Glossy Black Premium Theme For Bold, Tour And 8900 Devices

By Bla1ze on 24 Sep 2009 09:23 am EDT
Premium Glossy Black Theme Looks Great!

A few days ago I was made aware of this awesome theme in the CrackBerry forums and had to take it for a test drive. Glossy Black is a heavily modified precision theme which deserves some attention for the "little things" it includes. The hidden today feature which is set in this theme is great for those of you who like to keep track of things. Also, the implemented weather icon is set in the banner - a feature which I really love and most theme developers over look by placing it somewhere else, most times taking away from wallpaper space.

omgbeav has made this theme available for the Tour, Bold, 8900 and soon the 8520 and priced it reasonably at only $2.98. Updates to the theme are free for future changes, and omgbeav will glady accept requests for future additions to the theme. Not to mention, the description in the Crackberry store is just simply hilarious. Check it out!

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Glossy Black Premium Theme For Bold, Tour And 8900 Devices


I'm still running the default theme mainly because I haven't seen anything that's clean and simple.

But I like this and it's only available for the trackball phones.


is it just or do you notice when you run the weather app it kills your battery? love the theme but could do without the weather slot.

Great theme....but can anyone tell me how to un-integrate my texts into the messages folder?? On the screenshot there's an icon for texts, however when I installed it, all my texts are now in the messages folder!!

Im still using Centrifuge - one of the best so far,...Okay, my only first theme, Lmao, but anything in rivilary is nice. But it'll be hard to top! :D

I have not purchased your theme yet, but it looks great.

Have you thought about making a white version? I would definitely buy that!

Hey There! I just downloaded this Great looking Theme but I cant figure out how to move the Icon on the top left next to the battery indicator..I have the internet browser but would like to change it to the wether bug Icon...pls advise...


sms doesnt show in today, when scrolling over message folder. only emails show, have tried sms and email in message icon and with seperate sms/mms icon. no luck. any one on sprint 5.0 have a fix out there. i cant live without this theme