GMTaskSync - Sync Your Gmail and BlackBerry Tasks

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2010 03:44 pm EST

Many BlackBerry users are also Gmail users, and are constantly trying to find a way to keep data organized. The Google Calendar Sync is a big help, allowing you to sync up both your calendar and contacts with Gmail. If you're also a fan of the Gmail tasks feature, GMTaskSync might be something to add to your BlackBerry arsenal. The app, currently in beta, easily syncs up your Gmail tasks with the native BlackBerry tasks app. It features two-way sync and resolves conflicts automatically. The features are slim since the app is still new, but it is free to try until March (when I assume a paid version will be released). Check it out and let us know how it works for you.

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GMTaskSync - Sync Your Gmail and BlackBerry Tasks


I've been looking for a Google Tast/Blackberry Task sync for the longest time. I'm hoping that this application will soon be Storm-compatible, because I'm definitely willing to buy this solely for the task sync!

Probably worth mentioning it doesn't have OS 5.0 support.

6:00 to Midnight to 6:00, in record time.

tried it on a rogers blackberry 9700. app said it sync'ed all my tasks. low and behold, nothing in my gmail tasks, AND all tasks on my device were gone!

good thing I have a backup!

It wiped my blackberry tasks out. Not sure why; but contacting the developer to see why.

No option to JUST sync tasks either; maybe not implemented yet in this beta, but after saying "6 items synced" and then "8 items synced", and then "Nothing changed", I have yet to see something in the others list.

Would be nice if the gmail sync program just did this itself... and worked with wifi, damnit.

I thought this was trying to sync Gmail and gtasks - just gtasks.. but yeah; wait I guess, or lose your tasks!

It might be worth noting that remember the milk has a great sync tool for blackberry.

It is much more feature rich and it actually works.

Yes there is a $25/year fee but it is really worth it.

There's a 2 week trial of it as well so its worth checking out.

it is a piece of crap app which will wipe your very important contact information.

The developer should pull his app and never repost t again. Such negance on his part is inexcusable!!!

I think i'll wait for google to add 2way think from now on as this guys attempt at it uber failed.

Am I the only person who is absolutely terrified of login into google ANYTHING via third party app? Something about having that information readily accessible scares me, given how much stuff I have in my gmail account...

i am also such kind of person :) so i know you.
In gmtasksync, you will see (from prompt), the only sites this app connects are ""(HTTPS only) and "". This app connects NO OTHER sites. this is what we are proud of, and the feature is for people who wants to keep as clean as possible.
P.S. if you are extreme secure guy, don't use "Check update", this will connect our server :P

Hmmm.....I'll pass and wait for either an official one or one straight from google. Also no 5.0 support, what's up with that??

deal users of gmtasksync:

I am a developer from a country where BIS and BES is not available, then the app hasn't been tested on other operator's wireless network. It's complicated for the result it wiped your local data, I'm really sorry for this. For a better support and effective problem solving process, please come to our official support site at

Thank you all for your interests.