandroid device. HTC One may have better sound, but that's about it!