Gloucestershire Police issues BlackBerry smartphones to their Police Officers

Police Officer with BlackBerry
By DJ Reyes on 29 Mar 2012 10:45 am EDT

This is not the first time we've heard of a UK Police Force introducing BlackBerry smartphones to their officers. We've seen Yorkshire Police bring in BlackBerry devices which saw them save £112 million a year. While other Police Forces have issued officers with a BlackBerry device in order to keep more of them on the beat. We have even seen some Police Forces issued with a BlackBerry that comes with a fingerprint scanner.

The next Police Force to introduce the BlackBerry solution is Gloucestershire Police. Around 641 BlackBerry smartphones have been to issued to Police Constables (PCs) and Police Community Support Officer (PCSOs) in the local area to help keep them on the streets more. Instead of being bogged down in the Police Stations filing paperwork for cases and incidents they need to log. Owning a BlackBerry allows the PCs and PCSOs to access most of the systems they currently use to carry out their work. 

Financial problems had seen Gloucestershire Police forced to close 13 of its police stations in order to save money on their budget. Adopting BlackBerry smartphones would help in their bid to save money from annual costs.

It looks like more and more UK Police Forces will be adopting the BlackBerry solution. Known for being the best in mobile security, there really isn't any surprise that this is the case.

Source: This is Gloucestershire

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Gloucestershire Police issues BlackBerry smartphones to their Police Officers

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On second thought, if the police officer's baton fail them, they could just flip out their BB and beat the crap out of 'em crooks