Try before you buy - Globs and Gloops for BlackBerry 10 gets a free version

By James Richardson on 12 Mar 2014 12:15 pm EDT

You may recall we did a video review of Globs and Gloops for BlackBerry 10 a short while back. If you liked the look of the game but were not willing to part with a buck for it we bring you good news. There is now a free version in BlackBerry World, so you can try before you buy - win. 

I would imagine that the free edition will only allow you to play a certain number of levels before prompting you to purchase the full version, but as I'm not very good at the game I didn't manage to get past level six. I also don't have a lot of patience when it comes to puzzle style games. However, as I said with the original review it's a beauty of a game - I'm just rubbish at it! 

So this is really just a heads up. Give the free version a whirl and see what you think? 

More information/Download Globs and Gloops (free) for BlackBerry 10



Is that the first level?

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Oh so funny.


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BB Adict

Give it a rest bro.

Blackberry always.....


When you react like that, it's actually quite funny.

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Fun game! Great time killer! Keep up the good work!

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

fatema gazi

Wanna free download viber to BlackBerry z10

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I would like to see it applied to the PlayBook but I think that is another thread!

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