Go Case-Mate Accessory Crazy On Your BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Sep 2009 04:26 pm EDT

Case-Mate Vroom for the BlackBerry Curve 8900Case-Mate Barely There for BlackBerry Curve 8520
Above: Case-Mate Vroom for the Curve 8900 and Barely There for Curve 8520


 Fuel Case 8900
Fuel Case 8900
Clear Armor Tour
Clear Armor Tour
 Vroom Storm
Vroom Storm
 Barely There II Curve 8520
Barely There II

Our awesome e-commerce team added some sweet Case-Mate BlackBerry accessories to the ShopCrackBerry store today that I wanted to highlight here quick on the blogs. Depending on the device model you have, you'll want to click the images above to check these out. Nascar/F1 fans will love the race tire-inspired Vroom cases, while Curve 8900 power users will want to check out the Fuel Case. I have been using Fuel with my Bold for a while now with great success. Clear Armor for the Tour will prevent scratches without adding any bulk, and the Barely There cases will let new Curve 8520 owners add a layer of protection and style to the device without sacrificing usability. You can follow the link below to check out out everything Case-Mate for BlackBerry.



How do they compare to Innocase Snap for the Tour?


I like these covers they now have for the non flip phone. I know my next phone purchase will be a blackberry, and many skins!


Are they going to make the vroom for the tour anytime soon. I saw this and really want it now. Its the only case I have seen that I like.


i hope its coming for the bold


This is weird just bought one of these today for my storm they look great


I recently got a Barely There Royal Red case for my 8900 And love it, everything is available and it feels like there is no cover on it< it is protected on the back in a very stylish way and the screen is covered with s screen protector that comes with it. I love having that added color on my BB without the bulk of the gel.


I've been looking for a case, and this one looks great.


Vroom caught my attention so I had to order it. :)


They need to make the Vroom for the 83xx phones! I want one!!


i just ordered the barely there in black for the bold after coveting it FOREVER. so excited! may eve get other colors down the road...CB store needs to bring in more of those colors!!

i SOOOO wish they made the Vroom for the Bold, LOVE that skin!!