Global Torch Themes' entire catalogue FREE for a limited time for Torch 9800 owners

Global Torch Themes Promo
By Alicia Erlich on 18 Jan 2012 02:24 pm EST
Searching for a theme can be a daunting task. Do you go for professional, do you go for one with a unique look, or do you go for one that pays attention to detail and customization? As a theme addict it's a no brainer that I'll go for them all. Well for those of you looking for some guidance and own a BlackBerry Torch 9800, I have some great news for you. Theme developer Akash Barmecha of Global Torch Themes let us know that for the rest of this month, theme enthusiasts can pick up one of their many amazing designs for free in the CrackBerry Store. That means you have your pick of 44 awesome themes to choose from made exclusively for the Torch 9800. So what are you waiting for Torch owners, click on the link below and find the theme that's right for you today.

Check out all of Global Torch Themes products in the CrackBerry App Store

Reader comments

Global Torch Themes' entire catalogue FREE for a limited time for Torch 9800 owners


Uh oh...trying to "get one" of the themes form Global Torch Themese, but they don't go in your cart as free. U have to pay. Contacted CrackBerry App Superstore & they say they will contact MobiHand to correct this error & to try back in an hour or maybe longer.

Wondering if one can pick out as many apps as they want for free or are you limited to only one?!


Okay, they appear to be working, but ONLY via the bar code. Set up your BB app/camera/whatever and snap a picture, follow directions on your BB and you're as good as a new theme owner. You can add as many as you like (into the cart), just keep hitting your back button and start again.

If they are free, why is it still forcing me to do an "add to cart" and "check out" and input credit card billing information with the full price still showing up as what will be charged?


I see I'm not the only one that noticed...

I wish other theme makers would have SPECIALS ike this......A 13 day FREE SPECIAL on 44 different themes....WOW!!!! KODOS to Globel Torch Themes

Downloaded three themes no problem all FREE. Crackberry on home computer scan bar code, with a "9800".

If you use the website they're showing they need a payment. Do it by scanning the barcode with your phone and via the mobile site :)

Don't know if we're doing something wrong but it's not working via the normal checkout (not free) and when I snap a pic of the barcode, nothing happens!

Had the same problem. When we click to add to cart it goes with full price :( On BerryReview store it shows on the cart 0,00 - FREE!

My Torch 9800 is already in retirement, but I knew nearly all themes of Akash (resp. Global Torch Themes)... Very highly and cordially recommendable!!!!! A Torch9800 without this themes isnt a Torch! ;-)

AWESOME! Thanks Crackberry!

NOTE: On App World all themes are paid, only on Mobihand stores are FREE! Tried on CrackBerry store ans says it FREE, but when Iclick to add to cart it goes with the full price! Anyone got this problem?

I love the t-black theme. beautiful to look at and makes you fall in love with your blackberry all over again

Great idea but I downloaded 6 different themes and none of them worked right. Couldn't customize anything and my battery drained in less than an hour.

have the same problem, minus the battery drain. contacted the support email on the store page over 24 hours ago but no response from the developer. Guess I got what I paid for.

Still showing up with a price and asking me to login to pay, or provide payment info. I scanned off the mobihand site, where it says Free for a limited time, and when my device brought me to the page, again it says free for a limited time.

Any suggestions?

Wow, this looked amazing.... but they are not free, the trick to use the qr code does not work :(