Go hands-on at the BlackBerry PlayBook Experience in NYC

New York City
By Adam Zeis on 9 Jul 2012 03:43 pm EDT

If you're close to New York and still holding out on buying a new BlackBerry PlayBook, we have just thing for you. RIM is hosting the BlackBerry PlayBook Experience in New York City from July 10-23rd. The event is being held at the Chelsea Market and features not only hands-on time with the PlayBook, but also themed attractions, guest appearances, giveaways and more. Special events include themes such as Experience Local NYC and Experience Health & Fitness. The event is free and runs daily from 11am to 7pm. For more details and calendar, visit meettheplaybook.com.

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Go hands-on at the BlackBerry PlayBook Experience in NYC


I wish I were going. My wife is going with friends and family to NY during that time, but I am staying behind. #TeamBlackberry #PlayBook 16 gb

Where was this last summer? Now they are paying to promote something that they only get a very slim margin (if anything) on?

Oh well, I guess they don't have much else in the stable to hype, so if nothing else this gives the marketing department something to do.

oh wow, did you just say 'too little, too late'? Bet you thought you came up with that all on your own /sarcasm/

wow. i wish i cud afford to go over for this...hmm, think i'll just have a play on my own #16 GB Playbook

...And I work even closer. Although I work tomorrow, I may just stop by for a few and possibly for the day on wednesday!

I already have a Playbook, but if they had a "hands-on" with a 10 Dev Alpha, white or otherwise, that'd draw me in!

My wife's playbook battery dies out so quickly, and ny dad's is now DOA and won't boot up. Maybe I will take his up with me to NYC this week or next week on my busienss trip to see what they can do.

IS anyone else experiencing issues with their Playbooks going DOA or poor battery life?

Had mine since October (the first series of discounts) and I've never had a single problem with booting or poor battery life. I've heard RIM has gotten better with customer service lately though, so try that route

Chelsea Market is 90% Models and old German tourists. They should have done a pop up shop instead. Interesting to note Apple is right next door.

Models and German tourists?!? Nah....maybe if you just go to Anthropolgie....Chelsea market is a foodie haven, has some of the best bakeries, some great restaurants, grocers, the Lobster Place not to mention that they're right below NY1, which could bring some good press. It's a great location. The few times I've had my PB out, people have asked what it is, including folks with Blackberry phones. Tourists are all over the city, and I don't think the bulk are German. But, if you want to think of those who go there as models, I'll take the compliment, I'm not German.....

Agreed... I used to work around the corner up until about 5 months ago (got transferred to the west village) and there are some great places there. Chelsea Market has a lot of temp shops (pop-ups) during the year. I'm going to try to stop by and check it out though.

i worked in there for years. models and German tourists. sit there for a day and people watch.

also NY1 is not good press. LOL!

I will definitely stop by for the opening day. People keep asking me what am I holding, maybe the awareness will finally spread. If you check the link you will also learn that Playbook will be on show at Union Squere, Grand Central Main Terminal, Bryant Park and more, check the dates.

I'm officially checking it out Wednesday. It's killing me right now being at work in the Village (a ten minute walk away) and can't make it on the first day

It was fun. Free drinks, lots of good food, nice-looking and knowledgable people showing off the hardware, and a free PB raffle every hour.