Help out Monkey with Go Bananas for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 1 Jun 2013 08:15 am EDT

Go Bananas is another one of those games which is a perfect time killer for on a train or bus. The concept is real simple - you control a slingshot and must fire rocks at the bananas that are scrolling along the top of the tree canopy. Of course - things get spiced up a bit as among the bananas are coconuts. Hit one of these and you lose a life. Hit three and it's game over I'm afraid.

There are three versions of the game - The classic one, an advance one - which has two rows of bananas and coconuts and also a timer version. The advance one is real hard!

This version of the game is free but there is a pro edition too - although I have no idea what extra features you get, so go and grab the free one from the link below.

More information/Download Go Bananas (free) for BlackBerry 10

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Help out Monkey with Go Bananas for BlackBerry 10


Don't bother, another game that requires too many permissions. Why doesn't crackberry mention this in articles?

Posted via CB10

On that note, any word on a flixster upgrade that doesn't require your debit card password, social insurance number, and bank password, rights of ownership to your first born son etc... just so you can see movie info?

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I think it's time BlackBerry start to review apps submitted and ask why permissions are required for apps that clearly have no obvious use for them.

BB World needs to offer a tab explaining what the permissions mean so users don't overreact.
There's usually valid reasons for the permissions in vast majority of cases.
Still, some oversight never hurts either.

This is how you CB10, son!

It's ported and looks bad. When will these developers get that we don't want to give away our info and rather pay for an app instead of having our privacy invaded.

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I don't understand why Q10 users cry over games. Are you playing THAT many games on your phone? If so, check out Android.

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@ all the selfish Z10 owners here ;)

As a Q10 owner I do not particularly "cry for games", since I chose my phone for its physical keyboard and never expected many games to be natively developed for it or adapted to its square screen.

But as a BB10 user I still pay attention to the "...for BlackBerry 10" announcements posted on CB. And when these posts deal with games, I get curious. I even get excited when no "Z10 only" warning is mentioned in them. So imagine -just for one second- how frustrated I can turn when BlackBerry World shows the red "not available for this device" line! :(

As far as I know, only 3 devices run BB10. So if a (so-called) BB10 game can be played neither on Q10 nor Q5, it actually is Z10 only. Why not mention it? What would it take? 7 letters and 1 space? :)

Posted on my Q10

I have to agree with you.

James or reviewer do you think you can mention from now on if the game or app works on both Q10 or Z10 I assume you have both, and if it's native or a port at time of your review that would be most helpful.


Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

PLEASE indicate if it is available for only the Z10! Can't take that much work to check!

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Thanks James for the review :)

re: Permissions & Paid. The free version is ad free for now (will be ads support), paid version will always be ads free and not ask for permissions (as mentioned above, I hear you :)).

Go Bananas will be for Q10 as well soon.

Thanks Crackberry community for the support.


Let's download even if we don't play and delete after to drive the download numbers.
Then the Dev community will start to make it native. You see. :)

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Downloaded very quickly. Good response time, everything works so far. Thanks for this :)

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