Go beyond weather on your PlayBook with What's it like in...

What's it like in
By Ryan Blundell on 8 Jun 2011 09:02 am EDT

Your PlayBook includes a Weather Application powered by AccuWeather.com. It provides detailed information like forecast details, wind direction, sunrise/set times and more for almost any destination you plug into it. Adding locations is a mere 4 step process – open the menu, click on the options icon, click on the ‘+’ (Add a city button) and then enter in the name of the city. Pretty simple right? Apparently for some that’s not good enough. They also say “Sure I can see the weather, but what’s actually going on there?” Geez, will they ever stop whining?!

To answer their call is an application called What’s it like in…

It’s a one step process to find a city as the search city field is ever present. Just type in the city of interest and you’re virtually there. The screen then provides three different ways to check out the selected city; basic weather, upcoming city events and images relating to the city. Now when I say basic weather it’s because you are given very little information. You can see the current weather and the forecast for tomorrow. That’s it. Clicking on the weather section redirects you to the Yahoo! Weather page. The same can be said for the upcoming events section; except that I kept seeing duplicated entries. The application appears to be powered by Yahoo!, as the basic weather is provided by Yahoo.com Weather and images are from flickr (10 are available to view at a time). I can definitely see where the developer is looking to go with this application and it has a lot of potential. If you want to want to see what’s it like with What it’s like in…, you can pick it up for $1.99 from BlackBerry App World.

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Great, another weather app. Maybe you can review a new calculator app next. I love BlackBerry and have had one since the days of the 7320s, but honestly, the platform is becoming a sad state of affairs. Their stock price reflects the same.

Phony bologna

Agreed. What's worse is that this is yet another weather app but it's selling for $1.99. And now, we wait for the defensive "you're on the wrong site" type messages, angry "Well, get lost then" type messages, or the psychological in-group facilitating "BLACKBERRY FOR LIFE!!" type messages.


No. Your comments are valid and level headed. Us crackberry addicts only take offense to bonehead statements that hold no truth ;) - totally agree with you here... I'm sick of the 1.99 apps on BlackBerry... When the other platforms have tones like this for free... Worst case .99


it is NOW $4......... pass